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Features of the cucumber variety "Emerald Family"

Features of the cucumber variety "Emerald Family"

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Cucumbers "Emerald Family" are included in the State Register of the Russian Federation and are recommended for cultivation in spring film unheated greenhouses on personal household plots. The hybrid form is precocious: from the appearance of seedlings to mass harvesting, only 40-43 days pass. This parthenocarpic hybrid has a bouquet type of ovary laying, which makes it very high-yielding.

Grade description

The originator of this hybrid form of cucumbers is the Gavrish company. Bushes are indeterminate, vigorous, have a female type of flowering. The average length of Zelentsy is 10-12 cm, the average weight is 120-130 g. Surface with frequent tubercles of medium size, white-thorny. The shape of the fruit is cylindrical. The diameter on the cross section does not exceed 3.5-4 cm. The pulp is juicy and very crispy.

Advantages and value of the variety

The hybrid form "Emerald Family" is disease resistant and is not susceptible to diseases such as cladosporiosis, cucumber mosaic virus and powdery mildew. In addition, the hybrid has the following advantages:

  • excellent taste;
  • high productivity, reaching 14.6-15.8 kg / sq. m;
  • early formation of a commodity crop;
  • the ability to use cucumbers both fresh and for canning;

The hybrid is able to grow well and bear fruit abundantly both in open ground, and in greenhouses, greenhouses.

Growing Features

In order to get a good and high yield of Emerald Family hybrid cucumbers, it is very important to choose the right site for their cultivation and thoroughly prepare the soil. This vegetable crop should be placed exclusively on warm and protected from the prevailing winds, as well as well-lit areas. In the areas selected for cucumbers, their kindred cultures, including squash, pumpkin and zucchini, should not have been previously grown.

The soil on the ridges for cucumbers should be very fertile, enriched with humus, sandy loam or loamy. All measures for the preparation of soil for the cultivation of cucumbers should be carried out taking into account its qualitative characteristics. If necessary, organic or loosening components are added, as well as sand.

For sowing, both dry and pre-processed seeds of cucumbers are used. Tape crops of cucumbers not only contribute to facilitating the care of plants, but also allow the most efficient use of the planted area. The plan for planting seedlings is the same as for nest sowing seeds: 50 x 50 cm. The depth of sowing exceeds 2-3 cm. The optimum temperature for the germination of cucumber seeds is approximately 25-30 ° C.

Further care for cucumbers "Emerald Family" is not difficult, but it must necessarily include such standard measures as loosening the soil, regular weeding of weeds, timely picking of shoots, as well as regular watering with warm water and top dressing.

Reviews gardeners

Vegetable growers highly appreciate the hybrid "Emerald Family" and characterize it as quite tall, abundantly fruiting, and most importantly, forming very tasty greens, which are very well suited for salads, pickles and pickling. Negative reviews about cucumbers "Emerald Family" are extremely rare and are most often the result of errors during cultivation.

How to plant cucumbers

Gherkin seeds of this hybrid form are characterized by high germination rates and allow you to get very strong and powerful plants that occupy a small area in the garden and always delight vegetable growers with simply fabulous crops.


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