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Heather aster is very sluggish, how to revive

Heather aster is very sluggish, how to revive

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Hello everybody! Who grows heather aster, please share your knowledge ... Planted a bush last fall, the summer is rainy today in the Southern Urals, sitting nailed to the ground ... Maybe there are any secrets?


Inna, this year the weather brought a surprise to all garden and garden lovers. Asters are very fond of the sun's rays, so with prolonged rainy weather they seem to bend down and look dull. Wait a few days, perhaps when warm days arrive, the plant activates itself.

Perhaps the reason is a lack of minerals. Feed with complex fertilizer for asters, it is sold in specialized stores. But spend only foliar top dressing. Also, the plant can be stimulated with epin or zircon. Watering with liquid mullein 5-6 days after stimulation.


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