How to properly freeze dill in the refrigerator for the winter and is it possible

How to properly freeze dill in the refrigerator for the winter and is it possible

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The plant, first of all, is characterized by an attractive aroma that leaves no one indifferent. It is added to any dishes to which it gives a spicy touch. In summer, fresh herbs are available to every housewife, and in winter they can only be purchased on store shelves. Today it is very popular to harvest in advance. From this article, readers will learn how to freeze dill in the refrigerator for the winter without losing its taste, aroma and useful qualities.

Freezing benefits

Storing in freezers is considered the best solution to enjoy the greens during the winter. Many people think that it is not worth fumbling with, because companies that grow this plant in greenhouses all year round supply their products to stores. But they are deeply mistaken, because such dill lacks vitamins, and only nitrates and fertilizers can be found in its composition. In addition, you have to pay far from a penny for a bunch of greenery. Therefore, thrifty hostesses do the right thing, harvesting a fragrant plant in advance.

The advantages of frozen greens are as follows:

  • taste and color does not differ from fresh;
  • all useful microelements and vitamins are preserved;
  • essential oils do not lose their value.

Preparing dill herbs for freezing

Before harvesting, it is recommended to wash the bunches of the plant. Cold water is drawn into a bowl, into which greens are dipped. The soaked plants are left on for a few minutes. Then they are transferred to a colander or sieve, washed 2-3 more times under running water. Next, the greens are dried. A towel is spread, twigs are laid out on it in one layer, which should lie for about an hour

If you cut the dill and put it in the freezer right away, it won't look fresh. It will remain a frozen piece of ice.

Methods for freezing dill

Several methods are popular today. Each has advantages in application:

  • greens from bags and containers are suitable for flavoring dishes;
  • cubes are good for adding to soups and stews;
  • frozen butter with the plant goes into sauces, boiled potatoes, sandwiches.

Before you start storing greens in the freezer, it is important to know the following rules:

  1. Only fresh, succulent plants are selected without signs of wilting and damage.
  2. Young dill with thin stems is suitable for harvesting. If you take greens with a peduncle, then in the end it will smell like caraway.
  3. Plants should be grown without the use of nitrates in ecologically clean areas.

Freezing with whole branches

The easiest way to preserve dill is to freeze whole plants. For this, good and strong stems are selected.

The branches are thoroughly washed and dried. Then they are packed in bags, wrapped tightly and sent to the freezer.

Take out the required amount before use. It is recommended to knock on the branches in order to chop them.

If whole plants are needed, they are thawed at room temperature for half an hour.

Freezing dill in containers

For this method, small plastic containers are used, which have been thoroughly washed in warm water and dried beforehand. Greens are prepared, finely chopped, folded in containers, which are hermetically sealed with a lid.

Some housewives use plastic bottles instead of containers. But they cannot be considered an equivalent replacement, because it is not easy to get the contents out of such a container.

Chopped dill in portions

Plants are cut into small pieces with or without stems, depending on your preference for using dill. The chopped greens are put into bags in small portions.

When the freezer is taken out of the freezer, it thaws quickly. If you defrost and open the bag repeatedly, the aroma will disappear.

It is recommended to prepare portion sizes that will be enough for 2-3 times.

Or use small packages for one application. Dill bags are rolled up and put into the freezer.

Freezing herbs in foil

After the plants are prepared for harvesting, they are not cut, but wrapped in foil whole. It is necessary to prepare such portions so that there is enough dill for one dressing of the dish. Before use, the packaging is unfolded, the contents are thawed and cut. Repeatedly freezing it in this way is not worth it.

In ice cube trays

You can freeze dill in the freezer with ice cubes without preliminary drying. The whole process looks like this:

  1. A bunch of greens is taken, washed and cut immediately.
  2. Folds out into cells, compresses as much as possible.
  3. The contents are filled with cold boiled water.
  4. Dill forms are placed in the freezer.

The cubes are frozen within 3-4 hours. The cells are then wrapped in bags to preserve the flavor. Or they get it, poured it into dense plastic bags and put it back in the freezer. It is recommended to sign the frosts, otherwise it will be difficult to determine the fine content of the ice cubes later.

In oil or broth

To properly freeze dill with butter or broth, you need:

  • finely chop the greens;
  • mix with soft butter or broth;
  • mix the mixture well;
  • give the desired shape - sausage or briquette;
  • put the herbs in the freezer for 15 minutes;
  • after hardening, transfer the dill into plastic bags and send for further storage.

Freezing greens is the best solution to provide yourself and your family with a fresh and healthy fragrant plant for a long winter. For this, several methods are used to preserve all vitamins. Which one to choose, each hostess decides independently.

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