Wild strawberry "Baron Solemacher": fruitful, tasty, cold-resistant

Wild strawberry "Baron Solemacher": fruitful, tasty, cold-resistant

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Variety of garden strawberries "Baron Solemacher" is remontant, beardless, fairly cold-resistant and very productive. This dessert variety of strawberries has become a real godsend for gardeners and just lovers of delicious and visually attractive berries. The winter-hardy variety, remarkably fruitful to the very frosts, is very popular due to its good berry characteristics and stable high yield.

Grade characteristics

Barren Solemacher, a gardenless, remontant garden strawberry, abundantly bears fruit from June until the autumn frosts and is included in the Russian State Register. Description of the variety is given by the originator - the company "Search". Strawberries are recommended by the originator for cultivation in horticultural, summer cottage and personal plots.

The plant is characterized by early ripening of the crop. The bushes are medium-sized, semi-spreading, quite compact, well leafy. Whiskers on the plant are not formed. The leaves are medium-sized, light green, medium-wrinkled and medium-silvery. They are characterized by bulge, pubescence, gloss and the presence of sharp teeth. Flowering bisexual. Small flowers are located on short peduncles.

The berries are medium-sized, have an average weight of not more than 4 g, conical shape, with a pronounced sheen, red color. The pulp is red, juicy, dense texture. The average sugar content is 7.5-7.7% with an acidity of 0.6-0.8%. The standard vitamin C content is just over 82 mg /%. The taste of the berry is sour-sweet, the aroma is palpable, pleasant. Tasting assessment of taste is 4.2 points.

The variety is characterized by a fairly high yield, which in the conditions of competent care reaches 83.8 c / ha. The variety tolerates frost and heat quite well, and also has moderate drought tolerance. Resistance to diseases and pests is high.

Strawberry "Baron Solemacher": seedlings

Features of growing from seeds

Growing strawberries of the Baron Solemacher variety from seeds is not difficult. However, the seeds germinate long enough, therefore, sowing is desirable to produce at the end of February, if necessary, it is permissible to carry out work in the first decade of March. When sowing, the following recommendations should be considered:

  • the main properties that the soil should have for growing seedlings of strawberries are sufficient lightness and good water permeability;
  • immediately before sowing the seeds should be soaked in a solution of "Epina" or "Humate", and then slightly dried and sown on the surface of a well-moistened soil;
  • the seed container must always be covered with glass or film to maintain optimum moisture.

Ideal temperature indicators for the growth and development of seedlings are approximately 18 ° C and should be maintained throughout the growing period.

Seedlings should be planted in a permanent place in the first ten days of June. The standard distance between strawberry bushes should be approximately 30-35 cm. When placed in open ground, it is very important to choose the most illuminated and elevated place in the garden.

Proper Care Technology

For abundant and prolonged fruiting of strawberries of the Baron Solemacher variety, it is necessary to observe the basic requirements for the cultivation of this berry crop. Particular attention is required to fruit bearing plantations, which need high-quality nutrition and timely fertilizer application.

Fertilization datesThe composition of the fertilizer
Top dressing in the springSlurry, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate and potassium nitrate
Top dressing in the phase of green ovariesSlurry, ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate, superphosphate, potassium salt and potassium chloride
Top dressing after the last harvestManure or bird droppings, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, potassium nitrate, superphosphate, potassium salt and potassium chloride

Top dressing needs to be supplemented with watering. It should be abundant and regular irrigation with warm water. Strawberries especially need irrigation before the flowering phase and after flowering, at the stage of setting and pouring berries. The main activities for the care of garden strawberries also include regular weeding and loosening of the soil. The use of organic mulch allows you to reduce the required number of weeds and improves the air permeability of the soil on the site.

Preservation of plant health is also possible by conducting preventive spraying of strawberry bushes at different periods of vegetation.

Growing seasonUsed remedy
Early springSpraying plantations with 3% Bordeaux fluid
The beginning of the growth of leaves - extension of pedunclesSpray the plantations with 1% Bordeaux fluid with the addition of 1% colloidal sulfur or 0.5% sulfur
From the beginning of bud isolation to floweringSpraying with 1% Bordeaux liquid with sulfur
Immediately after flowering until the end of berry pickingSpray with Lepidocide
After harvestSpraying against strawberry-raspberry weevil and strawberry mite “Karbofos”. To fight diseases, spray with 1% Bordeaux liquid with the addition of sulfur. To combat the nematode, "Tiozan" is used at the rate of 1.0-1.5 kg per 10 square meters. m territory

A very good effect was noted when using the preparation during the cultivation of this variety of strawberry "Ovary". Also, after carrying out soil cultivation with a rake, it is advisable to feed the plants with wood ash at the rate of 1 glass for every 5 fruiting plants.

Gardeners reviews

Strawberry “Baron Solemacher” is beardless, takes up a minimum, you can even use plants as a border for decoration of flower beds. Bushes grow quickly enough, they have many horns, so planting material is not a problem. The berries are not much larger than wild strawberries, have a beautiful conical shape. This variety is practically not affected by diseases, and the ripening of the crop is observed earlier than in most other highly advertised varieties.

The germination of seed material from official producers is quite decent, but with improper care, the seeds become very weak and lose high quality indicators. To implement the declared yield indicators, all necessary measures for cultivation and care should be carried out.

Gardeners note that the plant blooms very early. When grown in the Moscow Region, flowering begins in mid-May. Flowering and fruiting is observed until the frost. An earlier ripening of the crop can be achieved if, in addition to mulching, you use a shelter made of agril or lutrasil.

According to gardeners, the berries of Baron Solemacher strawberries are not large, but sweet, but the main advantage of the variety is its stable yield.

Features of planting strawberries "Baron Solemacher"