How can you freeze potatoes for the winter

How can you freeze potatoes for the winter

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Good day! I heard that you can freeze potatoes, as is done, for example, with berries. But I immediately recall the unsuccessful purchases in the market when the brought potatoes turned out to be frozen. Do you have to eat characteristically sweet frozen potatoes with this type of storage?

Good day! Yes mYou can freeze potatoes for storage, and its taste will have nothing to do with that frozen potato from the market. We all came across tubers that were “seized” by frost and thawed, but such frozen potatoes cannot be called a good harvest. The method of freezing differs from the method that is used for berries. Berries need to be frozen fresh, and tubers for storage in the freezer should be prepared.

First, varieties with a low content of starch and sugar are suitable for freezing. The tubers themselves should be even, clean, without damage. Secondly, they should be pre-soaked in cold water for a while and then rinsed well with a brush. Thirdly, before being placed in the freezer in any form, the potatoes should be blanched briefly.

Try to harvest whole tubers (it is better to take small ones). Take peeled potatoes, prepare two pots with ice and boiling water. Dip them in boiling water for 5 minutes, then immediately in cold with pieces of ice. Dry the cooled vegetable with towels before placing it in bags, which are sent to the freezer. So that the potatoes do not stick together and freeze well, it can be pre-cooled in a bag on a cutting board, laid out in one layer in the freezer, and then frosted up.

If you have a large potato - you can cut it into strips. Rinse thoroughly before blanching to remove starch. Dip in boiling water in a colander for 3 minutes and cool in cold. Straws need to be well cooled and dried before being sent to the freezer.

You can also prepare ready-made french fries for the winter. To do this, remove excess fat from the finished fried straws and lay them in bags. Thawed and warmed potatoes can be served and eat.

Is it possible to successfully freeze potatoes for the winter without preliminary heat treatment? It’s better not to do this, because in most cases you will get the potatoes as you described: frozen, darkened, unpleasantly sweet, and impossible to eat.

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