Charlotte in a slow cooker: a classic recipe for delicious pastries

Charlotte in a slow cooker: a classic recipe for delicious pastries

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Who has not tried charlotte at least once? This dish is known for the simplicity of its preparation, excellent taste. Charlotte is traditionally prepared in the fall after harvesting apples, but in winter, spring and summer it will not be difficult to buy some juicy fruits and bake a pie.

Lush, tasty, high-quality charlotte is obtained in the multicooker. The advent of various devices greatly facilitated our lives. When baking in a slow cooker, you don’t need to especially monitor whether it burns or not, and the taste will be saturated, the aroma will be magnificent.

Charlotte recipe in a slow cooker, classic

What will be needed to cook charlotte in a slow cooker?


  • one glass of flour;
  • one glass of sugar;
  • eggs (3-4 pcs.);
  • three large apples;
  • butter (50-100 grams).

How to cook

  1. Peel the apples from the peel and seeds, cut into cubes or slices (at your discretion).
  2. Put the crock-pot in the baking mode (cake), put parchment on the bottom of the bowl, smear the butter on the bottom and sides. As a rule, this mode has a standard time: 50 minutes.
  3. Next, you need to beautifully tamp the first layer of apples (in the future, this layer will be the "top" of charlotte).
  4. Beat eggs and sugar. Sugar must dissolve. Attention: the better the eggs are beaten, the tastier your apple pie will be.
  5. Add flour to the resulting egg-sugar mixture and continue whisking. You can add a couple of spoons of sour cream: so the charlotte will become more magnificent.
  6. Pour the resulting dough onto apples, turn on the baking mode. If you did not calculate the ingredients, and you got a lot of dough and chopped apples, then you can lay them out in layers. Then your charlotte will turn out bigger and higher.
  7. Bake 40-60 minutes until cooked (readiness can be checked with a toothpick). Sometimes it takes longer to cook, depending on the size of the cake and the power of the appliance.
  8. Remove the bowl from the multicooker and turn the cake on a plate. The apples that you laid at the very beginning will be on top. Classic Charlotte is ready!

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Recipe Charlotte with honey in a slow cooker


  • flour (1-2 cups);
  • sugar (1 cup);
  • chicken eggs (3-4 pieces);
  • apples (3-4 pieces, large);
  • a teaspoon of baking powder;
  • butter;
  • liquid honey (2 tablespoons).

Recipe step by step

Beat eggs and sugar, add flour. Beat until the mixture has the consistency of sour cream. Add a spoonful of baking powder and stir.

Cut apples (slices or cubes). So that they do not darken, you can sprinkle with lemon juice.
Spread the bottom of the bowl and sides with butter.
Put the chopped apples on the bottom of the bowl.
Pour honey on top (one tablespoon will be enough). Note: if honey is sugared, then you should first melt it in a water bath.
Add a spoonful of honey to the dough and pour on apples.

Bake for 40-70 minutes.
Put on a dish. The most delicious apple baking is ready!

  • Berries of cherries or currants (frozen or fresh, depending on the season) are often added to charlotte.
  • You can sprinkle cinnamon on top of pastries. Apples and cinnamon - always a tasty and pleasant combination!
  • Instead of fresh apples, you can use apple jam (jam), instead of flour - semolina.
  • You can sprinkle the finished charlotte on top with powdered sugar: it will become sweeter and tastier. Put a mint leaf on top, it looks very elegant (see photo).
  • Some housewives add spice to add spice.
  • Another small culinary trick: if you want the charlotte to turn golden, it is recommended to add brown sugar to the bowl at the stage when you grease it with butter. It must be smeared along the bottom and wait for dissolution.

Now you know how to make a delicious charlotte in a slow cooker. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in baking a cake outside the oven. Such pastries will be a great decoration on the table and a delicious dessert for tea!

Charlotte in a slow cooker recipe (video 1)

Charlotte in a slow cooker recipe (video 2)