Tatiana's Harvest Garden Tips, when and how to sow tomatoes

Tatiana's Harvest Garden Tips, when and how to sow tomatoes

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On the video channel "Yield Garden Tatiana" there is a lot of interesting information on growing vegetable seedlings in a landless way: in vermiculite, in paper rolls. Such sowing needs to be mastered by someone who grows many varieties of tomatoes. Pros of Landless Landing:

  • saving space;
  • fast germination of seeds;
  • minimum costs of funds and efforts;
  • it is convenient to organize seedlings by name and planting date.

You can sow tomato seeds at different times. Gardeners with unheated spring greenhouses can sow the first tomato seeds at the end of January. From the video you can learn how to grow strong tomato seedlings in bags.

When determining the sowing time, it is imperative to take into account such a characteristic of tomatoes as the ripening period.

Early maturing species for open ground can be sown from late March to mid-April. The same early varieties for spring greenhouses should be sown in February-March, medium late and late varieties in March.

When determining the period, amendments to the lunar calendar can be omitted. All a busy person needs is some free time, a good mood, seeds, water and scrap materials. The health of the seedlings is influenced not by the phase of the moon during planting, but by good care: fertilizer applied on time, watering, creating a microclimate.

Vermiculite - healthy tomato seedlings

Vermiculite is an environmentally friendly, free-flowing material. The main purpose is to loosen the soil, it is usually added to the soil when growing ornamental and vegetable plants. It turned out that tomato seeds germinate successfully in this material. Seedlings in granules grow before picking.

The hydrogel can be purchased at any gardening store. The preparation of the hydrogel for planting is simple: pour the granules into a shallow tray, fill with water, after 20-30 minutes the substrate is ready for planting. Sowing is reduced to spreading seeds over the surface of vermiculite.

It remains to indicate the name of the tomato on the tray, cover it with cellophane and put it on germination. At a temperature of 25 - 28 ° C, sprouts will appear in 5 - 7 days.

After the appearance of the first leaves, the seedlings dive into separate containers. The advantage of this method is obvious - the absence of a black leg in tomato seedlings.

Seedlings in paper rolls

Most summer residents begin sowing tomatoes in the Moscow region in early March. For one roll-up, you need a regular food bag measuring 24 * 31 cm and a roll of white or gray toilet paper.

Put the bag, folded in half, on the table, lay 3 layers of toilet paper on top of it:

  • the first layer along the top edge;
  • the second along the bottom edge;
  • the third is again on the top.

This is how the paper is laid with a sense: the roots, growing, will not fall between the layers, the seedlings will be easier to dive. Moisten the paper with water using a rubber medical bulb. Add hydrogen peroxide (3%) to the water: 1 liter of water, 2 tbsp. l. facilities. This dressing stimulates seed germination.

Having stepped back from the upper edge 10 mm, spread the seeds, maintain a step of 1.5 - 2 cm. Up to 20 seeds will fit into one roll. Roll up the film into a loose roll, put in a plastic glass with water. Pour a little water - 1 cm is enough. Put a bag on top of a glass with a roll-up, remove it only after the appearance of green sprouts. Dive seedlings after the appearance of 2 leaves.

Growing strong seedlings in bags

Planting seedlings in bags is convenient and practical. To get an early harvest, dive the seedlings into strong, black 10-liter bags. Prepare the substrate from garden soil, coconut fiber and vermicompost.

Tuck the bag up to a height of 15 - 20 cm and fill with damp soil. Put a layer of eggshells (not crushed) on the bottom. Shell - feeding and drainage at the same time. When transplanting seedlings, pinch the root.

Add the substrate to the bags as the seedlings grow. Tomatoes grown in bags have a well-developed root system, they practically do not get sick during transplantation, they grow quickly, bloom and bear fruit earlier. It is worth planting early varieties in large bags.

You can learn a lot about growing tomatoes on the video channel "Tatiana Harvest Garden". The information will be useful not only for beginners in gardening, but also for experienced vegetable growers.

Watch the video: Easy Way To Grow Tomato Plant in Plastic Hanging Bottle. Vertical Gardening (July 2022).


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