Description of the tomato variety Fat neighbor, its characteristics and yield

Description of the tomato variety Fat neighbor, its characteristics and yield

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For lovers of large fruits, there is an interesting specimen - the tomato Fat Neighbor f1. It is included in the State Register of Plants suitable for growing on the territory of the Russian Federation in open and closed ground. Let's take a closer look at the quality characteristics, growing rules and responses about this hybrid.

Description of the variety

The plant is tall, indeterminate, reaching 2 meters when planted in a greenhouse. A variety of medium ripeness - about 115 days pass from planting seeds in the ground to receiving the first ripe fruits. The name of the variety corresponds to its real size. Bushes of medium climbing, the first cluster is formed with 8-10 fruits, the next 5-6 tomatoes. When growing, the hybrid is picky about garters and pinching.

The fruits are formed with an average weight of 190 grams. The color is red when ripe, green when unripe. When ripe, there is no green spot near the stalk. The shape is round, the flesh is dense; when cut, the fruit contains from 4 to 6 nests with seeds. They differ from other large-fruited varieties with a thin skin. But despite this feature, they are perfectly stored. The taste in the greenhouse is sweet. When grown in open beds, sourness is present.

A high-yielding hybrid, with proper care, up to 23 kilograms of fruit can be obtained per square meter in film or polycarbonate shelters, in an open garden - up to 12 kilograms per square. According to the State Register, the yield is 7.3 kilograms per square.

The bushes of the tomato hybrid Fat Neighbor are resistant to diseases: fusarium, tobacco mosaic virus and cladosporium.

Growing varieties

Reviews of gardeners showed that this hybrid grows better in a seedling way. In this case, the seeds are planted in a warm room at an air temperature of 22-25 degrees. Choose light, fertile soil. Seeds are sown to a depth of 0.5 centimeters, irrigated with a spray bottle and covered with foil until germination. After the first shoots appear, the film is removed and the seedlings are placed in a warm and sunny place for further growth.

Watering continues to be done with warm water from a spray bottle so that the earth does not get lost in a lump.

A pick is carried out when two permanent leaves appear on the seedlings. Plants are planted in separate pots. Nowadays, planting seedlings in peat containers is popular, which can be purchased at any seed store. In this case, the root system is not damaged during transplantation, the seedlings are planted in a permanent place of growth right in the pot.

Transplant seedlings into open or closed ground under certain conditions:

  1. The soil should warm up to at least 15 degrees.
  2. No night frost.
  3. The average daily air temperature is 22-25 degrees. Only under such conditions will the seedlings take root well and will not freeze.

Tomatoes are planted in a checkerboard or row order. A distance of 40-50 centimeters is left between the plants. So on one square meter, from 3 to 5 plants are placed. To grow a high-quality crop, you need constant care for tomatoes.

Plant care

Usually, caring for tomatoes consists of the following manipulations:

  • garter of plants to the crossbar;
  • pinching of excess processes;
  • timely watering of plants;
  • weeding;
  • fertilization of beds and bushes with mineral and organic fertilizers;
  • inspection and treatment of plants from diseases and harmful insects;
  • timely harvest.

These conditions must be observed in order to get a bountiful and high-quality harvest, regardless of the place and time of planting.

Hybrid reviews overview

Since the f1 variety appeared on the Markets of Russia and neighboring countries for a long time, there are also a lot of reviews about this tomato on the Internet.

Grigory Pavlovich from Belarus writes: the variety fell in love in our family in the first year of use. Medium sized tomatoes, can be used for everything: pickle, salt, prepare tomato juices and sauces. We use fresh fruits in salads, the granddaughter loves our homemade tomato juice from these fruits. In the beds, they never got sick with fusarium, they were grown by seedlings. When fogs appeared, the bushes were occasionally sprayed with a solution of serum: safe and effective. Now I recommend all neighbors to use this hybrid for growing.

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