Characteristics and description of the strawberry tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the strawberry tomato variety, its yield

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Most of the owners of summer cottages are engaged in growing vegetables in their gardens. At the same time, tomatoes are especially popular. Before you start planting tomatoes, you should decide on the variety. Quite often, gardeners plant a tomato Strawberry f1. This variety is perfect for people who want to get an early harvest.


The variety belongs to medium-sized plants, which reach a height of 120-150 cm during the growing period. Because of this, the bushes should be tied to strong supports so that they cannot break due to strong gusts of wind or due to the large weight of the fruit. The plant grows well in any conditions and therefore it can be planted both in open beds and in a greenhouse.

The first crop of strawberry tomatoes appears quite early. Literally 90 days after planting the seedlings in the ground, you can harvest the fruits. Ripe tomatoes differ from fruits of other varieties of tomatoes in their shape, which is very similar to strawberries. The weight of tomatoes is not too large - only 20-50 g. However, this does not affect the yield in any way, since about 5 kg of tomatoes can be harvested from one bush without any problems. If you take proper care of the bushes, then the yield can increase by several kilograms.

Tomatoes are much denser than other varieties and because of this, they are often used during the preparation of canning. They can also be consumed fresh. When making tomato paste or juices, strawberry cherry tomatoes are not used because they contain too much dry matter.

Growing seedlings

Before planting tomatoes in open soil, you need to start growing seedlings from seeds.

Preparation of planting material

In order for the plants to germinate better, you should start preparing the seeds in advance. To do this, they are soaked for several hours in a solution prepared from boric acid, copper sulfate, or even aloe juice. However, there are other ways to treat the seed.

For example, they can be soaked in plain water. To do this, put a cloth in a small plate and fill it with water. After that, seeds are laid out on its surface. They should be soaked for 2-3 hours, after which the water is drained, and the seeds are transferred to a plastic bag for three days.

Also, a manganese solution is often used for processing. It is poured into a saucer with seeds. Soaking should last no more than half an hour, after which all planting material is washed with water and dried.


For growing tomatoes, it is recommended to choose loose and light soil. Therefore, before planting seeds, a little sawdust with peat should be added to the soil.

Seedlings should be grown in peat tablets, since they can be used to avoid transplanting seedlings.

It is recommended to plant tomato seeds in early spring. However, some plant them at the end of March. Seeds should be planted in small holes, the depth of which should not exceed one centimeter. If they sit in boxes, then you should think about the distance between the holes, which should be 5-7 cm. The timing of seedling germination depends on a considerable number of factors. When grown under optimal conditions, seedlings begin to appear after 5-10 days.

After the first shoots appear, you need to take care of lighting, since without it, the sprouts will begin to seriously stretch out, which can damage the stems. The duration of daylight hours should be 15 hours a day. Some gardeners recommend organizing round-the-clock lighting in the first days after the first shoots appear.

Planting seedlings

Seedlings are planted in open ground after the end of night frosts. It is recommended to do this in the second half of spring or even at the beginning of summer. By that time, young bushes will have the first brushes and the root system will be strengthened.

Site selection

For planting any vegetables, it is necessary to choose a site that is well lit and protected from strong gusts of wind. Therefore, it is not recommended to plant tomatoes on a hill that is heavily blown.

Also, when choosing a place for growing, it is worth remembering what grew there earlier. Tomatoes will grow well after potatoes, peppers, or eggplants.

Soil preparation

Many varieties of tomatoes are not very demanding on the soil, and Strawberry is no exception. However, in order for the bushes to grow faster, they need to be grown in soil with a lot of nutrients. That is why, before planting, you should think about fertilizing the site. The soil should be fed with compost and humus. For one square meter, 5 kg of fertilizer will be enough.

Also, mineral dressings are often added to the soil. In the fall, before digging the site, phosphorus and potassium are introduced into the ground.


Planting germinated seedlings begins with creating holes on the site. They should not be too deep and therefore their depth should be such that they cover the root of the plant without problems. The distance between each hole should be 40-50 cm, and between each row - 60 cm.

If the seedling is more than 35 cm in height, then it will have to be planted in the soil at right angles. In this case, you will have to dig into the ground not only the root, but also a third of the stem of the bush. After the seedling has been placed in the hole, it should be sprinkled with soil and compacted. You should also water each bush and install strong supports around them for further garters.


The strawberry tomato is an excellent choice for gardeners who prefer to grow early maturing varieties. To plant such a tomato on your site, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic recommendations for planting seeds and look at the reviews of people who have been growing this variety for several years.

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