Potato digging efficiency

Good day! Tell me, please, is potato digging for harvesting effective and how does it work? Do I need a cultivator? Our village has a very large plot, we plant more than 100 buckets of potatoes. This year I don’t feel like digging potatoes with a shovel. Thanks in advance for your reply!

Hello! Any mechanization facilitates the work of man. In order not to feel dead after harvesting, a digger of potatoes is used. Its effectiveness in agricultural work has long been proven.

Digging potatoes consists of the following steps:

  • clearing the garden from dried tops and weeds,
  • digging
  • picking tubers.

Everyone knows that digging potatoes with a shovel is much harder and longer than picking. With the help of a digger, everything is the other way around: it digs easily and quickly, but it takes longer, but easier than after using a shovel. Before digging potatoes, you can make a special device yourself, which is actually a plow with a fan of twigs (photo 1), or a digger-shake (photo 2).

Harvesting with the help of such a digger is carried out by a cultivator. First, fix the digger rack vertically. Then set the depth of the digger. If it is more necessary, then you will have to re-sow a lot of excess land. If you dig finely, not all the potatoes will be dug up. To avoid wasted time, this issue must be resolved before harvesting root crops.

The digger should be supported on the soil sole - this is a more dense layer of soil. Sometimes it is felt right away, sometimes it needs to be “felt”. Walk the walk block in a row a couple of meters and check the result. If there are mechanically damaged tubers (cut, shabby) or part of the crop remains in the ground, then you need to increase the depth of the course. Digging potatoes is necessary through a row: first all are odd, then even. Such a scheme is needed in order not to damage the potatoes with the wheels of the walk-behind tractor yet not harvested.

In large areas, it is best to use a trailed harvester that attaches to a tractor with 80 horsepower. Such a device will significantly reduce the time for collecting root crops. When digging potatoes with a harvester, the cut and partially destroyed layer of soil with tubers is fed to a separation conveyor using a digging device. There, it is shaken and cleaned of lumps of earth, then fed to a conveyor belt for rejecting spoiled tubers, garbage, tops and packed in bags. The number of operations depends on the modification of the combine.

Digger for potatoes: principle of operation