Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Eupator, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Eupator, its yield

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Early ripening hybrids have become widespread due to their high taste, undemanding care, minimum efforts to grow them. One of the wonderful vegetable plants of the first generation is the Eupator tomato. It is suitable for growing in greenhouses, greenhouses. You can get crops in the open field, but much less.

Distinctive characteristics of a hybrid

A powerful, vigorous tomato of the Eupator variety has a strongly dissected leaf shape. By the type of development, the plant is classified as generative, because after the appearance of ten flower brushes, its growth slows down. Ovaries are formed every three leaves. As a result of such growth features, the height of the bush reaches 180 centimeters.

The first inflorescences appear above the ninth leaf, they are compact and simple in structure.

The hybrid tomato has all the best qualities of its parents. He is not afraid of diseases, has a high resistance to fungal, viral infections.

The description of the fruit includes the following parameters:

  • rounded shape;
  • smooth, glossy skin;
  • Red color;
  • the number of seed chambers reaches six;
  • six percent dry matter;
  • duration of storage of fruits;
  • good transport tolerance.

Grown tomatoes are suitable for preservation as a whole, they make delicious sauces, juice, tomato paste. When you get a harvest of five or six kilograms from a bush, it is not difficult to prepare tomatoes for the winter.

How to grow indeterminant

Tall Eupator tomatoes can only be grown by seedlings.

Strong seedlings are the key to high yields

Hybrid seeds are purchased in specialized stores. In particular, growing seedlings includes the following actions:

  1. Before sowing, the seed must be checked for germination.
  2. Then, wrapped in gauze, dipped for twenty minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate.
  3. Many germinate seeds in advance. To do this, they are placed in a damp toilet paper or cloth, covered with a plastic bag and placed in a warm place. The seeds that hatch after five days are ready for planting.
  4. For the procedure, containers are chosen both in the form of individual cups or cassettes, and boxes for seedlings. A drainage layer is laid on the bottom - expanded clay, clay shards, eggshells. After that, a nutritious soil is poured, which is prepared from a mixture of peat, leafy earth. The soil is thoroughly moistened, small depressions are made with a distance of two to three centimeters.
  5. Sprouted seeds are buried one centimeter in the ground. Gently sprinkling the seeds with soil, spray the plantings from a spray bottle.
  6. The container is covered with a film and placed in a room with an air temperature of at least 22 degrees.
  7. After the sprouts appear, the temperature is reduced to 17 degrees.
  8. The sprouts dive when they have two real leaves.
  9. Two weeks before planting in the ground, the seedlings begin to harden, bringing them to the veranda, balcony.

Planting seeds is easy, the main thing is that the seedlings do not die and turn into strong adult tomatoes.

Important points of caring for a vegetable

The tall tomato Eupator F1 is transplanted into the greenhouse after the seedlings reach the age of 60 - 65 days. The distance between the bushes should be twenty centimeters.

Those who have planted a hybrid know the importance of proper plant care. It includes:

  • regular feeding;
  • moderate watering;
  • the formation of a bush in one, less often two stems;
  • obligatory garter.

It is possible to get a lot of Eupator F1 tomatoes on time if you feed them with mineral or organic fertilizers every ten to twelve days. For the first time, it is useful to add a liter of nutrient solution under each plant. Prepare it by dissolving a spoonful of complex fertilizer or ammonium nitrate in a bucket of water.

Then, diluting chicken droppings in a ratio of 1:15, or mullein in 1: 5, water the planting of tomatoes... During the vegetative period, the application of minerals and organic substances is alternated. It is imperative to think about moderation of nutritional proportions for a vegetable crop. Do not forget about loosening the soil after it has been moistened.

Compliance with all agrotechnical techniques will lead to a high yield of the Eupator tomato, according to the reviews of experienced gardeners.

What vegetable growers say about the hybrid

The advantages of the variety, those who grew Eupator, include:

  • high yield of vegetable crops;
  • early maturity, because you can get fruits 110 days after the emergence of sprouts;
  • neat beautiful fruits;
  • disease resistance;
  • excellent transportability.

The characteristic is overshadowed by the fact that there is little sugar in the tomato pulp, the fruits are slightly sour. Otherwise, the description of the variety includes only positive aspects.

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