Description of the cabbage variety Centurion f1, features of cultivation and care

Description of the cabbage variety Centurion f1, features of cultivation and care

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Summer residents growing crops on their site are constantly looking for the best variety or hybrid. Everyone wants to get a credible harvest with a minimum of costs. Centurion F1, the record breaking cabbage. Being a very productive and unpretentious species.

The main criteria of the variety

To understand what is at stake, it is necessary to study the detailed characteristics of the cabbage variety.

Description of the plant:

  • Ripening period: 110-130 days.
  • The size of the sheet is average. Has a waxy coating.
  • The stumps are short.
  • The density is high.
  • Head of cabbage weight: 3-3.5 kg.
  • Taste: excellent.
  • It is stored until February, but subject to simple storage rules, the period is increased until May.

The unpretentious Centurion variety, due to the presence of a large number of positive properties, is becoming more and more popular among summer residents every year.

Growing features

In order to grow cabbage on the site, you don't have to do anything special. For those gardeners who want to get a harvest earlier, producers recommend using the seedling growing method.

Seeds are sown in advance, 35-45 days in advance. Then they cover it with plastic or glass and put it in a warm place. Planted in one large container. Then, as they grow, the plants dive so that they are strong and give large heads of cabbage. This is done 15 days after germination. Or they are planted in separate pots with several seeds. Then the weak shoots are removed, allowing one plant to form a powerful root system and stem.

Removing 1/3 of the roots of the plant increases the weight of the future head of cabbage.

To increase the percentage of survival and resistance to stressful situations, cabbage is fed at least twice during the growing of seedlings. Watering is limited because excess moisture causes root rot.

Cabbage, which has developed 5-6 leaves, is transplanted to a permanent place. 1 m2 have 3-4 plants.

Direct sowing into the ground. It is used by gardeners in warm regions where snow melts quickly and early. The centurion is not afraid of the cold. Seeds are planted in prepared holes. Also distributing crops so that 1 m2 accounted for 3-4 plants. 3 seeds are planted in each hole. Subsequently, the weak are removed, leaving the strongest.


Any culture needs care. Compliance with the simple requirements of agricultural technology for growing cabbage will help increase yield indicators:

  • Moderate watering. The soil should not be poured or allowed to dry out.
  • Loosening, after precipitation and each watering, it is recommended to loosen the soil near the trunk.
  • Weed removal is a prophylaxis against diseases and pests. In addition, young plants often suffer from a lack of nutrients that weeds take away.
  • Top dressing. They are introduced until the moment when the head of cabbage begins to thicken. For this, mullein, chicken droppings, mineral fertilizers are suitable.

Plant immunity. Productivity and application of the vegetable

The susceptibility to diseases in Centurion cabbage is average. The plant is resistant to fusarium. All other diseases require timely prevention. In addition to chemicals, tobacco dust, wood ash, soap solution and other folk remedies are used.

Prevention of the development of diseases in cabbage is the thinning of plantings, and moderate watering. In order to scare off pests from crop beds, it is recommended to plant marigolds. This will save you from the attacks of butterflies and aphids.

If all the requirements for care and cultivation are fulfilled, 6-6.5 kg are obtained. from 1 m2... The application is very wide, used for salting, fermentation, and other preparations for the winter. Great for preparing fresh salads.

Storage features

Producers warn that cabbage cannot be stored for a long time. In standard home conditions, it is stored until February. But if the necessary conditions are created, then the term will be significantly extended.

The harvest is put in a room that does not get light, the optimum temperature is +1 ⁰С with an air humidity of 95%.

If cabbage is grown industrially, on a large scale, the following gas composition is organized in storage facilities: 3% carbon dioxide, 6% oxygen.

When stored in ordinary basements of houses, they provide good ventilation, the crop is stored in wooden boxes.

Advantages of the variety

The advantages of Centurion cabbage are numerous, especially summer residents emit a high yield of the hybrid and resistance to diseases. But, besides this, they distinguish:

  • Unpretentiousness and undemanding care.
  • Resistant to temperature changes.
  • Easy transplant tolerance.
  • Excellent taste and versatility.
  • Small inner stump.

Having grown cabbage on their own on the site, summer residents highlight their advantages. Which seem completely insignificant to others.

The opinion of summer residents regarding the Centurion cabbage variety

Gardeners are used to trusting not only producers, but also the opinion of vegetable growers like them. By reading reviews and drawing conclusions for themselves, they get the most useful information.

Ekaterina: “I love it very much, and I have been growing this variety for a long time. There are no problems with it, and the harvest is valid. The cabbage tastes sweet and juicy. It is well kept in an ordinary cellar. "

Raisa: “I advise this hybrid to all my friends. All were satisfied. I can't do without it anywhere. I use it in food preparation and winter preparations. "

Alexandra: “I grow Centurion cabbage in a greenhouse. I am satisfied with everything, in particular, with the unpretentiousness of the variety. Doesn't require any special care, but pleases with the harvest ”.

For many, positive characteristics are the basis for choosing a variety, but some gardeners are guided by reviews. There are no negative comments, so the hybrid is rapidly gaining popularity.

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