Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Ivanych

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Ivanych

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Every gardener dreams of getting a good harvest in the shortest possible time, regardless of weather disasters. Tomato Ivanovich f1 was bred by Siberian breeders and adapted to different conditions. The popularity of the variety is also associated with its unpretentiousness, taste and short ripening period.

General description of the variety

Tomatoes of the Ivanych variety feel great outdoors and in greenhouse conditions. The appearance and description of the features of the plant:

  • early ripening, fruits ripen on average in three months;
  • determinant;
  • high yield, up to 4 kg of tomatoes per plant per season;

  • the maximum height of the bush is 70 cm;
  • up to 6 berries are formed on one inflorescence;
  • resistant to most diseases;
  • cold resistance;
  • up to 6 fruits ripen in one cluster;
  • well tolerate transportation and long-term storage.

Tomatoes of the Ivanych variety show an equally high yield in a long warm summer and a short, cool one. The fruits are distinguished by:

  • rounded shape;
  • average density;
  • average size, the weight of one fruit does not exceed 200 grams;
  • slight ribbing;
  • ripe pink-crimson color;
  • the absence of a pronounced spot from the peduncle;
  • low-seeded;
  • the taste is sweet with sourness;
  • juiciness;
  • thin but dense skin.

The versatility of the variety sets it apart from its representatives. To get the best harvest, there are a few rules to follow.

Preparation and planting of seedlings

The best way to grow is seedling. Containers that are tightly filled with soil are suitable as a container. Seedling care is not difficult, step-by-step:

  • we plant tomato seeds in containers with earth to a depth of 1.5-2 cm;
  • spray the planting with warm water;
  • cover with foil until the first shoots appear;
  • the room temperature must be at least 20 degrees;
  • after the sprouts appear, remove the film and provide the tomatoes with a constant source of light;
  • watering should be done at least once every five days;
  • after the appearance of the first leaves, it is necessary to dive the seedlings.

Planting tomatoes in open ground usually occurs at the beginning of the summer season - early June. In greenhouse conditions earlier - the beginning of May. It is preliminarily recommended to harden the variety. The soil for the plants must be prepared. Fill each well with ash or superphosphate, in moderation.

Care rules

Gardeners recommend following a number of simple care rules to get the best harvest:

  • watering at least once a week;
  • feeding with complex fertilizer, at least 4 times after planting;
  • periodic loosening and weeding;
  • arrange support if necessary.

Gardeners' opinion

I listened to the feedback from neighbors in the summer cottage, and planted Ivanych tomatoes. I liked the characteristics of the berries. In the cold summer, I managed to get a good harvest. The plant has withstood changes in temperature and frequent rains. I did not expect that success the first time, I planted it for good luck. I twisted 10 cans for the winter, cut them into a salad, and even managed to make a couple of cans of juice. One tomato does not weigh much, about 200 grams. But one bunch contains five berries. I definitely recommend the variety! Now I will only plant Ivanovich.

Ekaterina Petrova, 51 years old.

We have been planting Ivanych tomatoes for the third year already. Before that, I grew five different varieties, but the yield was low. I was looking for a cold-resistant tomato. Ivany passed the test, even in a bad summer, the results are decent. He is not whimsical in leaving. Loves feeding, you don't have to tie it up. The harvest is not affected by a sharp temperature drop and high humidity. For the northern regions, this is a good option.

Valentina Pavlovna, 55 years old.

Good afternoon! I am an experienced gardener and tried to plant different tomatoes. Recently I discovered the Ivanych variety. Very unpretentious, a good option for the ground. The bush does not grow tall, it does well without tying. Of the obligatory - watering and feeding, periodically weeding. The fruits are small but very sweet. Excellent for spins and salads.

Nadezhda Lilova, 61 years old.

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