Instructions for the use of the fungicide Consento and how it works

Instructions for the use of the fungicide Consento and how it works

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Pathogenic microorganisms that infect garden plants become accustomed to fungicidal preparations, continuing to have a negative effect on crops. Among the new means is the fungicide "Consento", the instructions for the use of which are simple and available for every vegetable grower. The effectiveness of the product from the German company Bayer has been tested by gardeners and confirmed by positive reviews.

Purpose and form of release

Feature of the drug "Consento" is that belonging to the class of carbamates, it acts systemically and translaminar. This means that one of the components of the fungicide propamocarb hydrochloride penetrates through the roots of the plant, killing the spores of soil fungi. The substance acts to reduce photosynthesis of phospholipids and fatty acids, blocking the growth of mycelium, disrupting the formation of cell membranes.

But at the same time, propamocarb hydrochloride has a positive effect on the growth of seedlings, stimulating the development of the root system and the aerial part of vegetable crops.

The second component of the drug, fenamidone, is highly effective against pathogens of diseases of vegetable plants. The substance tends to get on the developing parts of the plant, depriving the pathogens of the energy source.

The strains of the causative agents of late blight, alternaria, peronosporosis remain sensitive to the drug "Consento" all the time.

The release of the fungicide is carried out in the form of a suspension. Substances are crushed and dispersed in an aqueous medium. The composition, in addition to the main components, contains surfactants, stabilizers. Are included in the drug and substances necessary to increase the viscosity, which have electrical charges. Therefore, the product sticks to plant parts and is not washed off.

The concentrate is packaged in cans of 5 liters, bottles - 0.5 and 1 liter, bottles - from 100 to 10 ml.

How the Consento fungicide works

The systemic action of the drug is provided by propamocarb hydrochloride. In a liter of suspension, its content is 375 grams. It is this substance that penetrates into pathogenic fungi, acting at the cellular level. After the application of "Consento", the growth and reproduction of pathogens stops.

The concentration of phenomidone is 75 grams. It blocks mitochondrial respiration, which stops sporulation.

The fungicidal effect continues after treatment with the drug for 7 to 15 days.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are many advantages to using Consento. They consist in the fact that:

  • the occurrence of late blight, alternaria, peronosporosis in vegetables is controlled;
  • the fungicide can be used at any phase of plant development;
  • there is protection against diseases of young growth, leaves, stems;
  • works in any weather;
  • packaged in a convenient package with a dispenser.

Among the disadvantages of the product is its high cost. Not everyone can afford to buy a liter bottle of fungicide for 1800 rubles. In addition, do not forget that the agrochemical requires compliance with safety rules during use. It has a 3rd class of hazard.

Preparation of working solution and instructions for use

Dilution of the Consento concentrate is carried out immediately before the treatment of plants. It is best to do spraying, both prophylactic and therapeutic, in the morning or evening. At this time, the sun is not so strong, and the solution will not evaporate.

Prevention of fungal diseases is carried out 3-4 times during the growing season every 10-15 days. Do not forget that before harvesting vegetables, 3 weeks should pass after the last fungicide treatment..

Prepare the liquid directly in the sprayer compartment. For the amount of water in 5 liters, 20 ml of concentrate is needed. This amount is enough to process a garden area of ​​100 square meters.


The phytophthora fungus often infects tubers and the aerial part of potatoes, which reduces the yield of a vegetable crop by 2 times. Therefore, for preventive purposes, it is necessary to spray the plantings with a spray bottle 4 times per season.

The break between treatments is done in 10 days.


This member of the Solanaceae family often suffers from pathogenic fungi. In addition to phytophthora, alternaria occurs in tomatoes, affecting all parts of the plant. Diseases destroy the fruits of the vegetable, reducing their yield by 10-20%.

For prophylaxis, the bushes are treated with a working solution of 5 liters. For medicinal purposes, when the first signs of rot appear, it is necessary to treat it with the Consento fungicide three times.


Slows down the development of cucumber plants peronospora. In this case, the whips and leaves become covered with yellow spots, become brown, and die off. Cucumbers can be saved by spraying Consento with a working solution. Start to cost in the first days of the growing season. After a week, repeat the procedure. And so 4 times.

If the culture is already infected, then the parts affected by the fungus are first removed. After that, you need to spray.


Infection with the downy mildew fungus leads to the death of the bulbs, which leads to a decrease in yield, and its rotting during storage.

The risk of peronosporosis is reduced by treating the beds with Consento onions. The working solution is prepared before processing by thoroughly stirring a bottle of concentrate in 20 ml in 5 liters of pure water. Onions can be protected from infection with only 4 sprays after 8-15 days.


Sunflower farmers know the damage caused by pathogenic fungi to seed baskets. But when processing them "Consento", you can be sure that the sunflower will not be damaged by gray and white rot, Alternaria.

To carry out the processing of a field with sunflower, it is necessary to prepare a working solution according to the instructions.


Spraying with a fungicide requires compliance with safety measures, since the use of chemicals is associated with a danger to humans. Frequent and excessive use of the product is not safe for the environment. "Consento" belongs to the 3rd class of toxicity, therefore, the drug is not fatal for humans. But inhalation of large amounts of vapor may show signs of poisoning.

Do not pour the remains of the drug into water bodies, otherwise fish and other inhabitants of the pond, lake, river will die. Vapors of the fungicide are dangerous for bees.

Before processing plants, you should prepare special clothing to protect against contact with the working fluid.

Safety rules when working with fungicide

It is necessary to work with chemicals no more than 1 hour. In this case, it is necessary:

  • wear overalls or a dressing gown;
  • cover your hands with rubber gloves;
  • on the face - a respiratory mask;
  • protect eyes with special glasses.

Do not smoke, eat or drink during spraying. After processing, wash your hands thoroughly with soap, rinse your mouth.

Do not allow persons under 18 years of age to be treated with the fungicide. Women during pregnancy and lactation are prohibited from doing preventive treatments in the garden. Activities for women over 35 are undesirable.

Poisoning often occurs in those who are overworked, sick with colds.

First aid

In case of malaise, nausea and vomiting after working with the Consento fungicide, you should:

  • lay the person down by removing contaminated clothing;
  • rinse the mucous membranes with clean water;
  • give activated charcoal tablets;
  • cause vomiting by irritation of the back of the throat.

It is recommended to give as much drink as possible. Seeing a doctor in such cases is mandatory.

Toxicity degree

The drug belonging to the 3rd class of toxicity does not pose a danger to humans and animals. But it cannot be used next to fishery farms. Apply the remedy in the morning or in the evening, when the flight of bees is limited. The wind speed during processing should not exceed 4-5 meters per second.

Since chemicals take a long time to decompose in the soil, it is necessary to pour the excess solution into the soil in moderation. After all, this will lead to soil contamination.

Compatibility with other products

You can use the drug with other fungicides. It is imperative to determine the compatibility of the funds, otherwise the processing will be useless. A small amount of concentrates are mixed. If an insoluble residue remains in the working solution or the mixture is heated, then the agents are incompatible with each other.

How to store it correctly

Pesticides require storage in such a place that they are inaccessible to children and pets. The container must be hermetically sealed. Storage temperature - 15 to +35 degrees C.


To increase the result of preventive measures, you can replace the drug with similar fungicides: Infinito, Quadris, Acrobat. The funds are similar in composition and action on pathogenic microorganisms that cause fungal diseases in vegetable crops.

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