Description of the Eliza cucumber variety, features of cultivation and care

Description of the Eliza cucumber variety, features of cultivation and care

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Cucumber Eliza is considered one of the most productive hybrid plants. Today, the crop is included in the state register as a universal type of cucumber variety, which shows excellent yield indicators when grown in greenhouse and outdoor conditions. The variety is used not only in small household plots, but also in farms. The variety of cucumbers is successfully grown and shows good yields on the territory of Moldova, Ukraine, Russia.

The cucumber variety belongs to the group of indeterminate varieties and has an average degree of branching. On average, up to 3 inflorescences are formed in one node, which are of the female type. The leaf plates are not large in size and are green in color.

Plants belong to the category of early maturing and fruiting occurs on the 65th day after the first sprout appeared. The hybrid has good resistance to cucumber diseases, copes well with powdery mildew and olive spot.

The seeds are sold through a network of specialized stores, including using the online ordering capabilities. The planting material is produced under the brand name "Agrarian-Industrial House" in the form of paper bags with seeds.

What are the fruits of the variety?

Reviews of novice and experienced gardeners note the good taste of the fruit. Vegetables have the following characteristics:

  • saturated green color;
  • strong dense structure;
  • crispy, capable of maintaining a similar quality during storage and canning;
  • have large bumps on the surface;
  • lack of bitterness even in the last weeks of fruiting;
  • excellent taste characteristics of cucumbers, the presence of a hint of sweetness.

The average weight of a cucumber is from 50 to 65 grams, length varies from 7 to 9 cm. A distinctive quality is the stability of the plant in terms of yield. On average from 1 m2 remove from 5 to 5.5 kg of vegetables. The parthenocarpic type of cucumber is characterized by a powerful yield indicator and in the first 2 or 3 weeks the hybrid bushes are capable of giving up to 80% of the total yield.

The advantage of the cucumber variety is the ability to use fresh and as a material for the preparation of preserves. Due to their small size, cucumbers look very aesthetically pleasing when making pickles from them for the winter. Thanks to the rich cucumber taste of the fruit, the variety is ideal for children, serving as an additional source of tasty vitamins.

Features of working with seeds

The cultivation of the Eliza f1 hybrid in warm climatic conditions is carried out by sowing seeds in the ground. In this case, the depth of embedding of the planting material into the soil should not exceed 2 cm.

In the northern Russian regions, planting is carried out in seedlings to obtain a crop in a shorter time. In the second method, the start time of work with seeds is determined in such a way that the seedlings at the time of transplantation into permanent soil are from 20 to 25 days.

The landing pattern assumes placement at 1 m2 no more than 3 plants. Planting is considered recommended in compliance with the indicators of 50 cm by 30 cm. To obtain high yield rates, the soil must be fertile and highly saturated with air, for which sawdust or leaves are added to the soil.

The plant requires standard cultivation techniques. Due to its ease of maintenance and moderate branching, the plant is suitable for growing even for novice gardeners. Cucumbers need regular watering with warm water. Once a day, the moisturizing procedure is combined with top dressing. The latter can be a product prepared from 1 liter of water, 1 liter of manure and 10 grams of urea. The plant needs to form shoots.

The main shoots are developed by pinching over 3 leaves. If necessary, the bushes are thinned out and excess foliage and dry shoots are removed. Timely removal of weeds and periodic loosening of the soil are recommended to maintain proper air access to the roots of the plant.

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