Instructions for the use of Senpai from a complex of pests and how to breed it

Instructions for the use of Senpai from a complex of pests and how to breed it

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Senpai is an intestinal contact insecticide that helps kill many pests. The drug successfully copes with parasites on cabbage, apple trees, flax. The tool is considered very effective and has a high speed of action. The indisputable advantages are the low consumption rates and the economy of the composition. In order for the drug to give the desired effect, you must strictly follow the instructions.

Composition and formulation

Esfenvalerat is considered the active component of the drug. There are 50 grams of this substance in 1 liter of the product. The drug is produced in the form of an emulsion concentrate. It is sold in 5 liter canisters.

What is the product used for and how does it work?

The drug helps against a complex of pests. The tool has a dual mechanism of action - intestinal and contact. The substance affects the nervous system of parasites, provoking paralysis in them. This becomes the cause of rapid death. In addition, the composition has pronounced deterrent properties and helps to suppress the ability of parasites to absorb food.

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The action of the insecticide begins half an hour after treatment. In this case, the complete death of pests occurs in 1.5-2 hours. The period of protective action is at least 2 weeks.

Senpai is a monopreparation. It contains only one active ingredient, which belongs to the pyrethroid category. The tool has the following advantages:

  1. A wide range of actions. The drug protects plants from a complex of parasites. In this case, the dose, consumption rate and application features do not depend on the target.
  2. High efficiency. A single use of the product helps to get rid of massive attacks of dangerous pests.
  3. Low cost of 1 processing.
  4. Equal strength of intestinal and contact action. When the poison hits the pest, it immediately dies.
  5. Instant effect. When the drug hits the caterpillars, they immediately crumble from the plants.
  6. Resistant to photolysis. As a consequence, the drug has a long-term protective effect. It is at least 15 days.
  7. Repellent and antifeeding properties. The smell of treated surfaces scares off adult parasites. At the same time, the taste of leaves and fruits after using "Senpai" scares off the larvae.
  8. Decomposition in soil. The composition breaks down in the soil into safe elements.
  9. Low contact activity for warm-blooded animals. This allows the drug to be used in simplified personal protective equipment.
  10. Convenient packaging. This simplifies the process of preparing the working fluid.

Instructions for the use of the drug "Senpai"

It is required to dilute the working fluid immediately before use. First of all, the insecticide must be mixed in the original container. The sprayer tank must be filled about a third with water, turn on the agitator and add the amount of the substance required for 1 filling.

Then the sprayer tank must be filled with water, stirring the working solution. As a result, it should acquire a uniform consistency. It is also necessary to mix the composition during the processing of plants. It is recommended to use the working solution on the day of manufacture.

When using a plant treatment agent, it is recommended to observe the following rules:

  1. To process the plantings of fiber flax from flea beetles on the sprouts of culture. The rest of the plants are sprayed if parasites appear.
  2. When using a means for processing cabbage, surfactants - "Adyu" or "Allure" must be added to the working fluid. This helps to effectively and evenly cover the plant foliage with the working fluid.

Specific dosages and features of the use of the drug are shown in the table:

Usage rateCultureHarmful objectProcessing methodWaiting period (number of treatments)Exit terms for manual (mechanized) work
0,5-1Apple treeLeaf rollers, codling mothIt is permissible to process plantings during the growing season, using a composition with a concentration of 0.08%. 1 hectare requires 600-1200 liters of working solution.30 (1)7 (3)
0,2CabbageTurnip and cabbage whites, scoops, mothIt is necessary to process vegetable crops during the growing season. For 1 hectare, 200-400 liters of working solution is required.30 (1)7 (3)
0,2Fiber flaxFlax fleasIt is recommended to process sprouts. For 1 hectare, it is worth using 100-200 liters of working solution.– (1)7 (3)

Safety precautions when working with insecticide

When using a substance, it is important to adhere to a number of safety rules:

  1. Handle planting in the absence of children and pets.
  2. Use personal protective equipment - special clothing, gloves, respirator.
  3. Keep the drug separately from medicines, food, animal feed.
  4. Do not drink, eat or smoke while spraying the plantings.
  5. It is forbidden to use containers for food or water for preparing the working solution.

Compatibility with other products

It is not recommended to combine Senpai with different fungicides or insecticidal preparations. To ensure a prolonged effect and in case of precipitation, it is worth adding an adhesive to the composition.

It is also permissible to use additional substances to strengthen the immunity of plants and increase their resistance to adverse weather factors.

The combination of an insecticide with a pesticide can cause severe alkaline reactions. It is best to prepare a small amount of the mixture in order to evaluate the combination of ingredients.

Storage conditions and shelf life

It is recommended to store the drug in a special storage room. This must be done in an airtight container that is not damaged. The composition can be stored at temperatures from -16 to +35 degrees. The shelf life of the product is 3 years.

Drug analogs

The drug "Sumi-alpha" is considered to be an effective analogue.

Senpai is considered to be an effective insecticide that helps control various pests. In order for the substance to give the desired results, it is important to strictly adhere to the instructions.

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