Do wild ducks eat frogs and can they be given to poultry, the pros and cons

Do wild ducks eat frogs and can they be given to poultry, the pros and cons

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Farmers often wonder if domestic ducks will eat the frog if amphibians are added to the diet. In nature, waterfowl are almost omnivorous: they feed on toad caviar, tadpoles, willingly eat fish, diving deeply. But is it worth feeding domestic ducks with frog meat? Or can you get by with other protein substitutes? Let's deal with the issue once and for all.

Do wild ducks eat frogs?

Many could observe how ducks on reservoirs, within the city limits, enjoy themselves with pleasure with all kinds of animals. They also do not disdain tadpoles, adult frogs. For waterfowl, such "delicacies" are a source of proteins, protein, especially necessary during the period of molting or feather growth.

She eats duck and plant food with pleasure - coastal, underwater plants, roots, foliage. Spending almost all the time on the water, adults, young animals periodically dive, plunging to a depth of several meters. There, crustaceans, molluscs, and any small living creatures become their prey.

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Moreover, a duck cannot chew: its beak has special keratinized plates intended for grinding and cutting food. And everything else happens in the goiter and stomach. Under normal conditions, the bird easily digests everything that gets into the esophagus, with the exception of stones.

Birds dive to a depth of 7 meters, swimming considerable distances under water. It is believed that the duck duck is able to swallow fish up to 20 centimeters long. Therefore, eating a frog is a trifling matter for her. Adults teach cubs to swim and hunt from an early age. Monthly ducks begin to fish on their own. Before that, caviar, fry, tadpoles are suitable for them.

And yet, the wild duck gives preference to plant foods found on the shore or in the depths, to different roots. Frogs are not a constant part of their diet.

Can frogs be given to domestic ducks?

The digestive apparatus of domestic ducks differs little from that of wild fellows. They just as easily get used to eating fish, whole or in crushed form, various plants.

Some farmers even specially collect algae, coastal plants, to feed the bird.

And beware of frogs. And here are the reasons:

  1. In nature, the duck feeds on amphibians in extreme cases.
  2. Poultry meat will acquire the specific smell of a swamp if you feed it everything in a row.

At the same time, for a change, to increase egg production, during the molting period, it is sometimes allowed to give domestic ducks caught or purchased frogs.

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