Characteristics and description of the Energo tomato variety

Characteristics and description of the Energo tomato variety

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In summer cottages, you can often find greenhouses or neat beds with tomatoes. Prefer to grow early ripe varieties with a rich harvest, such as the tomato "Energo" F1. The fruits of this variety are round and deep red, they do not differ in large size.

A good yield of tomatoes directly depends on the correctly selected variety or hybrid. Therefore, before sowing, it is recommended to carefully study the characteristics and description of the "Energo" tomato variety.

Features of the hybrid

An early maturing and high-yielding hybrid of a semi-determinant type. Tomato "Energo" is resistant to temperature extremes, therefore it is suitable for growing both in greenhouses and in the open field. Ripening of fruits occurs as early as 110 days after germination.

Advantages of the variety

  • Intense bush and fruit formation.
  • The brushes are laid at a shorter distance - 12-18 cm, through one or two leaves. This allows the plant to form more brushes.
  • Good fruit setting.
  • Plant resistance to viruses and diseases.
  • Increased plant plasticity.
  • The only hybrid that is recommended for all climatic zones of the Russian Federation.

Fetal characteristics

  • The outer shape is rounded.
  • Intense red.
  • The skin is firm and smooth.
  • Inside, the fetus is divided into four or five segments.
  • Weighs, on average, 100-150 grams.
  • Excellent taste.

At the beginning of ripening, a dark spot is observed at the stalk, which disappears when fully ripe, and the fruit acquires a uniform color. The size of the tomatoes is ideal for pickling, and due to their taste, the fruits can be eaten both in natural form and in processed form.


To grow tomatoes and get the desired result, you need to know and follow the correct agrotechnical techniques, taking into account the characteristics of a particular variety.

Sowing and growing

  • Sowing tomatoes of this variety should be done in the second half of March in prepared moist soil. The sowing depth should not exceed 2 cm.
  • The optimum temperature for germinating seeds is 20-22 degrees.
  • During the phase of the appearance of the first true leaves, a pick of the seedlings should be carried out.
  • After picking, it is necessary to feed, for this it is recommended to use sodium humate.
  • So that the plants do not experience stress after planting, they need to be hardened. After the shoots get stronger, they should be taken out into fresh air or open a window, avoiding drafts.

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The specifics of leaving after disembarkation

  • You can plant seedlings in a greenhouse already in mid-April, under a film - in early May, and in open ground - not earlier than 50 days from germination. If the seedlings are overexposed and not planted before flowering, it is better to remove the brush with flowers, this will help to avoid premature punching. Fruits on such a brush, if tied, will be small and underdeveloped.
  • The scheme of planting tomatoes "Energo" 40 x 70 cm or two and a half bushes per 1 sq. m.
  • Before planting, it is advisable to spill the soil with a solution of potassium humate: 25 ml of potassium humate 3% per 10 liters of water.
  • Immediately after planting seedlings, it is necessary to prevent sprouts from late blight. Feedback from experienced vegetable growers convinces of the need to alternate processing means, since the fungus is tenacious and quickly adapts if the same prophylactic drug is used every year.

  • The plant needs rare but abundant watering. Moistening the soil is done gently under the root, avoiding blurring around the bush.
  • And of course, you need to regularly loosen, weed and huddle.
  • Tomato "Energo" of medium-sized type. Although the growth of the plant is limited, the height of the bush can reach from one and a half to two meters, so it needs additional support, the bush should be tied up under the first brush.
  • It is recommended to fertilize the soil 4-6 times a season with complex mineral mixtures. Tomatoes love top dressing and Energo is no exception. In addition, semi-determinants are tomatoes of generative growth, they tend to sacrifice the development of the bush and roots in favor of the formation of fruits. To prevent this from happening, they must be fed diligently. The first feeding of tomatoes should be done after the first ovaries have reached the size of a walnut.
  • The formation of a bush in two or three stems and the merciless removal of stepchildren will help to achieve an increased yield. But in case of early planting, it is worth leaving one, so to speak, a backup stepson. This technique will make it possible to get a larger crop of tomatoes.

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As soon as the tomatoes turn red, they should be removed from the bush. Late harvesting inhibits the growth of the plant and the ripening of the remaining fruits.