Instructions for use and composition of Agromax fertilizer, dosage and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of Agromax fertilizer, dosage and analogues

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Numerous studies indicate that the yield parameters will not be very high if the soil is not fed with azotobacteria and other useful substances. Such elements are contained in large volumes in Agromax fertilizers. Therefore, they are popular with many gardeners and gardeners. With the help of such dressings, it is possible to significantly increase the fertility of the soil and facilitate the assimilation of other valuable elements by plants.

Release form and composition

The drug is produced in the form of a sachet. In packages with powder, there are 10 grams of the product. Fertilizers "Agromax" are characterized by an innovative formula. They include bioactive elements. Valuable substances are contained in optimal proportions. This helps to achieve high efficiency.

Fertilizers "Agromax" include the following components:

  1. Humic acid - helps to speed up the development of crops and increase their protective properties. This component includes micro and macro elements that are easily absorbed.
  2. Blood meal - saturates the roots and fruits with nutrients. This component is a source of proteins, amino acids, iron. With its help, it is possible to make the fruits more useful.
  3. Bioactive Water - Helps beneficial bacteria multiply in depleted soil. It also helps to restore the structure of the soil and compensates for the lack of nutrients.
  4. Ash - it is obtained from rare deciduous trees. This component is a source of sulfur, potassium, phosphorus. Ash also provides the soil with silicon, sodium and other substances that are required for the development of plants.
  5. Azotobacteria - promote the reproduction of valuable bacterial microorganisms that make the soil more fertile.

How Agromax works and what is it for?

This biological fertilizer has a natural composition. It has a beneficial effect on the structure of the soil and plants. With the help of this feeding, it is possible to achieve the following results:

  • stimulate the growth and development of cultivated plants;
  • saturate the soil with nutrients and reduce the parameters of its acidity;
  • accelerate the germination of seed even in depleted soil and under adverse climatic factors;
  • accelerate fruit ripening by 10-20 days;
  • increase the yield several times, as well as improve the taste and external characteristics of the fruit.

Agromax helps to block the development of fungal infections, viruses, and dangerous bacteria. The drug can be used for processing tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini. Also, the composition is suitable for effects on herbs, onions, garlic, carrots and other crops. Let's apply the preparation for the care of the lawn grass.

Instructions for using the product

Agromax saturates the soil with useful substances. To achieve the desired effect, it is important to properly prepare the working solution. For this, there is a special dispenser in the package. For 10 liters of water, 1 sachet is enough. After pouring the powder into the water, mix the solution well.

This fertilizer is highly versatile. With its help, you can carry out the following procedures:

  • feed the roots;
  • spray ground parts of plants;
  • soak the planting material;
  • prepare the ground for the new season.

The instructions indicate that when soaking seeds, you must take into account the type of culture. So, greens need to be kept in solution for 12 hours. It is recommended to soak tomato and cabbage seeds for 2 days. The seeds of other vegetable crops will reach their optimum state within 24 hours of soaking.

There is also another option for using top dressing. To use the drug, you need to take 1.5 sachets and mix with 1 bucket of water. The composition must be thoroughly mixed and sprayed on 4 square meters of soil. This must be done 2 days before planting the seed.


In the case of using the drug, you should follow these rules:

  1. Use personal protective equipment. These include a mask, goggles, respirator, gloves.
  2. Do not smoke, eat or drink while applying the drug.
  3. After completing the process, you need to wash your hands, face and other parts of the body. It is recommended to use laundry soap for this.


The drug can be combined with other fertilizers. It is also allowed to be combined with fungicides, growth stimulants, herbicides and insecticidal preparations.

How to distinguish a fake from an original

To purchase an original, it is recommended to consider the following features:

  1. The packaging of the original fertilizer has a yellow-green color.
  2. The name Agromax on the box must be in Latin letters. The rest of the information is given in Russian.
  3. The fertilizer logo is in a diamond with soft corners. Yellow rays, similar to the sun, should depart from it.
  4. The box is made of thick cardboard.
  5. On the package there is a picture with beautiful vegetables that grow from fertile soil.
  6. On the sachet, the picture is slightly different. It shows the finished harvest, not the growth process.
  7. Sachet is made of dense material. The top of the package has smoothed corners, which makes it easier to use.
  8. Each sachet has a special cut that makes it easier to open the package.

Storage conditions and shelf life

The drug can be stored for 6 months. The ready-to-use composition is required to be used as soon as possible. The substance should be kept in a closed container in a dry and dark place. If the tightness has been broken, the beneficial properties of the drug are reduced. In case of moisture penetration, there is a risk of developing fungal microorganisms.

Analogs of the remedy

The drug is considered a unique agent that has no analogues in terms of active ingredients.

Agromax is an effective fertilizer with a natural composition. For its application to be successful, it is important to follow the instructions carefully.

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