Description of the titmouse tomato variety, recommendations for cultivation

Description of the titmouse tomato variety, recommendations for cultivation

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The valuable culture of the nightshade family has long occupied an honorable place in gardeners' beds. The number of tomato varieties is only increasing every year. Today, everyone can choose a suitable species, oriented to climatic characteristics and personal preferences. Tomato Titmouse will delight those who do not have a large summer cottage. The miniature plant is adapted for cultivation at home, on balconies and window sills.

General information about the plant

Titmouse tomatoes are able to delight the owner with delicious fruits all year round, provided they are cultivated at home. The variety is also suitable for open ground. Description of the appearance and general characteristics of the tomato:

  • Early ripe, berries are ready to harvest in 85–95 days from the moment of planting.
  • Determinant.
  • Stamp.
  • Simple brushes.
  • Stunted, height does not exceed 40 centimeters.
  • Miniature, decorative.
  • The foliage is medium in size.
  • Simple inflorescences.
  • The number of fruits in a bunch is 10-15 pieces.
  • The stem ends the inflorescence.
  • Good yield, 2.8 kilograms of berries are harvested from a square meter of planting.
  • Resistant to many diseases of the family.
  • Increased shade tolerance.
  • High percentage of berry setting.
  • Good keeping quality.
  • Transportable.

Ornamental bushes serve as a decoration for any home, and delicious fruits are rich in nutrients. The fruits of the Sinichka variety are distinguished by:

  • Cherry shape.
  • Small, weight does not exceed 20 grams.
  • Sweet with a honey aftertaste.
  • Juicy yellow color when ripe.
  • A dark spot at the peduncle.
  • Not watery.
  • Smooth.
  • Dense.
  • Thin skin.
  • Not prone to cracking.
  • Strong tomato flavor.

Gardeners' reviews confirm the good taste of the fruit. The berry is used for pickling, drying, fresh consumption, decorating dishes.

Growing recommendations

Lovers of miniature titmouse tomatoes often choose a plant for home cultivation. Cultivating a tomato at home requires adherence to a number of rules:

  • The choice of capacity for planting. The recommended height of the boxes is 12-15 centimeters.
  • For better air access to the bottom of the selected container, it is necessary to put pieces of tiles, slate and add sand.
  • A universal soil for tomatoes is suitable as a soil.
  • Maintaining the daytime temperature from 20 degrees and at night not lower than 14 degrees.
  • Regular ventilation of the room.
  • Installation of an additional light source.

IMPORTANT! The plant does not like high humidity; in the case of home cultivation, the tomato should not be placed next to wet linen.

Subsequent cultivation and care consists of timely watering, feeding, loosening and removing weeds.

Gardeners' opinion

Good day! I have been growing at home for a long time, on the balcony a Titmouse tomato. The variety is early and unpretentious. A decorative bush adorns the apartment, and delicious berries delight even in the cold season. Bright, yellow tomatoes are small in size, but very sweet. I advise!

Ekaterina Voronina, 55 years old

Good afternoon! I advise all lovers of cherry tomatoes to try the Titmouse variety. It can be easily cultivated right at home, on the balcony. A box or an ordinary old saucepan is suitable as a container for planting. The plant reacts positively to feeding, loves watering. It is desirable to regularly ventilate the room and install fluorescent lamps. Bushes are undersized, very compact. Berries weigh about 20 grams, regular shape and sweet taste. I recommend!

Valentina Varshavina, 43 years old

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