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Can sapropel be used in a greenhouse

Can sapropel be used in a greenhouse

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Can sapropel be used in a greenhouse? I know that at the site its introduction is very useful, but in a greenhouse with high humidity there will be the same result? Will there be any negative points?


Freshwater sludge, otherwise sapropel is used as fertilizer. However, not many people know that this natural fertilizer can also be used in a greenhouse, previously mixed with a complex mineral fertilizer. It is believed that the use of freshwater sludge increases the period of soil replacement in the greenhouse by about 7 years. It supports the fertility of the earth, less often requires watering.

The mass of sapropel in the formation of soil for the greenhouse should be no more than 30% of the total mass. With such a fraction in the soil, sapropel will not bring any negative problems. Freshwater sludge helps loamy clay heavy soils, and its composition cleanses of pathogenic bacteria.