When is it better and how to transplant cherries correctly, in autumn or spring

When is it better and how to transplant cherries correctly, in autumn or spring

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Cherry bushes occupy one of the main places in garden plots. Due to the undemanding culture of growing conditions, unpretentious care, it is happily cultivated in various regions. But it is imperative to know the agricultural technology of a fruit tree. The moment comes when you need to transplant the cherries. And here both the timing and the rules of transplantation are important.

When can you transplant cherries

The role of transplanting fruit trees increases when they begin to bear fruit poorly or become weak and stunted. Cherries are transplanted to a new place if the soils are depleted or there is a lot of moisture in them due to the boggy area. Sometimes the place for the culture was initially chosen incorrectly. Nearby, buildings appeared, tall specimens of horticultural crops grew, shading the plantings of stone fruit. And the problem immediately arises when you can transplant a tree.

Usually, the transplant is carried out in the fall or spring. The natural order cannot be violated. In the spring, the transplanted tree will have time to get stronger over the summer and will easily overwinter. But it is necessary to choose the time before the kidneys begin to swell. But the autumn transplant will allow the cherry bush to adapt faster. At this time, the movement of sap along the trunk and overgrowth decreases. The leaves have already fallen, no need to waste energy on their nutrition. By winter, the root system will be strong and the cherry will survive the cold season without loss.

The optimal time for an autumn transplant will be the second half of September or the first of October.

It is better to replant when:

  • temperature indicators reached +10 degrees;
  • the weather is dry and sunny, without rain;
  • there is no frost on the soil;
  • windless day.

Having picked up the day for the cherry transplant procedure, you need to prepare the inventory in advance, a new place for the tree.

How to transplant correctly: step by step instructions

Transplanting cherries requires the selection of a comfortable place for culture in the garden. The tree needs as much light as possible. Areas well-lit by the sun, but sheltered from the wind, are best suited for him. The close occurrence of groundwater is taken into account when choosing a new place for cherries. Therefore, it is best to transplant the culture to a hill on the south side of the garden. The soil for cherries needs sandy loam, loose, with neutral acidity.

For adaptation to a new place to take place faster, it is necessary that the composition of the soil be identical to that of the old place where the culture grew.

The age of the cherry is also taken into account when transplanting. It will be correct to transplant cultures that are 3 years old. You should not take an adult tree, since it is unrealistic to transplant it. It simply will not take root and will die. Felt varieties of cherries, which do not have time to prepare for fruiting, are also not touched.

Step-by-step instructions for transplanting cherries consist of a number of stages:

  1. At a new place, a hole is prepared with a width of up to 70 centimeters and a depth of 50.
  2. They add humus, wood ash, superphosphate and potassium salt to the planting pit. The fertilizers are thoroughly mixed with the ground.
  3. The tree is dug up along with the roots, on which a clod of earth is firmly held. You don't need to shake it off.
  4. In the middle of the hole, an elevation is poured from a nutritious top layer and a tree is placed.
  5. They begin to fill the hole with soil mixture, placing the root collar at the same level from the ground surface. During the procedure, the tree is shaken so that the clods of earth are laid between the roots.
  6. The soil is tamped tightly, starting from the beginning of the trunk circle to the tree.
  7. Water a profusely transplanted bush, up to 3-4 buckets per plant.

If the cherry is transplanted in the fall, then they try to choose a day without frost, with a temperature of at least 10 degrees Celsius. In the spring, the cherry is transplanted so that sap flow has not yet begun, which will slow down the adaptation of the tree in a new place.

Helpful transplant tips

Experienced gardeners advise during transplanting:

  • prepare planting holes according to the diameter of the root system;
  • dig up the seedling carefully, trying not to damage the branches, roots;
  • in a new place, fertilize the site with mineral fertilizers, wood ash, compost;
  • bring dry parts of the root system back to normal by lowering the tree for several hours in water;
  • backfilling of the pit is carried out in layers, tamping each poured layer of earth;
  • tie up the transplanted tree so that it stands stable.

As for a person, moving to a new place of residence is stressful, so a cherry is experiencing difficulties in development after transplantation. Therefore, the gardener's task is to support the tree in a difficult situation. To do this, you need to pay attention to him: water on time, feed. This is especially important in the fall. In winter, it will be more difficult for a cherry if it is not created comfortable conditions in the fall. It is necessary to cover the seedling with spruce branches. Whitewash the trunk so that the bright sunlight in February does not burn the trunk. Whitewashing and wrapping with non-woven material will save you from attack by pests and rodents.

Transplanting cherries works best if you prune as many branches on the tree as possible. Then all the forces of the plant will be directed to rooting in a new place.

It is impossible to transplant a stone fruit culture in winter or summer. In the cold season, the bush will not be able to take root and will die. In the summer, you can only start breeding your favorite variety if the plant is seriously ill. But it is better to plan the procedure at the end of the season.

Features of the transplant depending on the age of the cherry

When they begin to prepare for transplanting cherries, be sure to pay attention to the age of the tree. It is more difficult for an adult tree to undergo surgery. It will hurt for a long time, its fruiting will stop. The optimal age of the culture for transplanting is up to 3 years. If you are transplanting shoots, then shoots choose 1-2 years of life. They must be carefully separated from the main root. After all, any disconnection from the power supply, performed in violation of the integrity of the roots, will lead to their drying.

Transplanting young shoots before the onset of frost will cause a lack of nutrient intake. And as a result, further growth and development of the plant will stop. It is necessary to correctly transplant cherry overgrowths so as to capture part of the mother's root. To do this, dig up the ground near a tree in a circle of 30 centimeters, cut off a part of the main root. Having cleaned the cut site, they smear it with paint or pitch. It remains to cover with earth both the main shoot and the lateral shoot chosen for transplantation. The seedling is fed with bird droppings diluted with water in a ratio of 1:12.

The time for transplanting is chosen in early spring, after the snow has melted. Only in this case the seedling separated from the mother will get stronger by winter. During preparation for the procedure, branches are pruned, watered abundantly. A transplant to a new place is carried out when the bush is with a strong root system.If the tree is sick for a long time after transplanting, you need to feed it with products containing copper. Urea solution is useful for maintaining the plant's immunity.

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