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Why rot the fruits of zucchini

Why rot the fruits of zucchini

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Good day to all! In zucchini on a warm bed, a small fruit grows and rots. I take off the dried-up flower, pour it with warm water, sprinkled “Ovary” from the watering can with a rain, but they rot anyway!


Advice from Ildus Khayrullin, spray with boron.

Guzelia, and the drug Ovary is not similar in action?

I do not know. I read about bor recently on the page of Ildus X. Look at his page, he is in my friends.

Guzelia, thank you, a really interesting page!

I have the first 3 ovaries rotted, I urgently sprayed boric. Now everything is in order.

Thanks. We will scour boric, and in what proportion? someone says 2 grams per 10 liters, someone 10g per bucket

I dissolved 10g in boiling water and then on a bucket of water.

I want to put a photo, but something does not load

Clear. Thanks.

I was afraid that a smaller dose would not help, and now very good small zucchini.

I will try. And it’s a pity zucchini. So pretty and rot


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