TOP 3 recipes for making blackcurrant and gooseberry jam for the winter

TOP 3 recipes for making blackcurrant and gooseberry jam for the winter

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Blackcurrant and gooseberry jam is just a vitamin bomb. It supports the body in winter and is used in folk medicine as an anti-inflammatory agent. It combines all the beneficial properties of both berries. It is flavored with various herbs: mint, cinnamon, rosemary. This helps to achieve a richer flavor and aroma.

The specifics of making gooseberry and currant jam for the winter

Gooseberry and currant jam has its own characteristics of preparation. Berries of different sizes have different cooking times. To prepare assorted treats, two methods are used:

  1. All berries are passed through a meat grinder, turning them into a homogeneous mass.
  2. Gooseberries are boiled first - they are larger. Then currants are added to it. This allows all the berries to boil equally.

Compliance with this rule is mandatory for any crops with berries of different sizes. It should be remembered that the process of preparing raw materials is long and laborious.

Features of the selection and preparation of berries

For assorted jam, slightly unripe gooseberries are chosen. This is a guarantee that they will not fall apart during cooking. But cooking a dessert from unripe berries is also unacceptable. The gooseberries are removed about a week before full maturity.

Ripe currants are taken. Medium-sized berries are chosen.

All plant materials must be undamaged. Smooth, not crumpled fruits are selected.

Before cooking, all the berries must be sorted out, the stalks and stigmas must be removed. Then the prepared raw materials are washed with running water and placed in a sieve or colander. The water should drain.

Container preparation rules

To make assorted jams for the winter, use a large wide saucepan or basin. Dishes can be enameled or stainless steel. During the cooking process, the jam is constantly stirred. It is better to do this with a wooden spoon. The finished jam is placed in glass jars with a capacity of 0.5 or 1 liter. Banks are pre-sterilized. They are covered with lids. Plastic or metal covers can be used.

The most delicious recipes

Not all housewives make assorted jams. But those who do this will tell you exactly their recipe for making currant and gooseberry jam. Its taste depends on the combination of ingredients.

With black currant

It is not difficult to cook such jam from a mixture of black currant and gooseberry. The basis of this dessert is gooseberry. It will take 300 grams. Currants are taken three times less - only 100 grams.

The berries must be prepared and washed by folding in separate containers. You cannot mix them right away. The gooseberries fit into a spacious dish. Water is added to it in a volume of 200 grams. The berries are placed on a small gas and simmer until the juice appears. Currants are poured into the resulting gooseberry juice. All berries are boiled together.

Noticing that the skin on the currants is cracked, 320 grams of sugar are poured into the container. During the cooking process, the berry mixture is constantly stirred. After all the sugar crystals have dissolved, the dessert is left on the gas for another 7 minutes.

With red currant

To cook such a jam for the winter, you will need 3 kg of gooseberries and 1 kg of red currants. First, the raw materials must be sorted out, peeled from the stalks and rinsed. Gooseberries should be poured into a deep container and crushed with a crush so that the berries burst. Rub the red currants. Leave the juice and pulp, and discard the skins. It is in the semi-liquid currant consistency that sugar is added in a volume of 2 kg. Everything is thoroughly mixed and put on gas.

Currant syrup is boiled, making sure that it does not burn. Once it has boiled, mashed gooseberries are added. While stirring, continue to cook the dessert for 20 minutes.

During the cooking process, be sure to remove the foam.

The finished jam is packed with a ladle in sterilized jars.

With white currant

You can cook a wonderful dessert for the winter from a mixture of gooseberries and white currants. The peculiarity of this sweet treat is that all the ingredients are taken in half. For 1 kilogram of gooseberries, you need 1 kilogram of white currants. For 2 kg of berries you need 2 kg of sugar. In this recipe, peeled berries are covered with sugar and left for a day. Better to put the dishes in the refrigerator.

A day later, the berry mass is placed on a slow gas and heated. Allow to boil for 5 minutes and cool. The process is repeated several times, achieving the desired density. The finished dessert is packed in jars under metal lids.

How and how much can you store a treat?

Assorted jam is stored for 2 years, subject to all the rules:

  1. Dessert is placed in sterile glass jars.
  2. The jam is rolled up with metal lids.
  3. The sweetness is stored in a dark room with average humidity at a temperature of + 15-20 degrees Celsius.

Jam, covered with plastic lids, is stored for a year only in the refrigerator.

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