Top 5 manufacturers of feed additives for cattle and instructions for use

Top 5 manufacturers of feed additives for cattle and instructions for use

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Any owner who has cows in his backyard wants to see his animals healthy, highly productive and well-nourished. The use of feed additives for cattle allows you to increase milk yield, quickly grow young animals, and achieve significant weight gain. It is worth talking in detail about which additives are better to use, how to use them correctly so as not to harm the livestock.

Features and purpose of feed additives

Feed additives are special highly nutritious mixtures, the addition of which to the main feed increases the productivity of animals. The use of 5 to 30% of additives with feed daily allows you to saturate the food for cows with microelements, make it balanced in composition, and increase the efficiency of feeding. In addition, their use increases milk yield, reduces the cost of milk, and improves the quality of the product.

Feed additives are produced for various categories of cattle: dairy cows, young stock, gobies. They allow to reduce seasonal losses, provide feed with necessary vitamins, protein, accelerate the growth and development of livestock. By appointment, they are divided into preventive, therapeutic and prophylactic or therapeutic types.

Composition and varieties

They increase the shelf life of feed, protect animals from diseases, improve the appetite of cows, and the digestibility of food. Distinguish:

  1. BVMK are protein-vitamin mineral concentrates. They are a homogeneous mixture of finely ground components with a high protein content. They contain protein, fiber, vitamins A, D, E, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and other components that increase the quality and nutritional value of feed. Helps animals to digest food better. Increase the fat content of milk by 0.2-0.3%. They are economically consumed, 600 grams of concentrate is enough for one cow per day.
  2. AVMK is a vitamin and mineral concentrate that additionally contains urea. The composition contains components that improve digestion, vitamins, trace elements.
  3. Premixes are mixtures that are divided into simple and complex: simple ones contain a complex of vitamins and minerals, in complex ones, in addition, pro- and prebiotics, a complex of amino acids, aromatic, flavoring fillers are introduced. There are premixes for dairy and dry cows, calves, and fattening bulls. They are added to the food in the morning, they work throughout the day, they cannot be used as independent food, or mixed with hot food.

Important: it is dangerous to exceed the dosage of feed additives indicated by the manufacturer.

There are different complexes for calves, depending on the age of the animal. Another gradation of food additives for cattle has been adopted, depending on the tasks performed:

  • the use of technological concentrates allows you to preserve the quality of feed, protects it from mold, prevents rotting and the spread of bacteria, prevents the spread of pests (insect larvae, rodents);
  • sensory fillers - affect the look and taste of the product, making feed more appetizing for animals;
  • food fillers - improve digestion, ensure the health and activity of animals;
  • zootechnical mixes - complexes of antibiotics, probiotics, prebiotics, proteins and enzymes should be coordinated with a veterinarian, since they belong to medicinal fillers;
  • combined mixtures - allow you to provide animals with a balanced diet.

The most popular among farmers are food fillers containing vitamins, proteins, regulators of water-salt metabolism.

Pros and cons of using

increases the nutritional value of feed;

strengthens the immunity of animals, the ability to resist disease;

increases milk yield and quality of milk;

reduces the risk of miscarriages;

improves digestion, increases appetite;

accelerates weight gain in calves;

enhances the reproductive ability of animals.

excess body weight when overfeeding with supplements;

violations of the organs and systems of the animal as a result of excessive consumption of mixtures.

The disadvantages of using do not appear if you use vitamin-mineral mixes according to the manufacturer's instructions. The market offers a wide range of premixes and BVMK for cows, you need to purchase them from trusted manufacturers.

Selection rules

The choice of supplements is necessary taking into account the age of the stock and its composition. Mixes for pregnant and lactating cows are different; calves need nutrients based on their age and sex.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Various mixtures are purchased for dairy cows and animals raised for meat. Consideration should be given to the quality of the harvested feed and the needs of the herd.

Popular manufacturers

The composition of premixes and BVMK must be carefully checked, and strict control is required in production. The product is supplied with a declaration of conformity, voluntary certification is possible.

"Southern crown"

Production is located in the Krasnodar Territory.

availability of premixes for different categories of cattle (calves, dairy cows);

quality control at all stages of production.

decent cost of the product;

not always commercially available.

A large plant producing compound feed and feed additives for cattle, various animals, birds.


Produced in the Moscow region.

versatility, suitable for calves, heifers, dairy cows;

easy to buy from veterinary stores and pharmacies.


packing (only 300 grams and 25 kilograms).

"Burenka" is often used in personal subsidiary plots and on farms.


The plant operates in the Kaluga region. Produces a wide range of cattle products.

a wide range of feed mixtures for cows, calves, bulls, thoroughbred and outbred animals with different productivity;

the company is a participant and winner of agricultural exhibitions.


sometimes animals refuse to eat, you need to monitor the process.

Consumers have commented on the effectiveness of these premixes.


Large-scale production in the Moscow region. Felucene is one of the most popular feed additives.


convenient packaging options.


sometimes consumers are afraid of the presence of feed mixtures in the diet of animals.

Farmers note improved digestion, accelerated recovery after calving, and facilitated discharge of the placenta.


The production is located in Voronezh. Various premixes for cows are available.

wide product line;

quick effect after use.

quite high price;

not always on sale.

The list includes the most popular manufacturers that have been producing products for more than a decade. Their mixtures are of high quality, effective and safe for animals. The use of feed additives in accordance with the instructions provides an improvement in the condition of the livestock.

Instructions for use

Complexes of vitamins and minerals are given to animals with morning feeding. Add to steamed and cooled corn or grain.

You cannot give ready-made feed and feed additives in the same period, since the feed contains mineral complexes and vitamins.

Do not give them to animals in pure form and exceed the amount recommended by the manufacturer. The daily intake of supplements per animal is indicated on the packaging. It depends on the sex, age and condition of the animal.

The use of feed additives reduces feed costs for farmers and increases production. A balanced diet of animals allows them to stay healthy and strong.

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