Useful and medicinal properties of walnuts for the body, contraindications

Useful and medicinal properties of walnuts for the body, contraindications

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Many people know about the benefits of walnuts, although rarely anyone understands the medicinal qualities of the fruit. Regular consumption of a delicious treat can improve health, even cope with some diseases. The main rule that you need to remember when indulging yourself with sweet kernels is not to abuse, too active eating can cause undesirable consequences.

The composition and useful components of a walnut

Before you start improving your health by eating fruits, it is recommended to understand the beneficial qualities, composition, effects on the body. This will allow you to prevent unwanted mistakes, to determine the daily rate of delicacies.

Calorie content

Fruits have a fairly high calorie content, so people who are overweight should stop eating them. Per 100 g of product - 655 kcal.


The peculiarity of walnuts is their high content of vitamins. The B-group predominates, but vitamins K, E, A are also present here.

Trace elements

The set of trace elements is striking, many vegetables and fruits cannot boast of such an abundance. Nuts contain:

  • ascorbic acid;
  • manganese;
  • iron;
  • zinc;
  • copper;
  • potassium;
  • phosphorus.

Regular consumption of fruits completely replaces the intake of certain drugs that increase immunity, saturate the body with microelements.

The healing qualities of an unripe nut

It is not necessary to expect ripening of fruits - no less medicinal qualities are contained in unripe nuts. What is the benefit of using it in the treatment of an immature product? Regular use of prepared infusions allows you to improve the body's defenses, normalize the digestive system, cope with headaches, thyroid pathologies.

The healing properties of ripe walnut

The use of ripe kernels improves the functioning of the heart, strengthens blood vessels, cleanses organs from the accumulation of toxins and toxins. In case of vision problems, it is also recommended to introduce this delicacy into the diet.

The nut can also cope with headaches, sleep problems, and general malaise.

Nuances of eating walnut kernels

You can use the kernels in their pure form, use for baking, cooking. Fruit-based home remedies are especially helpful.

The main thing is to comply with the norm, to consume no more than 100 g of the product per day.

During pregnancy

How is the product useful for pregnant women? Women in a position are not prohibited from eating a delicacy that allows them to make up for the lack of nutrients and useful elements. Be sure to monitor your health, the body's response to the product.

If rashes, malaise, nausea, or upset stools appear, it is better to give up nuts.

When breastfeeding

It is not forbidden to eat fruits during lactation. Together with breast milk, the little one will receive the required amount of vitamins and microelements. The main thing is to monitor how the small organism reacts to the product; if an undesirable reaction appears, it is better to postpone the consumption of nuts.

Benefits for children

The fruit contains Omega-3, magnesium, which are necessary for a small organism. The elements improve the functioning of the brain, increase physical activity, and strengthen the nervous system. The daily norm for a child is only 20-30 g of the product.

Features of use in traditional medicine

In alternative medicine, the use of walnuts is very popular. On the basis of the product, various tinctures, healing ointments, lotions are prepared. The main requirement for home treatment is to make sure that the products are safe, if undesirable reactions appear after application, immediately stop the procedure.

Tincture with spices

To make a spicy tincture, you will need good homemade vodka and spices (cinnamon, cloves). Usually a healthy drink is prepared from the partitions.


  1. Pour the membranes of the fruit (50 g) into the container.
  2. Pour with homemade pervach (1 l).
  3. Put cinnamon (10 g), cloves (5 pcs.).
  4. Insist for two weeks.

Take 15 drops three times a day for diseases of the digestive organs, thyroid gland, frequent migraines.

Tincture of nuts on vodka

The easiest way to make homemade medicine is to infuse green nuts with vodka. Pre-chop the fruits (200 g), pour alcohol (1 l). Insist for two weeks, during this time, shake the container vigorously several times. Take 20 ml, dilute with water (50 ml). The number of receptions per day - no more than once.

Tincture of green nuts with alcohol with cahors, aloe and honey

The use of home remedies is recommended for problems with digestion, the work of the heart, blood vessels.


  1. Chop green fruits (100 g) into gruel.
  2. Add juice, squeezed from 5 aloe leaves, 100 g of honey.
  3. Stir, pour over Cahors (300 ml).
  4. Add vodka (500 ml), leave for a week.

After filtration, drink 15-20 ml daily. It is advisable to take it on an empty stomach.

Recipe for tincture of green nuts with alcohol and honey

The combination of nutrients from nuts and honey allows you to cope with many diseases. A tasty drink will increase immunity, relieve colds, and normalize blood pressure. Regular use of the drug improves heart function, reduces the risk of developing a heart attack.


  1. Turn green fruits (200 g) into a fine gruel.
  2. Mix with honey (100 g) heated in a water bath, leave for 2-4 hours.
  3. Pour the honey-nut paste with vodka (700 ml), stir.
  4. Leave to infuse (3-4 weeks).
  5. Be sure to stir the mixture regularly.
  6. After filtration, pour into a dark glass container, seal tightly, send to the refrigerator.

Take 30 ml daily. The course of treatment is a month. After that, take a break for 1-2 months, if necessary, continue treatment.

Use in cosmetology

It is useful to wipe the skin with decoctions from the partitions of fruits or green nuts. Regular procedures will remove inflammation from the dermis, get rid of rashes, and eliminate small cracks. Compresses from the decoction will help even out the shade of the skin, remove pigment spots, and whiten freckles.

To prepare the broth, you will need 100 g of green fruits or 50 g of partitions. Water - up to 500 ml. It is not necessary to boil, it is enough to bring to a boil and insist under the lid. After filtration, store the product in the refrigerator, wipe the skin up to 3 times a day.


Eating walnuts does not always benefit the human body; in some cases, the fruits can cause harm. The use of fruits is not recommended in such cases:

  • obesity;
  • inflammatory processes in the body;
  • an allergic reaction to some components;
  • serious diseases of the dermis;
  • blood clotting problems.

Even if there are no health problems, active consumption of fruits can provoke troubles. In order to prevent unwanted complications, it is better not to abuse and strictly adhere to medical recommendations.

Walnuts are a healthy product that, if used correctly, can affect many of the body's problems. The main thing is to remember about a sense of proportion, even an abundance of vitamins often becomes harmful if absorbed in excessive quantities. It is better not to experiment and not find out how stable the body is, strict adherence to medical requirements and the advice of traditional medicine will prevent unwanted consequences and only benefit from nuts.

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