Collection of seeds of rare varieties of tomatoes from Valentina Redko for 2021

Collection of seeds of rare varieties of tomatoes from Valentina Redko for 2021

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The collection of tomato seeds from Valentina Redko is named after a Russian female breeder and is considered one of the largest. Today the assortment includes more than 1,000 tomatoes of various shapes, sizes and colors, so a beginner or experienced gardener can choose a tomato.

The collector of unique and rare varieties of tomatoes has its own website, where those who wish can familiarize themselves with the available seeds and, if they wish, place an order for 2021-2022.

Orders are accepted by e-mail in the form of a listing of the selected types. Tomato seeds are shipped on a prepaid basis on a first come, first served basis. The materials of the electronic portal are constantly updated, so amateurs and professional gardeners can always get the latest information about new additions to the collection. For convenience and ease of selection, the site contains illustrations for each type and a detailed description.

What varieties does the collection contain?

The collection line includes a huge variety of varieties of Russian and foreign selection. There are indeterminate, determinant species, undersized and creeping. The species of the category cherry and pickling representatives of tomatoes are presented.

The choice can be given to varieties for growing in greenhouse conditions or in greenhouse structures, so you can pick up seeds for growing in warm climates and difficult growing conditions. Tomato species are presented, intended for home cultivation, including with the use of flowerpots.

The composition of the collection is represented by the following categories:

  • room "Patio";
  • the Tomato Gnome project;
  • low early maturing;
  • tall and medium-sized;
  • large-fruited;
  • ribbed;
  • minke whales;
  • exotic;
  • salting;
  • multi-colored.

Tomatoes come in a wide variety of colors, weights and unusual looking vegetables. The collection includes plants with fruit shades that are unusual for Russian gardeners, including green, orange, black, purple. The advantage of the collection is the presence of representatives of not only Russian selection, but also foreign countries, including German, American, Italian.

Low early varieties

Such varieties are chosen when there is insufficient territory of the garden plot in order to save space and area. Compact shrubs of short stature are undemanding to care for, but they are capable of showing good yields when grown outdoors. A distinctive quality is the early ripening of the tomato. It is worth paying attention to the following varieties:

  1. Amur dawns.

The bush is of low growth, the height of the stems does not exceed 40 cm. Varieties with a very early ripening period. The average fruit weight ranges from 80 to 120 grams. Pink tomatoes have a sweet taste and a juicy pulp, and have a flat-round, even shape. Vegetables are suitable for use in salads and preparations. The advantage of the variety is the absence of the need for pinching.

  1. Alenka.

The variety belongs to the superearly tomatoes, as it ripens among the first. The height of the bush varies from 40 to 50 cm and the shoots do not need to be removed by stepchildren. Fruits of deep red color have a characteristic round shape, are distinguished by pronounced sweetness and rich tomato aroma. The average weight of one tomato reaches 100 grams and up to 5 kg of harvest is removed from one bush. A distinctive feature is the large amount of tomato formation on one brush, which looks like a bunch.

  1. Amulet.

The variety originally appeared in Ukraine, but has gained wide popularity among Russian gardeners. The plant shows good yields when planted outdoors. The height of the bush does not exceed 40 cm and the variety does not need pinching. Reviews of gardeners speak of the extraordinary color of the fruit, which at the time of ripening acquires a golden yellow hue. Elongated tomatoes resemble plums in appearance, the weight of one tomato reaches 60-80 grams. Outwardly attractive fruits look spectacular in salads and pickles, and are considered ideal for canning. The advantage is the long term of fruiting, which lasts until frost.

Large-fruited varieties of high growth

In this category, there are tomatoes with a high bush height for growing in greenhouse conditions. Optionally, you can choose pink or traditional deep red tomatoes. Fruit sizes vary from medium to very large. Such varieties are distinguished by the meatiness of the fruit and rich taste characteristics. The main purpose of vegetables is considered to be fresh and for preparing recipes that include tomatoes.

  1. Australian giant.

The unique variety is distinguished by its large fruit size, the weight of which can reach 500 grams. Tomatoes are raspberry colored and have a pronounced tomato flavor. The shape of the vegetables is roundly flat. Bushes of the indeterminate type are distinguished by high growth, the height reaches from 1.8 to 2 meters. Cultivation is carried out in 2 or 3 stems, the plant needs a garter.

  1. Azores red.

A variety of American selection with an average fruit ripening period. In the northern and central regions, it is grown in greenhouses; in areas with a warm climate, planting in open ground is permissible. Tall, powerful withstand heavy fruits, the weight of which reaches 300-600 grams. The vegetables are dark red in color, have a dense structure and meatiness. The shape is rounded-elongated, some fruits are formed in the form of a heart. The advantage of the variety is long-term fruiting before frost.

  1. Airlif.

The appearance of the tomato was the result of the selection of German scientists. The plant is characterized by a mid-ripening period and high growth of bushes, the height of which reaches from 1.8 to 2 meters. The formation of shoots in 2-3 stems is recommended. Elongated plum fruits of an even shape are distinguished by their fleshiness and increased sweetness. The average weight of a tomato is 100-300 grams.

Giant varieties

For lovers of huge sized tomatoes, the collection offers a huge selection of similar varieties. With proper care and cultivation techniques, some plants are capable of forming vegetables weighing up to 1 kg. Due to the peculiarities of the fruit, such species need to provide additional support and tie up not only the stems, but also individual brushes.

  1. Big Boy.

The species belongs to varieties of semi-determinant species and the height of the bushes reaches 150-170 cm. Greenhouse cultivation and the formation of shoots in 2 or 3 bushes with obligatory tying are recommended. The plant belongs to the species with a medium early ripening period. The fruits are bright dark red in color. The average weight of vegetables reaches 500-700 grams, some tomatoes can reach a weight of 1 kg. A distinctive feature is the correct oval-heart shape of the tomato and the almost complete absence of seeds. Tomatoes, when cut into slices, do not lose their appearance and do not disintegrate, therefore they are great for salads.

  1. Königsberg is heart-shaped.

A striking representative of the collection of tall varieties is capable of producing fruits in the shape of a large heart weighing up to 1 kg. Tomatoes are pink in color, with an average weight of 400 grams. Tall bushes grow up to 1.8 meters, are formed in 2 or 3 stems. Tomatoes are notable for their good meatiness and juiciness, so they are ideal for salads and making tomato juices.

  1. Vater Rein.

The variety was the result of the selection of German researchers. The plant belongs to medium-sized species. A distinctive feature of the species is considered to be a small content of green mass due to the small number of leaves, which have an unusual elongated shape. The fruits have an unusual appearance, the shape of the tomato resembles the shape of a heart. The tomatoes are slightly flattened underneath, and the end has a drawn-out nose. The average weight of vegetables reaches 400-700 grams, some tomatoes grow up to 1 kg. In the context, the tomato has a bright red hue, the structure is characterized by fleshiness, density and almost complete absence of seeds.

Salting varieties

The main purpose of the varieties in this category is to grow crops for conservation and pickling, but tomatoes are great for fresh consumption. A distinctive feature of vegetables in this group is considered to be the beautiful appearance of the fruit, a clear shape, the ability to withstand temperature changes and not crack.

  1. New product of Transnistria.

One of the varieties of the latest additions to the collection. A distinctive quality is the super-yield of the plant. Reviews of gardeners confirm the good performance of removing tomatoes, the number of which from one bush can reach 1 bucket. Tomatoes have an elongated shape with a spout drawn in the lower part of the fruit. The average weight of vegetables varies from 70 to 80 grams. The plant belongs to a semi-determinant species with a height of bushes from 120 to 140 cm. Cultivation is carried out in 2 or 3 stems.

  1. IPK El Salvador.

The variety of Canadian selection belongs to the tall species of an indeterminate species with a height of bushes from 1.8 to 2 meters. The advantage is considered to be a high yield of the crop, amicable ripening of fruits, resistance to late blight. The appearance of the fruit resembles a bullet; the weight of a tomato varies from 40 to 50 grams. Tomatoes are deep red in color, and the plant belongs to the species with an average ripening period.

  1. Legend of Tarasenko.

The variety is distinguished by high yield rates and belongs to the indeterminate species. The height of the bush reaches from 2 to 2.2 meters, it is recommended to form 3 or 4 stems. The red fruits have an elongated shape with a small spout in the lower part, are distinguished by a sweet taste and are able to retain their qualities during long-term storage. The weight of one fruit is 80 grams, up to 20 pieces of vegetables are formed in one brush.

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