Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Riddle, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Riddle, its yield

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The riddle is a super early tomato, bred in the Research Institute of Agriculture of Transnistria. They brought it out recently. Tomatoes are put in salads, sauces, in canned food, salted, eaten fresh. This is practically the earliest variety when compared with other types of tomatoes.

What do bushes look like?

Characteristics of the bushes:

  • determinant, that is, when the flowers are laid at the top, they stop growing;
  • undersized;
  • have a powerful spreading trunk, 45 - 50 cm in height, in a greenhouse the trunk can be 60 cm.

Description of the tomato The mystery of the stems is simple - medium leafy. From sowing seeds to picking tomatoes, 83 - 87 days pass. Inflorescence grows over 6 - 7 leaves. Each brush has 5 - 6 tomatoes. The fruit does not have a green spot near the stalk.

Fruit appearance

Description of the variety:

  • fruits are round, slightly ribbed near the stalk;
  • tomatoes Riddle of a scarlet shade;
  • dense skin;
  • the pulp is sweet, fleshy;
  • when waterlogged, tomatoes do not crack.

Reviews about the taste are very enthusiastic: the tomatoes were given a tasting rating of 5 points out of 5 possible. Fruit weight - 75 - 95 g, if it grew on the site, and 100 - 110 g, if in a greenhouse. They are planted on 1 m² of 6 - 8 seedlings, yield from 1 m² - 20 - 22 kg of vegetables.


Tomatoes have many benefits:

  • ultra-ripe vegetables;
  • do not crack, transportable;
  • taste good, very smooth;
  • are not damaged during transportation;
  • compact bushes;
  • the variety is immune to disease;
  • stepchildren practically do not grow;
  • do not inhibit growth with a lack of lighting;
  • the bushes are easy to care for.

Sowing seeds

The stores sell bags containing 25 pieces of seeds of the variety. Buy a bag or collect seeds. Sow the seeds from March 20 to early April, burying them into the ground by 2 - 3 cm. Remember to water so that the soil is moist, but do not overfill the seedlings.

When 1 - 3 true leaves grow, dive the seedlings into separate plastic cups and feed them with mineral fertilizer. If you are transplanting seedlings into one large container, then make the distance between the seedlings 8 cm.

Planting seedlings in the ground

To plant seedlings, choose an area that is well lit by the sun and protected from cold winds.

In autumn, scatter 2 - 3 kg of manure per 1 m² and dig up the soil to the depth of a shovel. In the spring on 1 m² of land, pour 40 g of potassium sulfate, 50 g of superphosphate, 30 g of ammonium nitrate and dig up the soil.

Anyone who has grown tomatoes knows that seedlings are planted in the ground in May 55 - 60 days after sowing the seeds. This is done as soon as the risk that the seedlings will fall under return frost disappears. Plant in the evening or afternoon when there is no sun. Dig the holes, making an indent between them 40 cm, and between the rows - 50 cm, or keep the distance between the holes 30 cm, and between the rows - 60 cm.Place the seedlings with a lump of earth in the hole and cover with soil to the first leaf. Compact the soil, then water the soil twice.


Water the bushes abundantly in the evening with warm water, but do not let the drops of water fall on the leaves. Very few stepsons grow up. Be sure to cut off your stepchildren: if you place them in the ground, they will take root very quickly, new bushes will grow out of them. You do not need to tie up the bushes.

Pull up weeds, loosen the soil after each watering so that a crust does not form. Cover the ground with last year's straw or sawdust that has been in place for about a year. Do not use fresh sawdust - they make the soil acidic.

A week after planting seedlings, feed the bushes with mineral fertilizers. Then feed when ripe tomatoes on the first brush.

Many people who grew bushes were convinced that the Riddle is a super early variety, although it is not resistant to late blight, but due to the fact that tomatoes ripen before the mass spread of late blight and other diseases, pests do not have time to infect them and treatment with fungicides is not required. Tomatoes can be harvested from the second week of June. From 1 hectare, you can collect 30 - 40 tons of tomatoes.

How to collect seeds

Leave the first tomato to turn red for seeds, let the fruit grow before it is fully ripe. Then pick it off, squeeze the seeds into a glass, in which 1/3 of water, leave for 2 - 3 days, then the seeds will sink to the bottom. Drain the water, rinse the seeds and dry.

In addition to the Zagadka variety, there are other early varieties.

Early varieties of tomatoes

Tomato Riddle of nature is absolutely different from the variety "Riddle". He is indeterminate. It has a yellowish fruit, and the skin is pink at the base. The pulp is also yellowish with pinkish spots, very sweet, tender, grains. This variety is planted in greenhouses. Those who planted know that the bushes are very powerful and tall: they are 1.5 - 1.9 meters high, the weight of the fruit is 350 g. When forming the stem, break off the top, constantly tear off the stepsons. Form bushes into 1 to 2 stems. You can collect 7 kg from a bush. These tomatoes can be consumed even by allergy sufferers who are allergic to red tomatoes.

Tomato Zinaida F1 - this hybrid is planted in open ground and in a greenhouse. From the appearance of the first shoots to harvest, 85 - 90 days pass, that is, the variety is early maturing, determinant. The bushes are 70 - 89 cm high.

Features of the fruit:

  • rounded;
  • no lime-colored spot in the area of ​​the stalk;
  • have a scarlet color;
  • weight 130 - 140 g;
  • good taste.

This is a high yielding variety. Collect 13 - 15 kg from 1 m² of plantings, it can be safely transported over long distances, the variety is resistant to tomato diseases.

The Blizzard tomato is a hybrid, tomatoes ripen early, planted in a summer cottage. Tomatoes are oval, similar in shape to pears, smooth, scarlet, their weight is 90 - 100 g. Vegetables have a great advantage in comparison with other varieties, they are perfectly preserved: within a month up to 90%. But in 12 days, milk ripeness tomatoes ripen completely.

Tomatoes with the word “riddle” in their name include a variety called Riddle of the Valley of Roses. This is a mid-season variety, it is planted both in the garden plot and in greenhouses. The bushes are indeterminate, tall, so they need to be tied up and pinned. Tomatoes are similar in shape to a very large plum, bright pink, and have a dessert taste.

So if you want to plant a tomato, the fruits of which ripen most quickly, then choose the Riddle tomatoes. Due to the rapid ripening of tomatoes, the bushes do not have time to get sick, they are not affected by pests.

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