Description of the tomato variety Moment and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Moment and its characteristics

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Summer residents from different regions choose for their plots those tomatoes that ripen the very first in order to feast on their favorite vegetable as early as possible. Tomato "Moment" is well suited in this case.

What is the variety

To get the maximum of useful information, summer residents turn to the help of the Internet. The description of the variety gives a complete picture of the selected tomato.


  • Bush: determinant.
  • Height: 25 to 40 cm.
  • Inflorescence: simple.
  • Ripening period: 89–95 days.


  • Shape: flat-round.
  • Mass: 60–80 gr.
  • Color: red.
  • Taste: good.
  • Density: medium.
  • Transportability: excellent.
  • Shelf life: from 1.5 to 2 months.

Planting and leaving

Tomatoes are grown both outdoors and in greenhouses. Seeds for seedlings are sown 2 months before planting in the ground. It is recommended to dive plants. This is best done when the tomatoes have 2 true leaves. To reduce plant stress, seedlings should be pre-hardened. 1-2 weeks before disembarkation, take out in the sun, gradually increasing the time spent outdoors.

Does not need pinning and garters to the support.

They are planted in open ground when the threat of frost has passed. Each region is individual, so you need to calculate the timing yourself. 1 m2 6–7 plants are planted.

Basic agrotechnical techniques:

  1. Weeding.
  2. Loosening.
  3. Hilling.
  4. Watering.
  5. Top dressing.

Tomatoes should be fed at least 2 times per season. During the flowering period, and before the start of active maturation.

Harvest volume and application

This tomato variety is undersized, so no more than 1 kg of fruit can be harvested from one plant. Productivity 1 m2 about 4.5 kg.

The scope is extensive. The fruits are used for the preparation of fresh salads and canning of any type. Perfect for whole pickling, as well as making juices, sauces, tomato paste and lecho.

Disease susceptibility

The characteristic of the variety shows that tomatoes are not susceptible to phytophthora, as they have time to ripen before it is actively spread.

Positive and negative sides

The presence of certain characteristics is inherent in any variety. Distinguishing them into good and bad, makes it possible to decide whether to plant tomatoes on your site.


  1. Early ripening.
  2. The harvest is stable.
  3. Unpretentiousness.
  4. Versatility.
  5. Does not crack.
  6. Undemanding to the formation of a bush
  7. The fruits are relatively the same size, are stored for a long time and tolerate long-term transportation well, keeping their presentation.


  1. Small amount of fruits per plant.

Opinions of summer residents regarding the Moment tomatoes

The reviews of summer residents who have already grown this type of tomato help to assess the quality of the variety.

  • Olga. I planted it for 3 years in a row. Recommends to everyone. The variety is early, the tomatoes are delicious, especially those plucked from the bush. Slightly sour, suitable for whole-fruit canning.
  • Valentine. An experienced summer resident, she grew tomatoes on the site. Most of all I liked the fact that the very first ripened. Unpretentious and undemanding tomatoes.
  • Andrei. I planted Moment tomatoes, I liked the fact that they ripened early. And they did not hurt anything. But the taste is poor.

Those who grew Moment tomatoes praise it for its unpretentiousness and undemandingness.

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