16 best step-by-step recipes for making Korean blanks for the winter

16 best step-by-step recipes for making Korean blanks for the winter

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Many people like spicy snacks, which is why it is not without reason that Korean cuisine has come to the taste of gourmets all over the world. Moreover, Koreans make their main dishes from vegetables. There are many recipes for Korean preparations for the winter. They include those root crops that grow in our gardens.

Features of Korean recipes

If you want to please your loved ones with unusual recipes, then Korean cuisine will provide them. She is famous for the use of a large number of spices. Meat dishes are cooked with a lot of fat. And they must be accompanied by a marinade, which includes various thinly sliced ​​vegetables.

Salads are prepared using hot oil. Such processing allows you to preserve the taste of the fruit.

Vegetables must be cut into strips. Therefore, you need to stock up on a special grater. Spices are selected that will make the dishes moderately spicy or very hot.

Requirements for the main ingredients

The main components of Korean salads include carrots. The root crop is chosen medium in size, juicy. He must be chopped on a grater. Used for blanks squash, zucchini. Pumpkins should have a whitish, juicy flesh with a minimum of seeds. Therefore, they try to remove the fruits of milk ripeness in time. The same goes for cucumbers. Overgrown greens can spoil the taste of the salad for the winter.

Be sure to use all types of cabbage for cooking.

Ways of harvesting vegetables in Korean for the winter

Cooking for the winter according to Korean recipes is not difficult. The main thing here is to choose such a combination of spices so that they make the vegetables tasty, not bland.

Carrots with mushrooms

The salad is based on grated carrots. Mushrooms are picked up to it, mushrooms are better. They must be taken 3 times more.

A depression is made in the carrot mass, where they put a teaspoon of ground red and black pepper, ginger, 2 - coriander. Then chopped garlic, sugar, salt, stirring gently everything with your hands. Pour the carrots on top with vegetable oil strongly heated in a pan. While the mass cools down, the mushrooms are processed.

They are cut and fried in a pan until tender. Then add to carrots, mix. If a salad is being prepared for the winter, then pickled vegetables are put in sterilized jars, on top - chopped parsley and celery. The workpiece is pasteurized.

Cucumbers with carrots

To preserve vegetables, you need to take:

  • 500 grams of carrots;
  • 2 kilograms of cucumbers;
  • 100 grams of vegetable oil.

From spices, you need a mixture of red and black pepper. The marinade needs sugar. It needs 500 grams, and salt - 50. If carrots are chopped as usual for Korean salads, then cucumbers - in cubes. But if desired, they are also grated. The main components are mixed, sprinkled with pepper, salt, sugar, poured over with oil and vinegar. The salad is worth the night, and in the morning it is put in jars.

Eggplant salad

Eggplant appetizers are traditional in Korean cuisine. For this recipe, take 3 times more blue ones than carrots and sweet pepper pods. You can add onions - a head or two, garlic.

Eggplants, cut into pieces, must be blanched in hot water, stewed in oil for 5 minutes. The rest of the vegetables are cut into slices or half rings. When all the components are combined, then pour in half a glass of vegetable oil. 2 tablespoons of sugar, tea spoons - salt, a lot of pepper should be dissolved in it. Stew vegetables for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then a spoonful of vinegar is poured in, laid out in jars, sterilized, rolled up.

Vegetable mixture without cooking

For cooking, carrots, pods of bell and hot peppers are cut into strips or passed through a special grater. You can also use cabbage. Pour sugar (150 grams), salt (40 grams), spices. It is necessary to mix 3 teaspoons of red and 2 - black pepper, add Korean carrot seasoning 2 tablespoons, chopped garlic.

They take a lot of onions: for 3 kilograms of carrots, 2 kilograms of onions. It is cut into half rings and fried until golden brown. Mix with vegetable mass, add vinegar, leave to cool completely. They put it in jars and roll it up.

Zucchini salad

Young pumpkins, 3 pieces, peeled and chopped into strips. Carrots are also prepared. Sweet pepper pods are cut into pieces. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. They are flavored with sugar. Salt is taken 2 times less. Add pepper powder, preferably red, ready-made seasoning for carrots according to Korean recipes, cardamom. Pour in half a glass of vegetable oil and vinegar in 9%. The preparation costs 6 hours. At the end, the salad is laid out in jars and rolled up.

Korean Tomatoes

An appetizer is prepared quickly from:

  • tomatoes - a kilogram;
  • sweet pepper - 2 pods;
  • onion heads;
  • hot pepper - 1 pod;
  • greenery;
  • garlic - 1 head.

Tomatoes are cut into 4 pieces if the fruits are small. Peppers, all types, garlic are best passed through a blender. Put everything in a bowl, mix. Boil vegetable oil with vinegar, taken in 50 ml. Sugar and salt must also be sent there. Pour the vegetables with a slightly cooled marinade, mix. After cooling, put in jars, pasteurized.

Pumpkin salad with garlic

First, the pumpkin is cleaned for harvesting, taking a kilogram of pulp. Pass the fruit through a meat grinder or grater. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry finely chopped onions in it. As soon as it acquires a golden color, take it out with a slotted spoon. The oil is cooled slightly and poured over the pumpkin. Now add chopped garlic, a pinch of salt, a ready-made spice mixture for Korean salads, a tablespoon, the same amount of honey, vinegar - 2 tablespoons to a bowl.

It takes 4 hours to keep pumpkin salad under oppression. Then they put it in jars, put it in a cold place.

Chinese cabbage

For this, the dishes are taken on a head of Peking cabbage:

  • onions and green feathers;
  • ginger root powder teaspoon;
  • garlic.

Sprinkle the chopped cabbage with salt and put it in a plastic bag. Having tied well, leave for 6 hours. Then the cloves of garlic, the head of the onion are chopped, the green feathers are cut. Put the cabbage in a bowl, there are garlic and onions, ginger root powder. Top - sugar, ajimonto sauce, red pepper powder. Put spicy cabbage in a jar, tamp it carefully. They are kept at room temperature for 3 days, and then - in the basement or cellar.

Cucumbers with zucchini

Apart from the main ingredients, the salad is prepared with carrots and tomatoes. All vegetables, except tomatoes, are rubbed on a special grater for Korean dishes. It is necessary to add chopped garlic, Korean carrot seasoning to the appetizer. All are mixed and left for the vegetables to give juice. It is necessary to prepare the marinade from vegetable oil, vinegar in 9%. Salt and sugar are added to it. The latter is taken 2 times more than salt. Stir the marinade to dissolve the components. Pour the salad, mix, lay out on the banks. The jars with the contents are sterilized for 30 minutes.


The seasoning is prepared for the winter, so that later it can be added to soups, main courses. To prepare it:

  • take garlic 2-3 heads;
  • hot pepper - 3-4 pods;
  • Bulgarian red - 2-3.

The components are cleaned and passed through a meat grinder. You can vary the number of peppers to make the seasoning digestible. Salt is added to the mass, mixed, allowed to stand for 3-4 hours and into jars.


Kimchi, or kimchi, which is made from Chinese cabbage, daikon, carrots, green onions, and hot pepper pods, is typical for Korean cuisine. The seasoning should contain ginger root, garlic, onion.

They begin to make a snack, salting each leaf of cabbage and leaving them under pressure overnight.

Slicing carrots and daikon is cooked on a grater, there are chopped green onion feathers. But hot peppers with ginger, garlic, onions are best passed through a blender. The ground mass is mixed with vegetable strips, seasoned with sesame oil.

Cabbage leaves are washed from salt and rubbed with the prepared mixture. Put the bowl in a warm place for an hour.

Put the leaves in a jar, pouring the cooled jelly from sugar, starch, which is specially boiled in water, on top. Soy sauce is always added to it. First, the kimchi is stored in the room and then sent to the refrigerator.


Young squash is peeled and chopped into thin strips using a special grater. The same is done with carrots. The onion is cut into thin half rings, the garlic is chopped. You can add sweet peppers, cut into strips.

Make a seasoning from a mixture of Korean carrots, red and black peppers, parsley, vegetable oil and vinegar. Pour vegetables with seasoning. An hour later, they are laid out in banks. Sterilization of the salad takes 15-25 minutes.


The root crop is washed, peeled and kept in cold water for 30-60 minutes. Then they are dried and rubbed with straws. Putting the beet mass in a bowl, add chopped garlic gruel.

In another dish, a marinade is prepared from vegetable oil, sugar, salt, spices, and vinegar. Stir well to dissolve all ingredients. Now pour into a bowl of beets and garlic. Let the salad sit for 20-30 minutes. Then it is placed in clean, steamed jars.

Black Eyed Peas

The blank is made from:

  • kilograms of beans in pods;
  • carrots - 4 pieces;
  • garlic;
  • spices.

The pods are washed, freed from tough threads and ends. You need to cut into pieces 4 centimeters long. Beans are boiled in boiling water for 5 minutes. Long strips of carrots are mixed with cooled pods. Chopped garlic cloves are also added there.

The marinade is prepared in the usual way. It should be infused for 30 minutes, and then it is poured into vegetables. Stir and leave for an hour, sometimes shaking the bowl.


A Korean-style snack is prepared from both broccoli and cauliflower. They choose young tender heads of cabbage. They are washed and cut into pieces. Carrots - straws. Mix vegetables and season with garlic gruel. A mixture of vegetables is laid out in jars. A marinade is prepared from water and vegetable oil, in which there should be salt, sugar, a mixture for carrots from a store. Pour cans of cabbage with hot marinade.


Juicy and fleshy pods are freed from seeds, washed, cut into strips. Chopped carrots with garlic gruel are added to a bowl. 300 ml of water is mixed with 50 ml of vegetable oil, vinegar. There are also 2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 teaspoons - salt, coriander. Bring everything to a boil and keep on fire for 5 minutes. Vegetables are dipped into a saucepan and boiled for 7 minutes under a lid. Finished products are placed in jars, and poured with marinade on top.

How and how much workpieces can be stored

Korean snacks keep well even under simple plastic lids. Still, it is better to keep them in a refrigerator or cellar with an air temperature of up to + 2-3 degrees.

You can use spicy salads for six months. It is not recommended to keep it longer, it is better to prepare fresh marinades.

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