Grapes Fun: early-ripe table hybrid

Grapes Fun: early-ripe table hybrid

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The Zabava grape variety is a table hybrid characterized by an early ripening period. The plant has bisexual flowers, large berries and an impressive cluster size. Shoots ripen actively. The variety is well rooted, resistant to temperature extremes.

Selection history

Grapes Fun, also known as Laura black, was bred by breeder V.V. Zagorulko by crossing the varieties Kodryanka (Kodryanka) and Laura (Lora).

Grade characteristics

Zabava grape bushes are developing rapidly, in appearance and shape of the leaves resemble the mother variety Laura. The clusters are large, dense, cylindrical, weighing up to 800 grams. The fruits are elongated, blue with a wax coating, large, weighing up to 10 grams. The taste is harmonious, the flesh is crispy, dense and fleshy. The skin is not felt with food. Sugar is actively accumulating in the berries. No irrigation.

Propagation of grapes is carried out by cuttings; the variety is compatible with most rootstocks. To avoid overloading the bush with the crop (the maximum number of eyes on one bush is 45), it must be cut into 7 eyes.

Grapes Fun: features of the variety

Landing Features

It is best to plant this variety in chernozem, but the plant feels good in other types of soil. Due to the high resistance of grapes to frost, it can be planted both in spring and autumn. A distance of 2.5 m should be left between the bushes.

When purchasing seedlings, special attention should be paid to their root system: it must be well developed, thick and not over-dried. If there is not enough moisture in the roots, the plant is unlikely to take root. Check the quality of the roots as follows: make an incision and look at the color. Saplings, white on a cut, are suitable for planting, but brown - not. Roots can be treated with special growth enhancers: root (Kornevin) or heteroauxin (Heteroauxin, Indole acetic acid).

Upon completion of planting, each seedling should be watered with two buckets of water. The soil should be loosened to provide the roots with good air access, and then mulch.

Care Tips

Grape variety Fun requires careful care:

  • Watering. During the growing season, about 4 irrigations should be carried out at two-week intervals, at the rate of about 3 buckets of water per square meter. The first time the bush is watered in early spring, the second - before the flowering begins, and then 2 more waterings are made. Before shelter for the winter, water-charging irrigation is carried out at the rate of 6 buckets per square meter.
  • Trimming. The variety requires normalization of the load of the bushes, therefore, in the spring they are pruned: weak shoots are removed completely, and the number of eyes on one vine is left no more than 45. Annual shoots are shortened annually.
  • Fertilizer application. Soil should be fertilized periodically to avoid soil depletion and get a good crop. Organic fertilizers (chicken droppings, humus, compost) are applied twice a year, and mineral elements (phosphorus, nitrogen, zinc) - once a year.

Growing problems

Grapes Fun can suffer from a lack of water, so the soil around it must be mulched. The procedure also helps the soil retain heat and cleans it of weeds. As a material for mulch use cardboard, straw, mowed grass.

When grown in the temperate zone, the Zabava variety requires shelter for the winter. To do this, the vines are tied with strips of fabric, laid on the ground and sprinkled with soil, placing plywood or thick paper under them to avoid contact with the ground and rotting of the vines. Then, metal arcs are placed over the grapes, on which polyethylene is pulled: the greenhouse protects the plants from frost.

Variety Fun susceptible to defeat mildew, or downy mildew (Peronovosporaviticoladebary). As measures to combat fungus, the affected branches of the plant are removed, and the bush is treated with a solution of Bordeaux fluid and fungicide.

How to plant grapes

Grapes Fun is a noteworthy variety. It gives a harvest of delicious berries that have an attractive presentation and well tolerate transportation. You can grow a variety even in central Russia, if you follow the rules for care and have initial skills in viticulture.