A simple recipe for making red and black currant wine at home

A simple recipe for making red and black currant wine at home

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To make delicious homemade wine from red and black currants, you will have to follow the recipe. Such a drink will delight you with an interesting taste, but it has one drawback - the almost complete absence of aroma. Before you start creating alcohol, make sure everything is ready: ingredients, containers. This will save you time and, with a little effort, create a quality drink.

Features of making wine from black and red currants

There are several things that novice distillers should consider when creating an alcohol-containing product.

What are the specifics of production:

  1. Currant fruits do not contain enough fructose. For this reason, alcoholic beverages should be prepared with added sugar, otherwise they will be too acidic.
  2. On the other hand, the peel of the berries contains a large amount of live yeast, which means that you don't have to add unwashed raisins or other products that accelerate fermentation to the wine.
  3. Currants go well with other fruits and berries, which can add a pleasant aroma to the drink. For this reason, grapes, apples and other fruits are often added to the composition of such alcohol, which can better change the organoleptic characteristics of the drink.

Note: if the recipe contains black currant, then the wine will certainly turn out dark, regardless of other components.

Ingredients for the recipe

To create an alcoholic drink, you will need standard ingredients, we will use:

  • berries of black and red currants, you can both fresh, dried and frozen, you do not need to wash the fruits;
  • water, preference is given to pure, bottled or spring water, it has the necessary properties;
  • sugar, it is added in order to speed up the fermentation process, it will also give the wine the necessary sweetness, it is the sugar that yeast "processes" into alcohol.

How to choose the right products

The main attention is paid to currant berries, they should be:

  1. Large, without signs of mold, rot.
  2. Pay attention to the presence of inclusions, they indicate inadequate quality of the fruit.

The berries will have to be sorted out, choose those that differ in the same size, the fruits should be fresh, without a sign of spoilage.

One spoiled currant can ruin the drink, change its taste not for the better.

Container preparation

The containers will have to be heat treated, what to do:

  • rinse them under running water using soda;
  • let jars or bottles dry by turning them upside down;
  • sterilized over steam, the whole process will take 10-15 minutes.

How to make wine from a mix of red and black currants at home

To create an assorted currant wine, you will need:

  1. Go through the berries and remove all spoiled, rotten ones, you cannot wash them - you will wash off the live yeast, and the alcohol will not ferment.
  2. Crush the berries so that not a single one remains intact, place them in a saucepan or container in which we will make the mash.
  3. Pour the pulp with sugar syrup, dissolving 3 kilograms of sugar in water (15 liters).
  4. For 5 days, we monitor the fermentation process, periodically stirring the mash with a wooden spoon or with a clean hand.
  5. Cover the pot or container with the wash with gauze so that insects or foreign bodies do not get into the alcohol.
  6. When the active phase of fermentation is completed, remove the mash from the residue and add another 1 kilogram of sugar to it, which will lead to the resumption of the fermentation process.
  7. We put on a glove with a hole in the finger on the bottle or use a water seal, fill the container to 70% so that there is room for the foam.
  8. After another 5-7 days, we add a kilogram of sugar, mixing it into the currant juice, we continue to monitor the fermentation.
  9. When it is over, remove the wash from the remainder, strain it, drain it through a thin tube from the dropper.
  10. The result is a young currant wine that can be improved by adding a little vodka or sugar to the drink.

If vodka is added to the wine, then it will become fortified, but sugar or syrup will help make the drink sweeter.

Storage terms and rules

It is advisable to store the product in a cool but dark place, away from the sun's rays and heat sources. It is important to ensure that the temperature in the room is stable, otherwise the wine will change its organoleptic properties.

It takes time for the alcohol to taste good. During this period, the drink will infuse and acquire the necessary properties.

A black and red currant drink can be called wine if it is prepared according to the recipe. Such alcohol is of good quality and can compete with a store product.

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