Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Sweet miracle, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Sweet miracle, its yield

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Gardeners who prefer large, very sweet tomato varieties are willing to accept the moderate yield and the relative difficulty of caring for this crop. People who have tasted the Sweet Miracle tomato become its loyal fans forever. Bushes that reach a fairly large size are planted in greenhouses, hotbeds, open ground. Harvesting can be done in the second part of the summer.

General information

Sweet miracle is a mid-season sugar variety with an average yield. The bush is indeterminate, rather spreading and tall. Its height can reach 180 centimeters. Passionking must be done.

Fruit ripening in small brushes (3 pcs.) Begins from the second decade of July. The heart-shaped red fruits are slightly ribbed, fleshy and very sweet. The high sugar content in tomatoes remains until the very end of fruiting.

Many gardeners with extensive experience in growing tomatoes consider the Sweet Miracle tomato to be the sweetest kind.

The yield of the variety is average. A culture with proper care is capable of producing up to 10 large specimens of tomatoes from one bush. The fruits ripen gradually, forming ovaries in the second half of summer. The large size of the fruit is sometimes surprising. Average values ​​are 400-500 grams. In some situations, the size of a tomato can be up to 1 kilogram.

When grown in open ground, the yield may decrease, the weight of the fruit will not exceed 400 grams. Even under stressful conditions (when grown in soil), the skin remains intact, the fruits do not crack.

It is recommended to grow a Sweet Miracle in 2 stems - this guarantees the preservation of the average mass of tomatoes and the level of yield. When forming 1 stem from a bush, you can get a smaller amount of fruits, which will be more than offset by their greater weight. Obtaining giant fruits is quite possible with the appropriate pinching method.

The description contains information that there is a small amount of seeds in the pulp of the fruit. Tomatoes are fleshy, large, elongated, reminiscent of a comb. The fruit tastes sweet and rich. Due to the almost record sugar content, tomatoes of this variety are recommended for use in children's nutrition.

Origin of the variety

For the appearance of the Sweet miracle, we need to thank the Russian breeders who created it for growing in a greenhouse or a film greenhouse. If the climate of the region in which this tomato variety is grown is warm, you can plant seedlings in open beds.

Storage of fruits is possible for a long time. The sweet miracle tolerates transportation well, which means that the grown tomatoes can be sent to other regions for sale. Plucked in green, the fruits ripen quickly in conditions close to room conditions.

Salad fruits of the Sweet Miracle variety are very tasty both fresh and canned. These are indispensable components of soups, side dishes, mashed potatoes and snacks. It is not very convenient to preserve due to the large mass of fruits, but they will make a very tasty tomato juice.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The characteristic of the Sweet Miracle indicates a lot of undeniable advantages. These include:

  • excellent fruit taste qualities;
  • possibility of transportation;
  • resistance to diseases and pests;
  • good safety of the harvested crop;
  • large fruit size;
  • sweetness.

This type has several disadvantages:

  • the need to form a bush;
  • the height of a bush that needs strong and high support;
  • average yield;
  • the need for fertilizing.

When choosing varieties for planting, all the pros and cons must be considered in order to avoid unpleasant surprises during the cultivation process.

The nuances of growing

Growing tomato A sweet miracle is carried out by sowing seeds for seedlings. This must be done no later than the beginning of April. The primer to be used must be light. Ideally, this is a mixture of river sand, earth, humus. The substrate can be enriched with wood ash, a small amount of potash fertilizer or superphosphate.

Before sowing seeds, they must be soaked in a growth stimulator, disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate. During planting, the seeds are buried 2 centimeters. The planted seeds are sprayed with warm water, and then covered with a thick film to create a greenhouse effect.

Successful growth can only be guaranteed under suitable microclimatic conditions. The ideal air temperature for germination is 23 - 25 ° С. After the first shoots have appeared, the containers should be moved to bright light. From time to time it is necessary to turn the seedling box so that the light access to the plants is uniform.

Watering the tomato of this variety should be moderate, remembering to monitor the drying of the topsoil. If the seedlings have not yet matured, it is better to use a watering can or a spray bottle to moisten the soil. When the first leaves (pair) appear, it is necessary to make a pick, and then apply complex fertilizer.

When the seedlings become stronger, they should be moved to the balcony for hardening. At first, the boxes are transferred for only a few hours, then the time the plants stay in the air is gradually increased. It is worth replanting tomatoes to a permanent place when the plants reach the age of 60 days.

The soil under the seedlings planted in the greenhouse must be constantly loose. It should be fertilized by bringing humus under the stems. The peculiarities of cultivation are that more than 3 bushes should not be located on one square meter, since an increased planting density leads to a loss of yield.

The bushes of the Sweet miracle are quite tall, there is a need to tie up branches, which become heavy as the fruits ripen. Attach branches to a stick or trellis. Watering should not be excessive - the water used for this should be warm.

During the season, you need to feed the plants 2 - 3 times. After 4 or 5 hands, the excess processes are removed. This allows the plant to not waste energy.

Diseases and pests

Tomatoes of the Sweet Miracle variety are considered resistant to pests and diseases. Due to early ripening, ripe and green fruits do not suffer from late blight. Proper watering of plants is a condition for preventing the appearance of root, white and apical rot. Timely airing will help maintain a healthy microclimate in the greenhouse.

Insect pests threaten to some extent the tomato garden Sweet miracle. So, in the first summer weeks, the spider mite is very active, getting rid of which can be found in insecticides. To do this, it is necessary to spray 3 times, observing the interval between procedures for at least 3 days. Aphids can attack tomatoes. It is easy to deal with it with a warm solution of laundry soap and water.

The description of the variety allows us to conclude that the Sweet Miracle is a unique type of tomato, which should have a rightful place in every garden greenhouse.

Having only a few bushes of tomatoes of this magnificent variety, you will not have to worry about the availability of tasty and healthy fruits and seed material for future planting, which you can collect yourself.

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