Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Korneevsky

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Korneevsky

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Tomatoes are often found in gardeners' beds. In 1989, thanks to the efforts of Russian breeders, the Korneevsky pink tomato appeared. Korneev's memory variety is familiar to experienced gardeners and is in demand among tomato lovers.

General information about the variety

The variety is known among gardeners in different regions of Russia. It is successfully grown in garden beds, greenhouses and film greenhouses. The appearance of an adult plant is largely the same as other tall tomatoes:

  • the size of an adult plant reaches a maximum height of 1.5 meters;
  • a powerful bush can consist of one or more trunks;
  • leaves are not large, green.

Plants feel comfortable in greenhouse conditions in the northern region and in open ground in the south of the country. Description of the variety:

  • mid-ripening, the harvest ripens in an average of 4 months;
  • high yield, up to 6 kg of berries are harvested from one plant per season;
  • up to four fruits are formed per cluster;
  • resistant to diseases and pests;
  • indeterminate, the plant does not stop growing - spreading;
  • well tolerates long-term storage and transportation.

Many summer residents prefer Korneevs tomato because of the taste of the berry. General characteristics of the fetus:

  • large size, ripe tomato of Korneevsky variety can weigh up to 800 grams;
  • the color of the ripe fruit is pink-crimson;
  • round, slightly flattened shape;
  • ribbed;
  • strong skin;
  • low-seeded;
  • does not crack.
  • sweet, sugar taste;
  • fleshy.

Important! For better transportation, it is better to pick the Korneevsky tomato during the period of technical maturity, it will ripen on its own.

Seedling preparation

Korneevskie tomatoes are recommended to be planted in seedlings. For best results, follow the recommendations:

  • before planting, the seeds must be treated with a special solution that stimulates plant growth;
  • complex soil for tomatoes is suitable for planting;
  • seeds should be planted in separate containers; peat slides are well suited;
  • seeds are planted 1-2 cm deep;
  • after planting, regular watering is necessary;
  • it is necessary to maintain the temperature in the room at least +21 degrees;
  • the first feeding with complex fertilizer is performed immediately after the appearance of the first shoots;
  • a week before planting, we harden the seedlings;
  • it is necessary to provide the plant with a source of constant lighting.

If you follow all the recommendations for preparing seedlings, it is not necessary to pick the plant.

Planting and caring for tomatoes

Tomatoes are adapted for growing in open ground in temperate and warm climates. To get a good harvest, you should follow the recommendations:

  • we plant seedlings at a distance of at least 40 cm from each other;
  • before planting, the soil must be prepared, fertilized with compost;
  • regular watering with warm or sediment water, depending on the air temperature;
  • give preference to evening watering;
  • fertilize tomatoes at least four times from the moment of planting;
  • young shoots must be tied up.

Attention! The plant should be planted together with a peat pot two months after planting.

Gardeners' opinion

Favorite tomato variety since childhood - Korneevsky rectangular. Ripe fruits are very juicy, sweet and fleshy. Harvesting is a pleasure. One tomato can weigh up to 800 grams. The berry is not suitable for canning. Ripe fruits make an excellent salad and tomato juice. Stored for a long time, you can pamper yourself with healthy berries for a long time. The promised characteristic of the variety is true. I continue the family tradition and have been planting my favorite tomato for the second year.

Lyudmila Stepanova, 29 years old.

Good afternoon! I want to share my impressions with all tomato lovers. Description of the tomato variety Korneevsky pink corresponds to the image on the package with seeds. A beautiful green bush grows with a bunch of large red tomatoes. Tomatoes grow beautifully regular in shape, sugar and juicy. Features - very tall stem and large fruits. It is imperative to tie it up, otherwise the harvest will be lost. In warm summers, they feel great on open ground; in cool summers, they can be planted in a greenhouse. Care is not difficult, the variety is not whimsical. I have been growing tomatoes for 6 years, the variety has never failed.

Zinaida Rybova, 45 years old.

After a tempting description of Kornevsky pink tomatoes, I decided to plant them myself. The impressions are positive. Care is no more difficult than for other varieties. Plus - very large and tasty fruits. The harvest is good.

Valentina Sandalova, 51 years old.

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