Features blackcurrant varieties Perun

Features blackcurrant varieties Perun

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Perun blackcurrant is a rather interesting representative of the family of this berry culture. In general, currants belong to the gooseberry group. This plant is quite comfortable in our country. Blackcurrant is widespread throughout its territory. Moreover, relying on the feedback of gardeners, we can say that any kind of currant does not cause any significant problems in cultivation.

Description of Perun blackcurrant variety

The creation of this variety of this valuable and useful berry culture was done by domestic breeders within the walls of the VNII Lupine. The entry of Perun blackcurrant varieties into the State Register of Varieties was carried out in 1995. This variety of currant is recommended for cultivation in areas located on the territory of the Central and Central Black Earth regions of the country.

The description of Perun blackcurrant indicates that the shrub has the following characteristics:

  • medium height;
  • average spreading.

Young shoots have a pleasant green color. Growing branches have a slight pubescence. Shoots, gaining growth, slightly curved.

Leaves have 3 blades. According to the size of the leaf, it can most likely be attributed to leaves with average indicators. The color of the leaves is close to a saturated dark green color, wrinkled. Leaves located on the top of the bush are distinguished by the fact that they are painted in anthocyanin color. The paws of the sheet have medium-sized cuts and blunt teeth.

Blackcurrant, belonging to the variety Perun, has slightly pubescent and slightly colored buds.

This variety of currant has flowers of amazing bright reddish-purple color. Her brush has an average length, in some cases it can be long. On one brush, from 5 to 11 flowers are located.

The fruits of this variety of berry culture reach quite large sizes. Individual berries can have an average weight of up to 2 grams. The size of the fruit is approximately the same. The fruits of Perun currant have an attractive appearance, because they have an elastic shiny black peel. The separation of berries is dry. The tasting of the fruits of this variety of currant allowed specialists to award berries 4.9 points according to the taste characteristics of 5 possible points. In addition, the berries have a universal purpose and have a wonderful aroma.

How to plant currants

Other advantages of Perun blackcurrant varieties include such indicators as:

  • resistance to lowering temperature;
  • plant self-fertility;
  • moderate resistance to some of the most common diseases.

Currant bushes belonging to the breeding variety Perun are resistant to frost. Plant flowers can safely survive spring temperature drops and frosts.

The average resistance to diseases such as powdery mildew, anthracnose, bud mites, as well as the low probability of aphid plant damage, allows gardeners not to worry too much about plant cultivation.

Excellent indicators of storage and transportation of Perun blackcurrant fruits only add advantages to the piggy bank of the main characteristics of the berry culture.

Rules for breeding and care of currants

Having decided to grow currants of this variety on your own personal plot, you must first familiarize yourself with the basic rules and conditions for its cultivation.

Buying currants in a nursery, you can pay attention to the fact that its seedlings are sold in pots. But it is permissible to sell them also with a bare root system.

Landing such an acquisition is necessary in pre-prepared wells. Their depth should be at least 45 cm. A couple of weeks before the seedling is planted in the soil, it is necessary to dig holes and fill them with earth with the addition of 1 bucket of humus and 0.1 kg of superphosphate.

If planting is carried out in central Russia, it is preferable to plant seedlings in the second half of September and before the first days of October. Landing in spring is also possible. But then it should be borne in mind that in order to avoid severe stress for the plant, it is better to plant a seedling immediately, as soon as the soil allows.

The distance between adjacent bushes should be at least 2 meters, so that they do not interfere with the growth and development of each other.

It is important after planting, not sparing it, cut at a height of 2 buds. Such a seemingly radical measure promotes a good education and development of the root system.

Regarding care measures, the main thing is weed control, abundant watering of the plant and its timely pruning.

Currant: growing and care

Reviews black currant Perun

Gennady Fedorovich, 61 years old, Novgorod.

Perun acquired blackcurrants of a variety, it can be said, by chance, when neighbors in a summer cottage plot were preparing cut-off shoots for release. From 1 fairly large shoot, a beautiful bush has now grown on my site. I just want to warn beginner gardeners that you don’t need to be zealous as top dressing, because instead of berries you will get only young shoots.

Andrey, 37 years old, Rostov the Great.

Engaged in gardening recently. Therefore, out of my own ignorance, I did not save young seedlings of black currant of Perun variety from powdery mildew. I had to transplant the plants again. But the second time, having already gained knowledge, he managed to overcome this scourge. Now in winter we eat our own jam from aromatic berries.

Irina, 39 years old, Volgograd.

Our plot, reserved for homestead farming, was replenished 3 years ago with blackcurrant bushes of Perun variety. We planted it under the lacy shadow of an apple tree, which protected the currant from the hot rays of the sun. But it turned out that a strong wind broke our apple tree. Last year, our Perun, due to the scorching sun, took off all the leaves and apparently overheated. Therefore, we did not wait for the harvest. In the same year they made artificial shading and enjoy the abundance of still green berries.


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