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Ovaries of cucumbers fall

Ovaries of cucumbers fall

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Planted cucumbers grade Maisky F1 in a bucket in the house. Ovaries appeared but do not grow, and the ovaries fall away. Bloom well. What are they missing or is this variety intended for greenhouses?


Variety Maisky F1 hybrid grown in a greenhouse or greenhouse, and in the southern regions and in the open ground. However, this early ripening variety needs bee pollination, since flowering is predominantly female. Perhaps one of the reasons for falling ovaries is this. But there may be several reasons, they all relate to disturbances in agricultural technology:

  1. An excess or deficit of moisture in the soil;
  2. Incorrect fertilizing;
  3. The temperature regime of air and soil is not respected;
  4. Short light mode;

Understand the reason should be the method of exclusion from the list. If cultivation is not disturbed, use manual pollination.