Composition and instructions for use of Estrofana for goats, dosage and analogues

Composition and instructions for use of Estrofana for goats, dosage and analogues

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Success in the work of a livestock breeder largely depends on the state of the reproductive system of the pet. If the goat does not come into a state of hunting, suffers from gynecological ailments or bears an unviable fetus over and over again, urgent measures must be taken. In such cases, experts advise purchasing the Estrofan remedy for the treatment of goats, pigs and large horned animals.

Composition and form of release of funds

Estrofan is an artificial substitute for the hormone prostaglandin F2a. The active ingredient is called cloprostenol-250. Citric acid, sodium hydroxide, preservative and water for injection were added to the preparation as auxiliary substances.

The product is made in the form of a clear, colorless solution. There are 2 ml ampoules on sale, packed in a cardboard box and glass vials containing 10 ml of the drug. Cloprostenol promotes the resorption of the temporary gland (corpus luteum), the onset of sexual heat and ovulation. Estrofan increases the force of contraction of the uterus and fights ovarian dysfunction.

In case of intolerance to the goat of certain components of the drug "Estrofan" can be replaced with a remedy called "Magestrofan". Here, sodium salt acts as cloprostenol. Excipients - nipagin (0.5 mg) and water for injection.

In what cases is used

Estrofan is widely used to solve delicate reproductive problems in animals.

  1. Endometritis treatment. The chronic form of this ailment threatens the pet with ovarian inflammation and sepsis. The drug is used in the course of complex treatment.
  2. Prevention of complications after difficult childbirth. Estrofan is administered intramuscularly, 6 hours after the separation of the placenta.
  3. Termination of pathological pregnancy. The drug is used when a non-viable fetus is found.
  4. To stimulate the state of hunting in the animal. Sometimes the goat reaches puberty, but does not show interest in males. The reason for the "cool" attitude of the pet to the gentlemen can be ailments, a poor diet and even worms.

Stimulation of hunting is also necessary in the case of simultaneous coverage of individuals in the herd. This is the only way to carry out the procedure synchronously. To achieve a positive result, each pet is injected with 0.7 ml of the drug. The injection is done twice: in the morning and in the evening.

Expert opinion

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After some simple manipulations, the goat begins a period of heat. At this moment, the animal is sent for mating. If the attempt is unsuccessful, the procedure is repeated after 10 days.

Instructions for use and dosage

The question of the expediency of using "Estrofan" is decided by the veterinarian. The specialist prescribes a treatment regimen and dosage of the drug. It must be understood that the unauthorized actions of the owner can lead to hormonal imbalances in the goat's body and undermine the health of the animal.

The solution is administered intramuscularly. Usually the action of "Estrofan" begins 48 hours after the injection. To treat gynecological ailments and stimulate hunting, the drug is administered 2 times. The dosage of cloprostenol is 0.7 ml. Manipulations are carried out at intervals of 10 days.

For the treatment of endometritis and the fight against postpartum complications, the drug is injected 2-4 hours after the release of the remnants of the placenta (placenta). To interrupt a pathological pregnancy (genetic deformities, unviable fetus), the drug is administered strictly on the 111th day of pregnancy. Labor begins 40 hours after the procedure.

The action of the active substances lasts up to 72 hours. After that, "Estrofan" is safely excreted from the body of the animal. Milk obtained from a sick goat during treatment can be eaten. In the first 2 days after the last injection, the drink is boiled before use.

In the future, the product is consumed in the usual way. The meat of a sick animal is edible only 72 hours after the injection.

The drug does not belong to toxic substances (class 3 in accordance with GOST 12.1.007-76), however, the solution must be handled carefully. After using the product, wash your hands with soap. If during the work the medicine gets on the mucous membrane of the eyes, the affected area is washed with plenty of clean water.

Consequences of an overdose

Until now, there have been no serious consequences after an overdose of the drug in animals. A single dose of cloprostenol does not harm an adult goat. However, uncontrolled use of the drug can lead to unpredictable consequences. Long-term use of "Estrofan" threatens the pet with hormonal disruption. Such animals often suffer from apathy, irrepressible appetite and obesity. In a goat, the udder grows and deforms, which does not in the best way affect the quantity and quality of milk.

In no case should the drug be administered to a young goat. If the animal has not yet reached puberty, "Estrofan" is able to destroy the reproductive system of the pet. The remedy will prevent the onset of estrus, and the case will end in the infertility of the goat.

Side effects and contraindications

The hormone substitute is dangerous for certain members of the goat family:

  1. You can not use "Estrofan" if the goat bears a viable offspring, because the remedy is used to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. If during this period the pet suffers from gynecological diseases, you need to resort to another drug.
  2. Cloprostenol is not suitable for the treatment of debilitated animals. Pets who have recently recovered from infectious diseases are poorly tolerated. At this time, the goat's immunity is greatly weakened and is not able to cope with the load.
  3. "Estrofan" is contraindicated for the owners of neoplasms in the udder area.
  4. It is forbidden to give the drug to goats prone to allergic reactions to its individual components.

Storage rules

Ampoules with a solution are removed away from small children. Store the drug in a dry and dark place. Estrofan is kept separate from any animal feed. Also, do not keep the solution on the same shelf with food. Cloprostenol retains its beneficial properties for 36 months. The optimal temperature regime for storing ampoules is from 10 to 25 degrees. After the expiration date, the drug must be disposed of.


Preparations with a high content of cloprostenol are produced by manufacturers in many countries. Despite their different names, they all contain the same substitute for the hormone prostaglandin F2a. Depending on the manufacturer, the price of the drug can vary significantly.

Worthy substitutes for "Estrofan" can be called "Surfagon" (Russia), "Estrofantin" (Russia), "Estrumate" (Germany), "Estrovet" (Czech Republic), "Dinorin" (Korea), "Galapan" (Spain) ...

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