Description and yield of the Cherry Negro tomato variety

Description and yield of the Cherry Negro tomato variety

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The unusual Cherry Tomato Negro F1 embodies two fashion trends at once - the passion for cherry tomatoes ("cherries") and the increased attention to the original "dark" fruits. Black, burgundy, brown, purple variants of familiar vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, asparagus beans, cabbage) are not only piquant in taste, but also rich in substances useful to humans.

Small-fruited Cherry tomatoes fell in love with gardeners for their early maturity, sweetness, beautiful brushes, convenience and variety of culinary use. Cherry Negro F1 tomatoes will be of interest to those growers who like to grow something exotic and unusual.

Multicolored extravaganza from the company "Semko"

In recent years, the Semko-Junior seed company has launched on the Russian market an extensive series of cherry-type hybrid tomatoes (with a fruit weight of 20 - 40 grams and a carpal type of ovary). All varieties from this series are early ripening, tall, abundant.

They differ in the shape of the fruits and their color: elongated or rounded, of all kinds of colors (red, pink, crimson, yellow, orange, chocolate, even striped). For example, Cherry Lisa F1 is oval orange, and Cherry Rose F1 is globular pink. Tomatoes Cherry Tiger F1 are similar to Cherry Negro F1 - also oval and chocolate in color, only with pronounced greenish stripes.

Cherry Tomato Negro F1 is registered in the State Seed Register as Cerrinegro F1. The registration date is 2015. This hybrid has appeared quite recently, but has already earned accolades from lovers of original tomatoes.

This tomato is especially fond of children, who perceive it as an unusual chocolate candy.

The possibilities of culinary application of Cherry Negro F1 are truly endless: in fresh salads, as an independent side dish, for decorating various dishes, with whole-fruited pickling and canning, it is convenient to dry and dry like raisins, it is not forbidden to even make original jam or jam.

Typical signs

The fruits of Cherry Negro F1 are oval, weighing 25 - 35 grams, with a diameter of 3 cm. Collected in charming multi-fruited clusters bearing 10 - 15 "cherries" each. The stalks are very short. The surface of the tomatoes is flat and smooth. The color is very complex, unusual: dark dark red, closer to brown. Dark green stripes appear slightly against the general background.

The dry matter content of the fruit is very high. The result is a very rich taste - spicy, sweetish, with spicy aromatic notes. The tomatoes are firm, but not tough at all. They do not burst in salting, they keep their shape well. Despite their tiny size, "babies" can be stored for a very long time even when ripe, especially when removed with brushes. When harvested green, they ripen well.

Tomatoes "negro" are rich in unique biological compounds. In addition to the traditional set of nutrients for tomatoes (lycopene, beta-carotene, vitamin C), they contain anthocyanins - natural antioxidants, the true usefulness of which has yet to be studied by science.

Bushes are indeterminate, tall. It is easier to grow them in greenhouses, but the fruits ripen well in the open air. In any case, the stems need a strong garter, high support. The leaf plates are of medium size. In width, the bushes do not take up much space, they are very compact. The internodes are close together, the brushes are densely located.

Plants form into one stem, removing all lateral branches. In this case, the planting pattern can be 70 x 40 cm. The top of the tomato is pinched at the end of the season. The bushes look very elegant all summer. They can become an original element of garden design, especially in a company with Cherry tomatoes of other colors.

Despite its high growth, the F1 Cherry Negro tomato is early ripening. The first tomatoes are colored within 85 days after the emergence of mass shoots. The brushes begin to form early - in the bosom of 7 - 9 leaves. The yield of the crop lasts a long time, until the end of the season.

The sweet taste of the fruit lasts even in cool weather. From one square meter of plantings in the greenhouse, 10 - 12 kg of "cherry" fruits are harvested, in the open field - a little less.

Tomatoes are perfect for tied both indoors and outdoors. Plants calmly survive any temperature stresses, bad weather. Tomato bushes Cherry Negro F1 are not affected by viruses (tobacco mosaic, yellow leaf curling). They do not get sick with fusarium and verticillary wilting.

Cherry Negro F1 tomatoes are grown not only for fun. They are really healthy, tasty and very fruitful. In the extensive tomato family of modern varieties, there is another plum-shaped "Negro" - the hybrid tomato Negro Pragna F1.

In terms of nutrient content, spicy-sweet taste and oval shape, it is similar to Cherry Negro F1, but has many individual characteristics.

"Negro" from Holland

The Russian seed company "Elkom" offers vegetable growers the latest tomato hybrids of the Dutch selection. Among them there are quite a few very original ones. Tall Negro Beef F1 and Negro Pragna F1 appeared on sale - tomatoes with a reddish-black color of the skin and pulp. Tomato Negro Beef F1 has round fruits, large ones weigh 250 - 300 grams. The Negro Pragna F1 hybrid is completely different.

Tomatoes from Negro Pragna F1 are smaller than those of Negro Beef F1, but larger than those of Russian Cherry Negro F1. The weight of one Negro Pragna F1 fruit is 130 - 150 grams, its length is 7 - 10 cm. The shape is very beautiful - even, elongated, pepper-shaped, with a small sharp "nose". Tomatoes are usually uniform in shape and size, collected in small clusters.

The color and taste of the fruits of the Negro Pragna F1 tomatoes are quite unusual even among other "black" tomatoes. The color is very rich, almost black, with purple tints. The pulp has a greenish undertone. The palatability is excellent: acidity is low, sugar accumulation is high.

These tomatoes look more like fruits or berries than vegetables. Dense, fleshy fruits are good for fresh salads and for preservation.

Tall plants - from 180 to 200 cm. Powerful bushes require a mandatory garter. They are formed strictly in 1 - 2 trunks, stepchildren regularly. Hybrid Negro Pragna F1 - early maturing, with an extended period of fruiting. Disease resistance is increased. The yield is excellent.

In the southern regions of Russia, the Negro Pragna F1 tomato will also grow in the open air. In the northern regions, he will be much more comfortable in greenhouse conditions. 3 - 4 plants are placed on one square meter. The optimal age of seedlings when transplanted to a permanent place is 45 - 50 days. A powerful hybrid needs abundant feeding with the obligatory addition of trace elements.

Fans of "black" tomatoes grow other original new varieties: cocktail tomato Forte Akko F1 (with a fruit weight of 50 grams), round brown Ashdod F1 (weighing 130 grams), rather large Ashkelon F1 (240 grams). These hybrid tomatoes have a bright, memorable flavor and excellent yield.

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