11 easy step-by-step homemade pear wine recipes

11 easy step-by-step homemade pear wine recipes

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Pear wine has a wonderful sweet aroma associated with ripe and juicy pear fruits. Making an alcoholic drink at home is simple, you just need to properly prepare the products. The ingredient composition is small, the preparation technology is standard, as for other fruit house wines. Additional ingredients can be used to enhance the taste.

The specifics of making wine from pears

The only difficulty in the cooking process is the problematic extraction of juice from the pear pulp. Before starting the process, it is necessary to prepare a bottle or other container in which fermentation will take place. It is advisable to take not plastic, but glass dishes, pour boiling water or hot steam over them, dry them.

The rate of acidity of wine must is 8-15 g / l. Pear fruits do not contain as much acid. And after adding a sweetener, the acidity of the pear wort becomes almost zero. The result is a bland, quickly perishable wine.

To normalize acidity, you have to include lemon juice in the pear wort. A pH meter is usually used to determine the acid concentration, but not all housewives have one.

In the absence of a device, it is necessary to acidify, focusing on taste: the sweeter the pear variety, the more acid is required.

Selection and preparation of raw materials

You can take sweet garden pears for cooking, but experienced housewives advise taking wild fruits. The pulp of wild fruits contains enough tannins and acids to make quality wine. However, the wine made from wild pears tastes bland, since the flesh of the wild fruits is not aromatic. Therefore, the best option is a combination of wild and garden pears.

The composition includes raisins or grapes. These ingredients are needed in case there is not enough yeast on the surface of the pear fruit to start the fermentation process.

Prepared pears are not washed, but wiped with a dry clean cloth. The fruits are cut into two parts. Cut out the middle with seeds. The pulp is carefully examined, areas with traces of rot and mold are discarded.

How to make pear wine at home

Making pear wine with your own hands is not difficult. Many original cooking options have been created based on the classic recipe. The production scheme is always the same, the recipes differ only in the ingredient composition.

A simple recipe

For a classic recipe for making wine, take:

  • 10 kg of fruit;
  • 5 kg of granulated sugar;
  • 15 liters of water;
  • 100 g of raisins (no need to wash) or pounded grapes;
  • from 30 to 100 g of citric acid (the exact amount depends on the sweetness of the pear variety).

A step-by-step recipe for making wine:

  1. The pear pulp is crushed in any way to a puree state.
  2. In a wide bowl, pour the pear mass with water, add 3 kg of granulated sugar. Add citric acid, raisins or grapes. Stir until the sugar grains dissolve. The neck of the dishes is covered with gauze so that no foreign particles get inside.
  3. The wort is placed for 2-3 days in a shaded place with a temperature of 18 to 25 ° C. Every 12 hours, the liquid is stirred with a wooden spoon to evenly distribute the pear mass. About a day after cooking, the wort will begin to foam and sizzle - this is a sign of the beginning of fermentation.
  4. The infused wort is filtered through cheesecloth or a fine mesh sieve. The resulting liquid will be clear or slightly cloudy - both are normal.
  5. The liquid is poured into a fermentation vessel. Leave about 25% void for foam formation and gas escape. A water seal is installed (at home, they usually take a medical glove, pierce a hole in one of the fingers).
  6. The future wine is placed for 25-55 days in a shaded place with a temperature of 20-25 ° C.
  7. After 5 days, remove the glove, pour 0.5 l of liquid into another dish, add 1 kg of sugar, stir. The resulting syrup is poured into the wort, the water seal is installed again.
  8. After another 5 days, the remaining amount of sugar is added by the same method.
  9. A deflated glove, no bubbling in the water seal, the appearance of sediment at the bottom are signs of the completion of fermentation. Using a tube, young wine is poured into another container so that the sediment remains at the bottom.
  10. If desired, the wine is sweetened, vodka is added (up to 15% by volume) to make the drink stronger. The container is hermetically closed.
  11. The wine is left for 4-6 months in a shaded place at a temperature of 5-15 ° C for ripening. The resulting precipitate is filtered off every 15-20 days. If the wine has been additionally sweetened, then it is advisable to put a water seal for the first 10 days.

Option with apples

A sweet wine with a thick aroma is easy to make by combining pears and apples. Prepare for 5 liters of water:

  • 5 kg of pear pulp;
  • 2.5 liters of juice squeezed from apples;
  • a glass of wine leaven;
  • 1.5 kg of sweetener;
  • 10 g of acid.

The pear mass is mixed with apple juice, then prepared according to the classic recipe. You need less sugar because apples give sweetness.

With plums

When pears and plums are combined, a wine with a rich tart aroma is obtained.

Ingredients for 4 liters of water:

  • 4 kg of pears;
  • the same amount of plums;
  • 3 kg of sugar.

Before cooking, plums are freed from seeds, combined with pear pulp into a homogeneous mass.


Pear wine requires a sweetener. Otherwise, fermentation will be weak or will not start at all. But instead of sugar, you can use natural honey.

From pear juice

If there are no fruits, then wine from purchased pear juice turns out to be quite good. But the composition in the drink should be natural, without dyes and preservatives.

To prepare for 5 liters of water you need:

  • 7 liters of juice;
  • 150 g raisins;
  • half a kilo of sweetener.

Pear cake

The delayed cake is not thrown away; wine is also made from it.

Prepare for 10 liters of water:

  • 8 kg of pear cake;
  • 4 kg of sweetener;
  • 100 g of grapes.

With lemon and yeast

Instead of acid, fresh squeezed lemon juice can be used as an acidifier.

Composition for 5 liters of water:

  • 5 kg of fruit pulp;
  • 50 g yeast supplement;
  • half a liter of lemon juice;
  • 3 kg of sugar.

The fruits are washed before cooking, since yeast is used.

With honey and yeast

For such a sweet version of wine for 5 liters of water, prepare:

  • 5 kg of sugary fruit;
  • 3 kg of natural honey;
  • 5 g yeast;
  • 20 g acid.

From unripe pears

From green pears, the pulp of which is saturated with acids, you get a really high-quality and pleasant-tasting wine. Since unripe fruits are unsweetened, for the normal course of fermentation, you have to add a sweetener in a greater concentration to the wort.

Juice stands out better from unripe fruits than from ripe and fleshy ones, so the wine is obtained with a deep taste and rich aroma.

For 8 liters of water prepare:

  • 5 kg of fruit pulp;
  • 100 g of dried grapes;
  • 3 kg of sweetener.

Dried pears

To make pear wine, compote is first prepared from dried fruits. The drink is brewed concentrated to make a wine with a deep taste. Dried apricots, prunes and other dried fruits are added to the compote.

On the basis of the prepared compote, wine is made according to the classic recipe.

Pear jam

For a liter of water you need:

  • 1 kg of pear dessert;
  • sweetener;
  • 100 g of raisins.

Sweeten to taste. If the jam is sugary sweet, then granulated sugar is not used at all.

Storage rules

The strength of the resulting pear wine is about 12%. Shelf life is 3 years.

Wine is kept in a cellar or refrigerator at temperatures up to +10 ° C and air humidity of about 75%. Glass bottles are used to store the drink. Plastic containers can release toxins or spoil the taste of the product.

The wine should not be shaken often, otherwise it will deteriorate.

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