How to properly keep broilers and turkeys together and is it possible

How to properly keep broilers and turkeys together and is it possible

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Chickens and turkeys are farm birds that are bred by poultry farmers in the household. Because of this, many owners believe that they can be kept in the same house. Consider whether it is possible to keep broiler chickens and turkeys together, the pros and cons of sharing. How to build a poultry house correctly, what conditions to create, how to organize a collective walk, how to feed the bird.

Can broilers and turkeys be kept together?

Still, chickens and turkeys are different birds. They have different needs, they need different conditions of detention and not the same food. Bird sizes and behavior are also different. This should be taken into account when there is a question of the joint keeping of chickens and turkey poults. Before deciding to keep a bird in the same house, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

Advantages and disadvantages

Saving money and yard area. By using a shared house and walking area, there is no need to build 2 separate ones. This decision leads to financial savings.

Saving time. Cleaning in the same room, looking after birds, feeding is easier because they live in the same room.

The difference in the nature and behavior of chickens and turkeys. Birds can clash, making living difficult.

Common diseases. There are diseases with which both types can be infected, infections can spread quickly and lead to death and loss.

Turkeys are larger in size, due to the fact that they need more food, they can eat chickens, which will suffer from undernourishment. Turkeys can be aggressive towards young animals, slaughter chickens.

Chickens are more mobile, activity can irritate turkeys, which will make them under stress.

To reduce the risks, it is recommended to raise birds together from an early age. Then there will be fewer problems.

Conditions for a successful neighborhood

But in private backyards, poultry farmers cannot always provide the birds with separate living. Therefore, they try to do so as to organize a collective poultry house as best as possible, taking into account the different conditions and needs of the poultry.

Keeping turkeys and broilers in the same house should be started at an early age. This is necessary so that the neighbors quickly get used to each other. You should try not to lodge together adult birds, which will definitely fight and may even maim each other.

Poultry house arrangement

The size of the house should be large enough for both turkeys and broilers to feel comfortable. The chicken needs at least 0.5 sq. m, for a turkey - 0.8 sq.m. Inside, you need to put perches, place the nests in different corners so that all the layers have enough space. When living together, you need to take care of the cleanliness of the room.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Turkeys are considered to be more susceptible to infections, so bedding, feeders and drinking bowls should be kept clean at all times. Change the bedding as often as possible to reduce the risk of infectious diseases.

It is necessary to maintain the correct temperature and humidity when raising young and adults. Humidity rises if birds live on a dirty bedding, spill water. When walking, you need to ventilate the room every day. With the general maintenance of birds, they can become infected with internal and external parasites. To prevent turkeys and chickens from being disturbed by parasites, it is necessary to carry out preventive treatments with anthelmintic drugs and anti-lice and feather-eating agents.

Organization of walking

The area of ​​the paddock should be at least 2 times larger than the area of ​​the poultry house. It is recommended to divide the pen into 2 parts, for chickens and turkeys, so that they spend some time separately.

Feeding features

Turkeys and broiler chickens should be fed separately because they have different nutrient requirements. Feed should be placed in separate feeders. It is easier to feed both those and others with compound feed. Feeding frequency - at least 2 times. Pour granules into the feeders not to the top, but 2/3. This is to prevent the birds from scattering food and trampling it.

Another diet option is wet mash. The volume should be such that chickens and turkeys can eat it in 30-40 minutes. If there are residues left after feeding, you need to reduce the amount of food. Mixers for chickens should be made from whole or crushed grains of different types of plants. Add greens, grated root vegetables and vegetables, premixes, meat and bone meal to them.

During the laying period, hens should be given additional vitamins and minerals. Drinking bowls should be filled with fresh, clean water.

Turkeys are also given mash, the composition of which is about the same. While walking, broiler chickens and turkeys can eat insects, pest larvae and earthworms, and nibble grass. Turkeys even eat Colorado beetles, helping the owner to get rid of garden pests. But birds can find such food only on free range. There is no such possibility in the pen. In the walking yard, birds can only walk, breathe fresh air and get sunbathing. In the pen, you need to put a container with sand or ash in which the turkeys and chickens will bathe.

Broilers grow quickly, fatten in 3 months and can be slaughtered. Then you can add a new batch to the turkeys. But very small chickens cannot be kept with turkeys, because of the size, the turkeys will dominate, they can beat the kids. Chickens must be at least a month old at the time of moving in.

Keeping broilers and turkeys together is not easy. For everything to go smoothly, you need to approach the arrangement of the poultry house and walking responsibly. Make the right diet for both types of birds, make sure that there are no conflicts. With proper organization, you can successfully grow broilers and turkeys of any breed.

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