Features of Veles grape

Features of Veles grape

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The seedless grape variety Veles is a success with many gardeners. This hybrid form was developed by V.V. Zagorulko as a result of crossing the parental pair of varieties "Sofia" and "Rusball".

Grade characteristics

Description and declared characteristics allow attributing Veles grapes to promising varieties with early ripening. Harvesting begins 100-105 days after the start of the growing season. Among the advantages of Veles, a beautiful appearance should be especially noted.

Biological description

Bushes are vigorous, with a well-ripening vine. The flowers are bisexual, well pollinated. Each shoot forms 2-4 inflorescences. The variety often forms stepsons, which contributes to increased productivity.

This hybrid is characterized by the formation of very large or large clusters. The weight of one grape brush may exceed 3 kg. Bunches have a pronounced branching, beautiful conical, rarely cylindrical, shape. The structure of the grape brush is medium-soft.


Grapes "Veles" is seedless, the presence of rudimentary seeds is rarely observed. The average weight of one berry is 4.5-5.0 g. A dense and relatively juicy pulp with a nutmeg flavor is covered with a thin edible skin. The color of ripe berries is pale pink.

Advantages and disadvantages

Grapes "Veles" belongs to the category of little-studied new hybrid forms that have not yet received wide distribution, therefore Some of the stated indicators are at the confirmation stage:

  • frost resistance - up to -21 ° C;
  • resistance to fungal diseases (oidium and mildew) is average;
  • early ripening;
  • long-term preservation of presentation and taste;
  • good transportability;
  • bisexual flowering contributes to high pollination.

Some winegrowers are experiencing severe cracking, as well as rotting of berries as a result of heavy and prolonged rainfall.

Photo gallery

Grapes "Veles": features of the variety

Landing rules

Grapes "Veles" has some features that should be considered when planting varietal seedlings:

  • it is necessary to use fertile soil, well permeable to moisture;
  • groundwater should not be located closer than 1.5 m from the surface;
  • the optimal distance between planted plants is 1-1.5 m;
  • when planting along capital buildings, at least 1 m should deviate from the foundation;
  • for spring planting, a pit is prepared in the fall so that the soil sags well;
  • in the autumn, a hole is dug 2 weeks before planting;
  • the depth and width of the landing pit should be at least 0.8 m;
  • the seedling is planted without deepening the root neck.

Planted plants are tied to supports and watered. After watering, it is recommended to mulch the soil.

Care Features

According to winegrowers, Veles grape care should include the following activities:

  • this variety is recommended to be covered;
  • fruiting vine, it is advisable to cut to 6-8 eyes (sometimes more);
  • it is advisable to leave no more than 4 sleeves;
  • plentiful watering is carried out during the first buds blooming on the vine, before mass flowering, as well as in the phase of formation of grape peas;
  • it is recommended to mulch the soil around the grape stem;
  • the frequency of preventive spraying - at least 3 per season, using systemic fungicidal preparations;

The first 2-3 years after planting, grape bushes do not need active fertilizing.

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Gardeners reviews

The Veles grape was launched in October 2009, so the agrobiological characteristics of this variety are still at the evaluation stage. The third seedless class does not belong to the Kishmish variety, but fully ripened berries have excellent taste and appearance. Processing PPP grapes allows you to get rid of rudimentary seeds.

The variety is affected by some diseases, periodically needs additional treatment from rot "Switch." Despite the declared transportability, the harvested crop is quite difficult to bring to the point of sale without loss, due to the very thin skin of the berries. In terms of productivity, taste and appearance, the Veles variety is almost identical to the Radiant variety.

Kishmish "Veles": characteristics of the variety

At the international competition "Golden Bunch of Grapes" in Simferopol, "Veles" became the winner in two categories, which testifies to its promise for implementation and cultivation in the conditions of homestead viticulture.