Chestnut topiary: manufacturing techniques and decor options

Chestnut topiary: manufacturing techniques and decor options

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This type of needlework as the creation of topiary is gaining more and more fans. Often, napkins, sweets, cloth are used to make the “tree of happiness”, but you can go even further and make crafts from nuts - chestnuts, acorns, or others. Walnut topiary has many advantages. It is made from natural materials and looks very original.

Making chestnut topiary

If you decide to make chestnut topiary, you must first properly prepare them. After collection, they should be stored in a cool place for no more than 2 weeks. This will protect the nuts from destruction. It is recommended to choose chestnuts with flattened sides - this form ensures even fixation to the base.

For the manufacture of chestnut topiary will need the following materials and tools:

  • chestnuts to form a crown;
  • paint;
  • stick for the trunk;
  • pot;
  • thermal gun;
  • twine for decoration;
  • Newspapers
  • gypsum;
  • glue and threads.

The instructions for making such a topiary are simple:

  1. First, the base is made in the form of a ball from a newspaper or foam. A newspaper ball is wrapped with thread.
  2. The trunk for the tree can be made of chopsticks for sushi or wire. To attach it to the crown, a hole is made in it, into which the barrel is inserted. The junction of the components is coated with glue.
  3. As a support for the topiary, you can take a flower pot, an old mug, casket or other container. It is important that the tree does not roll, so the vessel is filled with gypsum, sand or gravel. The option with the use of gypsum is the most reliable, dries building material in 30 minutes.
  4. Now it is time to glue the chestnuts to the base ball using a thermal gun. If there are gaps, you can get rid of them very simply - empty places are smeared with glue and filled with dry tea. On top of nuts and tea you can walk with bronze-colored paint.
  5. A master class on making chestnut topiary ends with product decoration. The pot is decorated with twine, sequins and beads. The junction of the trunk and gypsum is decorated with corrugated paper.

If it seems to you that the crown from some chestnuts looks too boring, dilute them with cones. But in this case, it is important to initially leave large gaps between the chestnuts.

How to make chestnut topiary

Chestnuts and Acorns Topiary

The "tree of happiness" can be made from chestnuts and acorns.

For such a topiary you will need:

  • gouache;
  • newspaper;
  • thermal gun;
  • thick wire;
  • gypsum;
  • iron can or pot;
  • acorns and chestnuts;
  • beads, ribbons or other decor;
  • colorless varnish.

Topiary manufacturing technology:

  1. First, a ball base is made from a newspaper tied with thread. So that the gaps between the nuts were not visible, it is recommended to paint the ball with brown paint.
  2. The barrel is made of thick twisted wire. Its ends are bent at an angle of 90 ° and are attached to the stand with glue. To make the barrel look more attractive, it is wrapped in twine or string.
  3. Chestnuts are glued to the crown using a heat gun. To make the product neat, it is necessary to take nuts of equal size. The space between chestnuts is filled with caps from acorns.
  4. An iron jar or a pot can act as a support for the topiary. The container is decorated with twine planted on glue. To fix the trunk, gypsum is poured into the jar, then the trunk is inserted and wait until the gypsum hardens. After that, you can dye it to the color of the crown and decorate with acorns and chestnuts.
  5. The final stage - decorating the crown with beads, ribbons, bows. Then it is recommended to walk on the crown surface with colorless varnish - this step will make caring for the finished product much easier.

Walnut Topiary

Beautiful autumn topiary is obtained from walnuts. Halves of the nut, whole fruits and their contents are used - it all depends on the idea.

To make a walnut tree you will need the following materials:

  • corrugated paper to create foliage;
  • gypsum;
  • bandage - an element of decor;
  • gold paint;
  • dried flowers;
  • newspaper for the base ball;
  • a pot or other container;
  • tow;
  • walnuts;
  • glue.

After all the components have been prepared, you can collect the topiary.

  1. First, a newspaper base ball is formed to form a crown. For strength, it is wrapped with threads.
  2. Then, a hole is made in the ball corresponding to the diameter of the barrel. The junction of the crown and the trunk is glued.
  3. Next, you will paint the base ball in green and decorate the trunk with tow, which is planted on the glue.
  4. Then proceed to gluing nuts on the crown. You can use both whole fruits and their parts, the main thing is that there should be no gaps on the basis of the ball.
  5. The resulting crown is painted brown and sprinkled with sparkles. Thus, the effect of artificial aging of the product is achieved.
  6. It remains only to install the tree in the container. For this, gypsum diluted in the required consistency is poured into the pot, and then the topiary trunk is placed in it.

Crown Decor Options

You can decorate the topiary with any materials - it all depends on your taste and imagination. Trees decorated with foliage of paper, dried flowers, paper flowers, beads look beautiful. A good option for decorating a tree made of nuts is burlap. Using this material, you can decorate the space between the container and the barrel, as well as the crown, using the "trimming" method.

Capacity and crown, decorated with a decorative mesh and organza bows, look good. Fixation of these elements is carried out on glue. To make the composition light, you can lightly walk on walnuts with white paint. You can make a marine-style topiary, for this, the nuts and tree trunk are completely painted white, and the space between the trunk and the container is decorated with sea stones, shells and corals.

How to make a tree of happiness with your own hands

Do the topiary of nuts with your own hands under the strength of everyone. The main thing is to properly prepare the material and glue the nuts so that there are no gaps on the basis.