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Why cracked carrots are growing

Why cracked carrots are growing

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Good day! I pulled out a few carrots, and they are cracked and some kind of "scattered". What's this? Some kind of disease?


It looks like an overflow.

Uneven watering, then dry, then wet

Probably I have to dig it all out.

Thank you so much

And what's the point of pulling out the whole thing, yank it for food, and in the fall, you sort it out, freeze a hundred, and something may remain for storage.

Probably I will. I don’t have a lot, I plant in order to use it in the summer while in the country with children.

I never knew. What can you freeze carrots! Chop or how?

Just rub and freeze

I rub on a coarse grater and packs, I freeze pepper, dill, chopped zucchini, and a lot of cauliflower, kohlrabi.

You can freeze all the vegetables. A little cabbage before freezing, a little bit

I also freeze peppers and greens for the winter. Carrots have never frozen. And the beets are also frozen?

(Masha (I just knew about cauliflower and broccoli about cabbage.

Century live-learn and.

If you have any secret freezing feather onions. I chopped, froze. But it takes up a lot of space. In fact, you freeze more air. Can it get tired in the oven ?.

Beets, carrots can be rubbed

I don’t cut onions and dill. Directly I put the whole in packages in a volume of one portion and squeeze a little, like it doesn’t take up much space. I still freeze cucumbers, in the winter on a grater and hello okroshka. And tomatoes for overcooking in one-time baklachki for quarters are also in one portion.

I freeze whole tomatoes, and green onions mixed with dill and parsley.

It is better to freeze beets.

I also cut onions and freeze them in bags of air. Then, when it freezes, untie the bag and tie it tightly without air, the whole onion is already frozen, it does not stick together, and then takes up little space. I put it in a large bag, and then just take a handful for food and that's it, it's all crumbly.

No, I make beets in jars both grated and whole, but I think that of course it is possible, but probably only grated, and then stew, sauté.

Thanks. I’ll do it today.