Composition and form of release of Little one rabbit feed, application rules

Composition and form of release of Little one rabbit feed, application rules

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Small and calm rabbits are increasingly being chosen as pets. Caring for the animals does not take much time. The ration is combined - fresh vegetables, hay, dry mixes are combined. The best food for pet rabbits is Little one. Due to the right amount of dry grass, vitamins, microelements, cereals, the mixture ensures the full growth and development of animals. Produced food for adult and young rabbits.

Composition and release form of Little one rabbit feed

Dry mix is ​​a complete nutrition that takes into account the needs of rodents in minerals and vitamins. The high fiber content, which contributes to the healthy functioning of the digestive system of rabbits, is a hallmark of Little Van. Food is presented as a mixture:

  • granules of grass and sunflower;
  • popcorn and wheat, barley;
  • corn flakes;
  • dried carrots, dried alfalfa;
  • rolled peas;
  • yucca extract.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are represented by vitamins A, D3, E, minerals (copper / zinc sulfates, potassium iodide). The food is sold in packages weighing 400 g, 900 g, 15 kg.

For young rabbits (up to 6 months old) the feed is enriched with oregano herb extract. This supplement is the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis. Little one is also enriched with carob, oregano extract, crimped sweet lupine. Of the minerals, copper sulfate is present, which helps the absorption of iron, normalizing the production of sex hormones. Copper deficiency leads to anemia in fluffy babies, slowing growth and development.

Advantages and disadvantages

The rabbit's diet can only consist of Little one food, since the granules contain a maximum of vitamins, trace elements, and fiber. The mixture has other advantages as well:

  • ease of transportation and a convenient option for storing feed in the original packaging;
  • no need to waste time on cooking;
  • affordable cost;
  • long shelf life (24 months);
  • the ability to purchase packages with different weights;
  • proportional ratio of fiber, vitamins, minerals and amino acids;
  • if necessary, Little one granules can be supplemented with a variety of preventive-type additives.

When using feed, one must also take into account its negative qualities. According to the owners, the mixture is best used as a complementary food (due to the large number of various additives). If you do not provide storage conditions, food quickly loses its useful qualities.

Norms and rules of application

When using food, it is important to consider the age and weight of the pet. It is recommended that adult animals be given a mixture at the rate of a daily dose of 40 g per 1 kg of body weight. When feeding babies up to six months old, the appropriate food is used (based on a daily portion of 30 g per 1 kg of weight). Otherwise, the manufacturer's wishes for feeding adults and young individuals do not differ:

  • rabbits should eat 2-3 times a day, at certain hours;
  • grain feed must be combined with fresh herbal supplements. Rabbits are happy to eat fresh, slightly dried greens and vegetables. Foliage and small twigs of deciduous trees are also added to the diet of fluffy;
  • by all means combine feeding with fodder and feeding hay. Grass of different varieties, green tops of root crops are selected.

Important! Rabbits should always be provided with fresh water at room temperature.

It is necessary to introduce food into the diet of animals gradually. Start with small portions 1-2 times a day. In this case, you need to monitor the state of the animal, its appetite, demeanor.

Shelf life and storage features

The shelf life of the Little one mixture is quite long - two years. So that the feed does not lose its useful qualities, it is necessary to ensure the correct storage conditions:

  • the appropriate temperature regime - 10-20 ° С, will ensure the preservation of the useful qualities of the feed. It is not recommended to freeze food;
  • a dry room is selected for storing food. High humidity (more than 70%) must not be allowed, since there is a likelihood of mold or parasitic insects in the feed;
  • the dry product is stored in a dark place. Contact with direct sunlight contributes to the oxidation of the product, shortening the shelf life.

The best option to preserve the useful qualities of the product is to pour the feed into a hermetically sealed container (glass or plastic). Experienced owners recommend buying food in light bags. An excellent option is to purchase a mixture by weight (you can only trust proven stationary pet stores).

Keeping animals in an apartment will greatly simplify the use of special dry feed. Rabbit feed mixtures contain the right amount of vitamins and microelements. Little one tasty food diversifies the diet of furry pets.

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