A simple recipe for homemade mint wine and storage

A simple recipe for homemade mint wine and storage

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Any drink containing mint has a refreshing taste and a slight herbal aroma. It will take a little time to make mint wine at home. One of the most popular varieties is peppermint. To enrich the taste and aroma of the drink, you can add other herbs (cloves, coriander). But the share of mint, as the main component, must be at least 50%.

The subtleties of making mint wine

For the preparation of the drink, both fresh herbs and dried or frozen twigs with leaves are used. However, it is fresh mint that makes the wine soft and gives the drink a rich aroma. Only leaves or whole twigs can be placed in the container. Moreover, the twigs must be young, otherwise the wine will have a slight shade of bitterness.

Thanks to special wine yeast or berry sourdough, the fermentation process starts. Essential oils and minerals from mint sprigs dissolve the resulting alcohol.

Required ingredients for the recipe

If there is no experience in making wine, then it is recommended to start experiments with a minimum set of products. Standard set:

  • 190-220 g fresh mint leaves;
  • 4 liters of water;
  • 1.2-1.3 kg of sugar;
  • citric acid - 20-25 g;
  • berry sourdough or wine yeast (for 5 liters of wort).

Lovers of natural products can use lemon juice instead of acid (the juice of a small lemon contains 4-6 g of acid).

Food preparation

Mint sprigs are cleaned from dust and insects in running water. If you plan to use only leaves, they are pre-cut off. Pour greens with prepared water, add 600 g of sugar. The liquid with mint is boiled for 3-4 minutes (until the sugar dissolves).

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The wort is filtered through several layers of gauze. Wine yeast is diluted according to the instructions and added to the wort. Separately filter the cooled mint broth, discard the squeezed greens. Next, the ingredients are mixed according to the recipe.

How to make mint wine at home

A simple recipe is the best option for making homemade wine for the first time with the addition of mint twigs or leaves.

  1. Mint broth, wort with wine yeast, fresh water are poured into a container for mixing and fermentation. Add acid or lemon juice.
  2. The container is closed with a water seal (or a rubber glove with a puncture is put on), moved to a dark, warm room until the end of the fermentation process.
  3. After 6-7 days, add 300-350 g of sugar (previously 200-300 liquid is drained from the container, in which the sugar is dissolved). The procedure is repeated after 7-8 days.

The drink is left to ferment for 34-45 days. As soon as air bubbles cease to emerge, the wine is carefully filtered so that the sediment does not rise from the bottom.

Further storage of the product

Bottles with spilled wine are tightly closed and laid horizontally so that the corks do not dry out. It is recommended to set aside space in a cool basement for storing bottles, or place the wine in the refrigerator. During storage, sediment settling is monitored. When it appears, the liquid is carefully poured into a new container. As soon as the sediment stops forming, the wine is ready to drink. You can store mint wine for about three years.

Lovers of alcoholic exoticism will appreciate the yellow-amber dessert wine with light mint notes. In summer, savor the drink, preferably chilled. In winter, the mint product will serve as the basis for the preparation of a fragrant punch.

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