Why tomato seedlings wither and fall and what to do

Why tomato seedlings wither and fall and what to do

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Sometimes the seedlings, which look healthy and strong, begin to wither and die. This can be avoided if you know why tomato seedlings are dying and provide assistance in a timely manner.

Unsuitable soil

Often the main reason why seedlings disappear is heavy soil and its increased acidity. Such seedlings must be transplanted into another soil, otherwise it will fall and die. The new soil into which the transplant will be carried out should be disinfected. For this purpose, the soil is calcined in the oven, frozen or watered with a solution of potassium permanganate, which is why pests that are in the soil die and can damage young plants. Such prevention does not affect seed germination.

An important reason why tomato seedlings wither and fall is considered to be unjustified thickening of the planted plants. Due to the lack of nutrients in the soil, sunlight and air, tomatoes die. The optimal distance when planting tomato seeds in containers is considered to be the row spacing of 5 cm, and the gap between such plants in rows is 2 cm.

Why tomato seedlings die after picking

If the seedlings fall due to the density of the seedlings, then a dive should be carried out. The vacated soil space is sprinkled with ash powder or calcined sand. After diving, tomatoes can stand withered for another 2 - 3 days.

Tomatoes can wither if the pick was made incorrectly. Some rules for this procedure should be followed:

  • elongated tomato seedlings are transplanted only after 2 - 3 true leaves appear on it;
  • to form a strong root system, pinch the main root by about 1/3 part;
  • dived plants should be removed from the soil very carefully, after watering the soil with warm water;
  • the seedlings removed from the soil are placed back in the soil, making a sufficient depression so that the roots do not bend in the ground.

Also, when transplanting tomatoes, it is necessary to ensure that the soil is of the appropriate composition.

Note! Excess moisture can have a negative effect on tomato seedlings, as well as its lack.

After the dive, watering should be limited for 2 consecutive days. In addition, plants are transplanted into containers in which holes must be made. This will help the roots get oxygen and also allow excess moisture to drain out of the pot. Stagnant water can cause the leaves to curl and turn yellow. You can smell mold when doing this. As a result of improper watering, after a few days you can see that the seedlings have disappeared.

Pay attention to the negative effects of excess moisture in pots. It is best to take the necessary steps at the beginning of this process. You can tilt the container to the side to make sure it has drainage holes. If they are not there, that they are done with a nail red-hot on the fire.

In case of clogging, the holes are cleaned in order to free the container from excess moisture in order to prevent the seedlings from falling.

Insufficient watering

Tomato seedlings also die due to insufficient irrigation regime. The lack of moisture in the soil is characterized by its friability and increased dryness. But you should not immediately pour the tomatoes abundantly with moisture. In this case, it is better to start by watering 30-40 grams per plant. Otherwise, the tomatoes will turn yellow. In addition, the soil in the container should be loosened. This process is also called "dry irrigation".

Low lighting

The next reason plants can fall is a lack of light. The lack of light at the initial stage can be judged by this external sign - the tomato seedlings are stretched out. They need natural or artificial lighting for 12 hours a day. On cloudy days, it is necessary to illuminate with phytolamps so that the seedlings do not stretch out.

An overabundance of light flux also negatively affects tomatoes. Leaves can turn yellow, dry and wilt. Then the whole plant also dies. Supplementing with phytolamps at night is not required. Since in the dark, the plant can assimilate the necessary substances and oxygen.

Temperature violation

Stretched tomatoes can die due to non-observance of the temperature regime. If the temperature in the room rises above +36 degrees, then the plants overheat and dry out. Therefore, containers should not be left near heaters. Also, at low temperatures (less than +15 degrees), tomatoes stop growing. +18 - +20 degrees is considered optimal for the growth and development of tomatoes.

In order for the tomatoes to harden, they are put out overnight in a cooler room, in which the temperature is 3-4 degrees lower. In addition, the seedlings do not tolerate drafts. For this thermophilic plant, cold air causes wilting. Therefore, when airing the room, the container with the planted tomatoes is removed away from the cool air stream.

Growing on a windowsill

Before you decide to grow tomato seedlings on your windowsill, you need to close up the cracks to avoid drafts. It is also not recommended to open the window to ventilate the room. This can lead to the death of plants.

Why are tomato seedlings falling in containers on the north side of the house? There is not enough light for her, and also a lot of cold air. In this case, the plant is strongly stretched and acquires an unhealthy color. But the south side is also not a suitable place for young tomatoes. There they suffer from an excess of solar heat and overheating.

Lack of fertilizer

Lack of nutrients in the soil also affects the fact that the leaves turn yellow. Excessive dosage of fertilizers applied to the soil for tomatoes can lead to root burns and plant death. Fertilizers can also damage the topsoil. If a dense crust with a whitish tint appears on the soil, then it should be removed, and the soil in the container should be watered with an unsaturated humate solution for several days.

The cause of death is disease

If tomato seedlings are infected with any disease, it is not easy to save it. Even if the soil was disinfected before planting tomato seeds, but the foliage turned yellow and fell off, and the roots acquired a dark color, it is possible that these are manifestations of fusarium. What can be done to prevent tomato seedlings from falling from this fungal disease? You can try to save it by transplanting it into another container with disinfected soil. But still, when buying seeds, you should make sure that the variety is resistant to this pathogen.

If the sown tomatoes are infected with the blackleg virus, the seedlings cannot be saved. It is necessary to remove them in time so that healthy plants do not become infected. The disease begins with a darkening of the main stem near the soil, and then the whole plant wilts. As a preventive measure to combat such a problem, the soil is disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate before sowing seeds.

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