Description of cucumbers varieties Mazai, Generalsky, Zena, ks 90, rmt, Taganay and others

Description of cucumbers varieties Mazai, Generalsky, Zena, ks 90, rmt, Taganay and others

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The markets of Russia and neighboring countries are literally strewn with the dazzling names of new varieties of cucumbers. Among them are cucumber Ks 90 f1, Xena, Mazay and many other varieties. Each new hybrid introduced differs from its predecessors in better performance. This feature is due to the large selection of varieties, so breeders are trying to give their variety a “zest”, thanks to which the cucumber will be in demand. Below are considered new varieties, consisting of a large number of "raisins".

New varieties of cucumbers

Mazai cucumbers - appeared on the market quite recently and immediately gained popularity among agronomists. Early maturity with a lot of ovaries on the bush. Therefore, 5-6 kilograms of harvest are obtained from one plant.

Parthenocarpic high-yielding hybrid, with amicable crop maturation. Ripening period - 41-46 days. It is intended for cultivation in the northern regions indoors, and in the southern regions - outdoors. Indeterminate bush, climbing, medium foliage. It is up to 4.5 meters long. Therefore, it is advisable to grow vertically.

Fruits are cylindrical, with few large tubercles. The color is dark green, has light longitudinal stripes near the flower. The length of a cucumber reaches 13 centimeters and weighs 100-120 grams. The taste is bright, sweet, cucumber without bitterness. The pulp is light with a small number of seeds, there are no voids.

A variety for universal use. It has high commercial qualities, storage capacity, transportable. The plant is resistant to powdery mildew, root rot and cladosporiosis. Resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Cucumber X 90 early ripening, bred for planting in closed areas, one of the best early hybrids in 2016. Parthenocarpic hybrid of early maturation, with bundle ovaries. Up to 5 pickles are formed from the leaf axils. The plant is medium-growing, the whips are tied up vertically. Requires formation.

Fruits are oblong, green in color with a lot of thorns. From the flower, the fruit is colored with light stripes by a third. The fruit is about 10 centimeters long. The pulp is firm with a small seed chamber. The taste is excellent. The pulp is sweet, juicy, has a bright cucumber aroma. It is used for fresh food and for processing.

The plant has an increased resistance to powdery mildew, is transportable and has an excellent yield.

Cucumber Athena f1 - produced by Dutch breeders and in 2008 was added to the register of plants in Russia for cultivation in the northern regions of the country. Parthenocarpic is an indeterminate hybrid of early fruiting that does not require pollination. The bulk of the crop is obtained from the main liana, a medium-length bush with weakened lashes.

Description of fruits - even, from dark to light green color with bright stripes up to the middle. The yield is high. Bright cucumber taste without bitterness, intended for cooking dishes from fresh vegetables. Stores well in recycled form.

Resistant to diseases such as cladosporiosis, powdery mildew and common mosaic virus.

Beam varieties

General's f1 is a super-beam hybrid bred by Russian breeders for cultivation in open and closed areas. In a short time, it has proven itself perfectly due to its high yield and excellent taste.

Differs in a rich harvest in different cultivation conditions. Climbing plants, tall, medium-sized. Up to 11 ovaries are formed in one leaf sinus. Resistant to cold snaps. It adapts perfectly in the shade, so it yields until autumn. The lash is formed into one stem. Recommended cultivation is no more than two plants per square meter. In the faded sinuses, after the first harvest and nitrogen fertilization, ovaries form again, therefore, 2 crops per season are removed from one bush.

Zelentsy are beautiful, strongly hilly, small, reaching 12 centimeters in length. The taste is excellent. General's cucumber is intended for universal use.

Cucumber Xena has a parthenocarpic type of pollination. Vegetable for salad purposes. Indeterminate, the seeds are used for greenhouse cultivation. Weak climbing and medium growth allow to plant up to 3 plants per 1 square meter. Has endurance to warm weather conditions, immune to popular diseases.

Gherkins are oblong, dark green in color, long-fruited, smooth, without thorns. The length of the Xena f1 reaches 15 centimeters and weighs up to 110 grams.

Lisa is an early ripening parthenocarpic hybrid for cultivation in open ground and in greenhouses. Has a high yield and a long return period. The growing season is 35-40 days, up to 30 kilograms of crops are harvested from one square meter in closed greenhouses, and up to 15 kilograms in open areas.

The color of the greenery is light green, the cucumber has large bulges. With a mass of 85-100 grams, it reaches a length of 9 centimeters. Designed for universal use. Has excellent qualities of taste and aroma. It is resistant to many diseases. Can be grown on balconies and window sills.

Dubrovsky - parthenocarpic cucumber, grown for sale because it has excellent transportable qualities, keeping quality, positive commodity indicators.

Bred for production in greenhouses and outdoors, a bouquet of ovaries is formed in the sinuses, consisting of 3-4 pieces. Fruits are oblong up to 13 centimeters long. Green with bright stripes at the end, lumpy peel.

The cucumber has excellent taste characteristics, the pulp is sweetish, juicy, without bitterness. It is used universally, the taste does not deteriorate when preserving the fruit.

Early maturing varieties

PMT f1 is an excellent variety for the production of gherkins and pickles, because it has a bouquet type of ovary, up to 30 ovaries ripen on one bush at one time. Early ripening - 35-45 days pass from planting to germination.

On the main bush, the greens reach 16 centimeters, on the side ones up to 15 centimeters. The weight of one green leaf is 120-146 grams. The color is dark green, the vegetable has many tubercles and light thorns.

Vegetables are kept in a marketable condition up to 10 days after harvesting under uncontrolled storage conditions... Designed for all types of processing, not prone to cucumber diseases.

Cucumber Taganay f1 of a very early ripening period, 40 days after planting, the first flowers with ovaries appear. Zelentsy with large tubercles, dark green, smooth, beautiful oblong oval shape.

The vegetable is 8-10 centimeters long, ideal for picking pickles and gherkins. Designed for horizontal cultivation outdoors. The stem is powerful, strongly branched, so the growth of the main stem is limited. Negatively refers to the thickening of the plantings.

The fruits are intended for universal use, the taste of cucumbers is excellent when eaten fresh and processed vegetables.

All new varieties are perfectly adapted to our climatic latitudes, are resistant to minor temperature changes and are capable of bearing fruit even in extreme temperature conditions. Thanks to numerous positive reviews, Mazay f1 cucumber and other varieties are popular in the markets of Russia and neighboring countries. The excellent taste of cucumbers does not leave professional agronomists and amateur vegetable growers indifferent to them. The varieties can also be grown on the plots of ordinary summer residents.

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