The advantages of cultivating cucumbers of the variety "Lenara f1"

The advantages of cultivating cucumbers of the variety "Lenara f1"

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Cucumber "Lenara f1", or "Lenara-F1", belongs to the category of early parthenocarpic popular gherkins of hybrids, designed for cultivation in open ground and on ridges in greenhouses of various designs.

Grade description

Hybrid "Lenara f1", or CMV / Ccu / Px, is a novelty of 2013 with mass return of an early harvest from the producer "Rijk Zwaan".

Powerful, prone to the formation of strong, but not too long side shoots. It has a strong root system. Lays 2-3 fruits on each nodeThe length of the greenery is not more than 11-13 cm. The standard indicators for the ratio of the length and diameter of the greenhouse are 3.0: 1. A very aligned cylindrical shape is characteristic. Zelenets has a "shirt", and the spikes are not too frequentVery early hybrid form. Parthenocarpic, suitable for growing in film and glazed greenhouse constructions both on the ground and on special substrates. The presence of increased shade tolerance makes it possible to carry out quite early landings, including February ones. Ideally suited for growing both in summer and in autumn

With proper care, the average indicators of marketable yield are at least 17 kg per square meter, and the standard yield of marketable products is not lower than 90.9%.

Ways to protect against aphids

A very modern and promising hybrid form of cucumbers "Lenara" is one of the most resistant to damage by both diseases and the most common pests.

When cultivated on the territory of the middle zone of our country, quite often vegetable growers are exposed to aphid cucumber damage, which can cause significant damage to this popular vegetable crop. Infected plants can very easily be identified by twisted leaves and fallen flowers. The use of non-toxic folk remedies for protecting plants from aphids at different stages of the growing season gives a good result.

Used remedyApplication features
Soap solution and shagDissolve approximately 400 g of shag and 80 g of soap in a bucket of warm water. Insist a day, and then spray the plants
Onion peelPour up to half a bucket of onion husks and pour 10 liters of hot water. Insist for a day, and then strain. When spraying, use a solution diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2
Cayenne pepperGrind 50 g of red capsicum and pour 1 liter of boiling water. Insist for two hours. Bring the volume of the working solution with water to 10 l and spray the plants

In a mass attack of plant parasites, it is recommended to use highly effective chemicals, including disinfection of greenhouses and hotbeds before planting "Decis", "Karbofos" or "Metaphos". For processing plants, you can use "Decis", "Arrivo", "Kinmix" or Intavir at least three weeks before harvesting.

Features of agricultural technology

Hybrid cucumber "Lenara" is well suited for cultivation in household plots and garden plots, as well as small farms in risky farming areas. To obtain maximum early and high yields, it is necessary to use planting of quality seedlings with 4-5 real leaves.

After planting seedlings in a constant place for the first two days, it is recommended to maintain the temperature around the clock at 20-21 ° C, which will ensure the most correct and intensive period of plant vegetation. Gherkin-type cucumbers from the selection of the well-known and popular company "Riyk Zvaan" are characterized by an early term of bearing fruiting and increased productivity in the initial period of cultivation, which requires increased doses of fertilizers. Harvesting on these hybrid vegetable crops is recommended to be done daily.

Reviews of summer residents

The cucumber of the hybrid form "Lenara f1", according to summer residents, is a promising variety and is characterized positively. This novelty does not yet have numerous reviews by gardeners, but today it has attracted interest not only from frequent vegetable growers, but also from small-scale entrepreneurs.

Description of the variety and reviews of vegetable growers characterize the hybrid as having a very good regeneration and successfully withstanding the fruit load throughout the cultivation period. Zelentsy are large-tuberous, with excellent palatability and a fairly dense internal structure. The pulp has no bitterness.

Cucumber "Lenara f1": growing

As a result of overgrowing and under stressful cultivation conditions, the hybrid form does not form “barrels”. The hybrid has proven itself when grown in film and glass greenhouses in both the first and second turns.


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