Description of the Torquay tomato variety and its characteristics

Description of the Torquay tomato variety and its characteristics

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To obtain high yields, many summer residents grow vegetable crops on an industrial scale in greenhouse conditions. Tomato Torquay is able to surprise every gardener with good fruit performance without the use of covering material. This feature lies in the fact that the vegetable crop is endowed with resistance to adverse weather conditions and good immunity to various diseases. In addition, the Torquay variety has many other positive qualities that influence its choice in production sales.

Description and characteristics of the variety

Torquay f1 is a Dutch selection hybrid. Patented Manufacturing Company - Bejo Zaden. The variety has been cultivated in Russia since 2007. Tomato is a mid-early vegetable crop with a period of 120 days from seed germination to full fruit ripening. Recommended cultivation zones of the variety for industrial purposes in the open field - Rostov and Vologda regions, Krasnodar Territory, the Republic of Adygea.

Let's get acquainted with the description of the variety and the characteristics of the fruits of the Torquay tomato in more detail.

Description of the variety

Determinate bush. The height of the plant varies from 50 to 100 cm. The bush is standard-shaped, compact, with a lot of foliage. The leaves are narrow, short, from light to dark green. The inflorescence is simple. The plant sets up an abundant number of fruit clusters. More than five fruits are formed on each cluster.

Fruit characteristics

The fruits of the Torquay variety are medium-sized, their average weight is 60-80 grams. In their shape, they resemble an elongated cylinder or a small bell pepper. Tomatoes have a rather thin but firm red skin. The pulp is firm, with 2-3 chambers. The fruits are endowed with high taste and useful qualities.

Universal tomatoes. They have proven themselves well when consumed fresh and processed.

It is worth paying attention: Torquay tomatoes contain a large amount of lycopene, which has a beneficial effect on the human body, reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, cancer and oncology.

Advantages of the variety

A distinctive feature of the Torquay f1 tomato is that even in unfavorable years, more than five kg of fruit can be harvested from one square meter. Also, the advantages of this variety include the following indicators:

  • heat resistance;
  • taste of fruits;
  • high transportability;
  • long fruiting;
  • good shelf life of fruits.

It should be noted that f1 tomato is endowed with good immunity to diseases such as verticillosis, stem and root rot, fusarium wilting. Such indicators make it possible to use the variety on an industrial scale, for small businesses.


The reviews of many vegetable growers have shown that agricultural technology affects the yield of the variety and its long fruiting. The plant's immunity to various diseases depends on the correct planting and further care.

Agrotechnics of tomato Torquay:

  1. Seeds are planted in March.
  2. The seeds are sown in warm, lightly compacted soil.
  3. After sowing, 1 cm soil is mulched with peat.
  4. The planting material is watered with warm water using an airborne method.
  5. The container is covered with foil and moved to a warm place, where the temperature should be within +25 degrees.
  6. After the seeds begin to hatch, the film is removed from the container and the planting material is transferred to a bright place.
  7. During the first week, the temperature regime is 15-16 degrees Celsius.
  8. After the specified time has elapsed, the temperature must be increased to + 20-22 degrees.
  9. When 2-3 true leaves appear on the seedlings, a pick is carried out.

In early to mid-May, seedlings are planted in open holes or protected ground. Further agricultural technology consists in feeding with complex fertilizers, regular watering, weeding and pinching. After strengthening the root system, all lateral shoots are removed from the bush, only 2-3 stems are left.

Observing these simple rules for sowing seeds and further timely care of plants, every summer resident will be satisfied with the quality of fruiting of the Torquay tomato. But do not forget about the planting material. First of all, the quality of seeds will affect the whole process of development of a vegetable crop. Therefore, when buying them, you should pay attention to whether they comply with the State Check of the Seed Inspection.

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