Description of the variety of tomato Amethyst jewel and its characteristics

Description of the variety of tomato Amethyst jewel and its characteristics

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Recently, more and more interest in tomato scientists is caused by "bi colors" - multi-colored tomatoes. A large number of exotic varieties were brought by the American breeder from California - Brad Gates, including such a tomato treasure as the Amethyst Jewel tomato.

Features of the variety

"Amethyst Jewel" is a versatile tomato that is suitable for cultivation both in greenhouse conditions and in the open field. The original name is "Amethyst Jewel".

  • It is a medium-sized, indeterminate variety. Spreading bushes, medium leafy.

The height of the bush rarely exceeds 1.5 meters, especially if grown in open ground.
  • The variety "Amethyst Jewel" is characterized by an average ripening period; it begins to bear fruit in about 110-115 days after germination, provided that it is kept in a greenhouse.
  • High yield is one of the main advantages. The ovaries are formed well, without gaps. The clusters are dense, with 5-6 fruits each.
  • The duration of fruiting until September, in the greenhouse can last even longer.

The plant is very resistant to most diseases, but rather capricious to weather conditions. Sultry heat and intense cold are hard to bear. The optimum temperature that allows tomatoes to develop normally and bear fruit abundantly is +25 degrees.

In Russia, this tomato variety is recommended to be grown in greenhouses, and only in the middle lane - in the open field. The description of the variety confirms this.

Description of fruits

The shape is flat-round. The skin is firm and smooth, not prone to cracking.

The tomato is distinguished by its extraordinary color: from the shoulders, a deep purple color is sprayed with blue-violet flashes to the warm pink color of the top.

  • Fleshy, with a small amount of seeds, the pulp, when fully ripe, has a rich red color.
  • The tomato has a pronounced, enveloping tomato flavor with exotic fruity notes.
  • The size of the fruit is small or medium, not more than 200 grams.
  • Tomatoes keep well and are stable to transport.

Tomatoes "Amethyst Jewel" look very interesting and unusual in salads and after conservation. This variety is excellent for a wide variety of culinary uses.

Growing and care

Sowing seeds is carried out 60-65 days before planting in the ground. The seeds are distinguished by good and abundant germination, therefore, when sowing in a common container, picking into separate pots or more free containers will be required.

The characteristic of the variety suggests that the stems of the sprouts are characterized by a bluish tint.

"Amethyst jewel" very poorly tolerates temperature changes, so young shoots must be protected from drafts and overheating of the air. It is recommended to plant bushes with a density of 3-4 plants per square meter.

After planting in the ground, tomatoes will not require special care, except for timely watering, weeding, hilling and periodic feeding.

As it grows, the bush should be formed into 2-3 stems. Also, the plant will need tying and careful pinching. You can increase the immunity of a tomato plant by mulching the soil with chips, needles or sawdust.

An important role for the color of tomatoes of the variety "Amethyst Jewel»Sunlight plays: the more light hits the fruit, the darker its color will be. Therefore, if you grow the "Amethyst Jewel" in the shade, the color of the tomatoes will not have such a rich purple color, but will be more pink.

This tomato treasure will amaze you with its extraordinary color, surprise with its fertility and will not disappoint with its sweet taste.

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